Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy 15 months E.


Happy 15 months my sweet precious child of mine. Hands down, this has been the best 15 months of your papa's and mine life . I can't tell you how much fun and laughter you bring into our home day in and day out. Every day with you is so fun and exciting. Sometimes crazy, but exciting nonetheless. Your papa and I are so proud of you. You continue to amaze us with everything that you do. This month has been the month of "chit-chatting," "running," and "mass chaos." That is the best way to sum it up! Keep growing, keep smiling, and keep loving life!

We love you, forever and ever, to infinity and beyond.
-Love Mama and Papa. 

 I wrote half of your 15 month post a few days ago, and somehow it got deleted. So I am afraid I am going to miss a few things, however, I will do my best to try to remember most of what I had.

To start off with, this month has been yet another month full great memories and milestones with you. We have had the most beautiful weather one could ask for during the months of winter, and we have enjoyed going outside almost on a daily basis.

You LOVE the outdoors. You could stay outdoors all day if we would let you. Something about the freeness of it all. You enjoy running around the most. I think it is fun for you to roam around, knowing those little legs of yours can take you where your mind ventures out to. It's pretty amazing to watch.
You are still ever so intrigued by other kiddos. You stare at them for so long and are so interested by everything that they do. This is another reason why I plan on starting more activities with you in the next couple of months, so that you have the opportunity to be around other little "humans" like yourself.

Speaking of activities, we are signing up for swim lessons which will start in April. I am super excited to get you in the water and for you to learn how to "swim." This will be a great prep for this summer. I have a good feeling that you are going to love being at the pool.

You continue to sleep through the night. Nothing new in your sleep schedule (7-8pm-7-8am) and take one 3-4 hour nap a day. Sometimes we can squeeze in a cat nap around 5 pm, but very rare these days.
 You continue to be a great eater. Sometimes you get feisty and picky, however, the majority of the time you eat what we give you.

Of course you have your favorites. Your breakfast continues to be your favorite meal of the day, and the oatmeal, bananas, and milk is your #1. However, we tried organic waffles the other day, and you instantly fell in love as well. Lunch typically consists of some sort of soup that I make for you. Your favorite by far is chicken noodle. You also love brocolli and cheese. Potato soup is another favorite. And tomato soup is so far your least. However, you still eat it though.
You snack about 2 times a day. Usually you get a plum-organic pouch {peas, spinach, and pears}. You also have tried Kashi organic cereal bars, which you love as well. And of course the all-natural yogurt with a fruit {strawberries, blueberries, rasberries, blackberries, or grapes}. You also like the organic cheerios.

Dinner is whatever mama prepares for the night. A variety of meat, a side, and veggies. We are thankful that you enjoy your veggies and eat them every day without giving us any problem. You do however still struggle with chicken. You can tolerate it, a few bites, but after that? Not so much. Meat I think in general is just one of the biggest struggles with you.

Lately, you have been trying to use a spoon more. You will often times take it out of my hand and then start fishing in the bowl for the food. If I help you get stuff on the spoon you then place it in your mouth. Still awkward, and can be messy, but you are getting the concept and I think will be a pro at it before we know it.
23 Pounds. 32 inches {estimate} length. And a nice round head :)

One of the funny things you started doing was putting things around your neck. I know this sounds funny, but you love your scarves and anytime you see one, you pick it up and put it around your neck. You even grabbed my robe tie and also wrapped it around like a scarf. It is a hoot. And then Carson tries to grab it and you guys start playing tug-of-war. Silly kids you two.

Some new things that you have said: "ISH" {FISH}, "MEER" {MIRROR}, "SOOP" {SOUP}, "DOOG"{DOG}

You point to your ear, nose, eyes, teeth {when you feel like cooperating}.

You started "blowing kisses" to us, and think it is the funniest thing in the world.

You continue to love to explore through drawers and open up every drawer in whatever room we may be. The tupperware is your favorite, especially the lids. The other day you took every lid out and put it in the living room. The clear ones you like to put your face on them and look through it. I think you think it's fun to see "blue" or "Red."
 2 of your molars came in this month without us even knowing. You have never had problems with teething {aside from fussiness here and there}, and it has never affected your sleep our eating patterns. So when we drove to your grandma's one day and you had bit me, I decided to look in to see these pearly whites sticking out in the back. Your left side, one on top, one on the bottom. You also have some coming in on the R side.

You have been pretty "mama" needy this month. Always wanting to be around me, always needing me to play with you, pulling my hair, poking me, tapping me if I am on the couch. It's just so funny. And if I dare go upstairs while you are downstairs with papa, you throw the biggest tantrum, shaking the gate, crying at the top of your lungs. Needless to say, I have to be sneaky about it. But even then, YOU KNOW when I am not around.

You walk like a champ these days, basically running a lot of the times. And for the most part, you do pretty well without falling down. Sometimes you will have a fall, but you rarely ever cry. You also started doing this new thing where you start walking backwards. It's pretty humorous to watch.
You continue to wear 12-18 month clothes. Some of the 12 month pants are beginning to be short on you. Your onesies vary between 12 month sizes and 18. After these run out, we will just have you wear shirts. Your jackets/coats are either 12 months or 18 months. Your shoe size is a 4. And you continue to be in size 4 diaperes.

