Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Randoms

Thursday Randoms. The day of the week where we talk about all things random. Things that happened this week. Things we did this past weekend. Thoughts on my mind. Reality TV junk. Picture dumps. Elli updates. Nothing is off limits.Anything goes.

So if you are looking for "life" updates. This is the day to find it. You can also find me on twitter and instagram {frommrstomama} for updates as life happens.
If you ever have any questions about anything listed in Thursday randoms, just aks in the comments and I will try to answer them either through email, or on the following "Thursday Randoms" Post.
Mama and baby. This my friends is the exact reason why I chose to switch from day shift to night. Because I get to never miss a moment with my precious daughter. We have the most fun together. We giggle all day. We roll around on the bed. And she is my best friend.

And I am so so lucky to be her mother.

Our bond is so strong already, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us. She is my everything
Salmon dinner. Is always one of my favorites in this house. We have it about 1-2 times a month, and I always enjoy making it.

We discovered this salmon recipe last year and it's hard for me to try any other kind.

Super easy, quick, and lick-fingering-tasty-good.

I like to serve it with mashed potatoes with an assortment of veggies. Sometimes I will serve it with rice. Recipe here.

E and C. Girlfriend follows this nugget around the house all day long.

She even follows him into the cage. But then she forgets that she is no longer a little itty baby and tries to stand up and knocks her little noggin.

It doesn't bother her. As long as she can be with her puppy dog, then that is all that matters.

C? He really would much rather be left alone. #partypooper

Bedroom furniture.
Why yes friends, hat would be a big furniture in front of my house that delivered my beloved master bedroom goodies last week.

I was like a kid on Christmas.

This had been a long over-due project for us, and I am so happy that we finally got our furniture.

Now? We need to start decorating!!

Home Tour. Thanks everyone that answered my question last week about the before and after pictures. Your input is much appreciated! So here is the down-low.

I have split up the home tour between 3 posts. Part 1 will be about our home buying experience and how we chose our home. Part 2 will be the "before" pictures of certain rooms, and part 3 will be the "After" pictures of those rooms.

Part 4 will be the remaining rooms, however those rooms still have a few finishing touches, so this one will be published much later than the first 3. Part I,2,3 will be February 20th-21s-22nd.
All natural Waffles. I picked these up a couple weeks ago and Elliana tried them for the very first time.

It was definitely a hit, and I will be buying more in the future.

I've mentioned before that E has had the same breakfast for the past... I don't know 9 months? She obsesses over her bananas,oatmeal, and milk. But once in a while, I throw her off with something different.

She seems to be okay with it. But definitely not as happy as she is when she has her "favorite meal of the day."

Nutella. I fell in love with this stuff when I was in my 6th grade German class. This is the shit in Europe.

Ever since? I am a sucker for nutella. I can eat it with just about anything. Bananas? Strawberries? Bread? Crackers? A spoon? Why yes, please.

It is heaven on earth.

Unfortunately, I cannot control myself when this stuff is around {it'll be gone by next week}... so I limit myself to buying this once every 6 months or so. YUM.
The tooth devil again delivered bad news. That tooth that chipped while I was pregnant? My sweet little molar? Welp.. yup... it chipped so bad that now I have to get a root canal. Really? Really! Are you serious?

How did I ever get so lucky.

Have I ever mentioned how much I despise the dentist? Seriously. It is a hate hate relationship.

Yes, he loved it. Thanks everyone for all the sweet comments on my craft that I did for the husband for our anniversary/valentine's day. He loved it! But... tell me why no one cared to mention that November is the 11th month of the year... not the 10th. Ya. Thanks a lot guys.... ha.

PSA: DO NOT drink and craft past midnight. Ever.

Homemade pizza round two. Was waaayyy better than round one. I mean honestly guys... this is even more delicious than the pizza from donatos. Okay, maybe like papa johns. But lick fingering good. And you all begged for the recipe. So I begged husband for the recipe.... And after a few favors {wink}, he gave me the links.

Pizza dough recipe link
Pizza sauce recipe link 
Ingredients: add whatever you'd like! We use mozarella cheese, bacon, banana peppers, mushrooms, etc.
Bake at 500 for 12-15 minutes.
Meet Molly. She's gorgeous. Sweet as can be. Engaged, soon to be a WIFE, funny, and I LOVE her blog.

She recently got a blog makeover and I think it is the cutest thing ever. Obviously, because she's the cutest thing ever!

Go check her out!
What's your love story. Don't forget the link-up will be posted on February 7th! Next tuesday.

Click on the link to get the questions to answer if you haven't already.
I cannot wait to read what everyone answers.
And I cannot believe that V-DAY is in less than 2 weeks! EEK!
If you are working on your posts, here is the HTML for the button!!
 February is here!! Thank you to all who participated in the January craft link up {love}. It was fun to see what all your creative minds have been up to!

Do you guys enjoy this link up? Is this something that you will look forward to the following months? I had in mind for February green. It can be St. Patricks day related. It can be anything "environment" related. DIY home products. A project that has the color green in it. ETC!

Also? What do you think about the themes? Or should I completely leave it as ANYTHING goes? Themes or no? I NEED YO HELP!
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Hey. I'm going to beg here. But seriously, I've met some pretty cool mamas through this baby blog site... and if you like what you read? It just takes one click! Click on the owl and your vote will be in!

I would give you something fabulous... but the rules say no no. Okay click here! {or click icon}
 PRODUCT OF THE WEEK. Yo. I love this link-up that Aly and Tiffanie came up with. I'm a big fan of products... and I present to you the "gag" gift that I got all the boys for Christmas... that turned into... A FAVORITE IN OUR HOUSE!

Check it {yes, I just said that}. You grab a bottle {of beer or soda, sorry wine lovers}, you put this on the top, pull up, and wa-la, the cap is off! Seriously? It's a genius I tell you. Genius! I've read reviews that the spring has broken on some people... so far? It's been a month mind you, but it's been awesome! NOW, GO LINK UP!


  1. That first pic of you with E is darling!

    And btw we LOVE.....I mean LOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Nutella ....I think all hispanic households must have some on hand at any time...heheheh

    and OMG sorry but I had to laugh about november .....i must be blind becuase i didnt notice either

  2. awesome post.
    I voted you. Hope you win this baby votes :D

    Glad Andrew love your craft card. Its brilliant.

    I think you should go for Themes and some months dont have any themes, you can go for anything :)

  3. I'm cracking up! How cute is the photo of her in his cage? Can't wait to see photos of the home tour!

  4. I totally understand being able to spend the day with the little one. It's such a blessing. I totally admire that you work some nights and still give your days to your family. You're an inspiration pretty lady!

  5. Ooooh, new bedroom furniture! Oooh, homemade pizza! Ooooh, nutella!

    Root canal ... not so much.

  6. Can you post your salmon recipe?

  7. Loved this post. I'm excited for the home tour! I love all things home....probably more than what's healthy!;)

  8. your Salmon dinner looks delish! yum!

    excited for your home tour posts!

    still haven't tried Nutella, not sure what i am waiting for.

    and glad that hubby loved the gift! it is such an awesome one!

  9. Love the picture of you and your daughter! I cant wait to try the pizza dough recipe. For some reason, I never like any pizza dough recipes they are so bland. I have a pizza maker that looks like two frying pans on top of each other that you plug in. I think it is called the chicago pizza maker or something? You put everything in the pizza maker