The other day mama showed you how to "grunt". You then proceeded to mimic me and then next thing I know... you did the number 2! AHH! Mama is out to get you a potty-trainer here soon. I am determined to have you potty trained by 2 years old. Or atleast until the next babe comes into the world :)
Your hair is getting SO long baby girl. It's past your shoulders and just the prettiest hair I ever did see. Still pretty blonde, and I have a feeling it will only get blonder once summer comes around. Just like your mama {when she was little}.

When I am laying on the ground, you like to do 1 of 2 things. Walk over, kneel down and give me a nice pecker {WHICH I LOVE, AND IT MELTS MY HEART EACH AND EVERY TIME}. Or 2, you like to sit on me, and then proceed to jump up and down and giggle at the top of your lungs. Which again, I LOVE, however... it kinda, sorta, hurts baby girl. I still
let you do it, of course.
Lately, you have been "mean muggin" the strangers in public. Little old granny that walks by to tell you how cute you are? Mean mug. The cashier trying to hand you a sticker? Mean mug. I mean, sweetheart, I have to explain to people that my child JUST LIKES THIS FACE RIGHT NOW. And it's true. Because 2 seconds later? You will give them a nice big smile and giggle. And then 2 seconds after that? Mean mug. It's the "I mean business look." I'm not quite sure where you get it from.

And its precious. And we love it. We LOVE you. And we look forward to what the next month brings for us.

As always baby, thank you. For being so absolutely WONDERFUL!


  1. "mean mug" too funny!!! Kenzie my 20mth old does that too with a Nooo Nooo, then I say sorry they walk away and she laughs. So embarrassing sometimes;) another baby...trying soon?? We are in May, isn't it weird how much I am craving to be knocked up, I lobed being preggers;) I'm sure you are too!!

  2. Lobed = love. I really hate auto correct on the iPad!

  3. Happy 15 months to your prcious sweetheart, she just gets cuter and cuter!

  4. lol I thought we were the only ones that used the word mean mug bwahahahah! The hubs came up with it when Kelcee would do it when she was about Elli's age so funny she still does it at times which is so comical it is her I mean business face lol! Happy 15 mths Elli! Your mommy & daddy love you to the moon and back! Oh Becky her blonde locks are gorgeous and I love that outfit she has on and hair flower bow love love! What a sweet post and loved reading what she is up to nowadays! She will love looking back on it and reading it as will you and your hubs

  5. what an absolute beauty she is! happy 15 months!

  6. Her mean face is priceless! I love the updates of what she is up to! I can get to know my future daughter in law better! :)

    Ps I typed a whole post and it got deleted too, I was so annoyed! Stupid blogger!

    I hope all is well and that you guys had an amazing Valentines Day! Happy 15 months E :) xoxo

  7. Oh-em-gee that pouty face! And look at you with the sticker photos and all! I've still yet to do Jack's 10 month sticker photos...Fail :)

    Happy 15 months to Elli!

  8. These, hands down, are always my favorite posts. I love everything about them!!!

  9. i seriously hope if i have a little girlie, she is as cute as E!! her blonde hair, blue eyes, little chub. oh i love it!!! she is absolutely gorgeous becky!! :)

  10. Happy 15 months sweet girl. If we lived close to each other Elli & Keira could be BFFs cause they are so much alike. Love the mean mug....haha. She just gets cuter & cuter

  11. Such a beauty! What is E's middle name, if you don't mind me asking?! I just think her name is so pretty!! :)

  12. How precious! Happy 15 months to her!

    Good luck with the potty training!

  13. I LOVE the pictures you get of Elli! So sweet and I love her expressions!

  14. She is sooo adorable! The cutest prettiest little girl i've ever seen! I bet your soooo proud <3

  15. She is getting so big! She is one month older than my nephew that keep a lot during the week so i love reading the updates!

  16. "mean mug" I LOL at that one bc Olivia just started doing that!

    As always, E is TOO cute for words! Love the pics you get of her playing!

  17. They grow so fast! Happy 15 months----she's such a doll!

  18. Happy 15 months! Such a sweet post and love her curiosity in the pictures! So cute.

  19. Oh my... she is the sweetest. Congrats on such a beautiful little girl!

  20. So sweet! Mia does the same thing and we call her 2 face! Hehe. Happy 15 months!

  21. when reading the first part I totally said in my head "to infinity & beyond" in my buzz lightyear voice.
    dont judge me!

    i cant get over how long her hair has gotten! SO BIG!

    Doesnt it seem like after one year it goes by SUPER fast>!

  22. She is so beautiful! Happy 15 months beautiful girl!

  23. beautiful blue eyes! Happy 15 months!

  24. She is getting so big!! So gorgeous!! I love love these posts. They definitely make my heart melt!

  25. Happy 15 months! As I was reading your post I had to do a double take because we have those same stickers, same little kitchen, and that same toy box! I guess great minds think alike right?!

  26. Becky- for serious...she just gets more and more beautiful by the minute!!! What a precious princess!! We fight the food battle often in this house but I keep telling myself that I'm the mama and I must win (which I do not) because I have me some strong willed little girls! Hehe!! Beautifully written post love!!


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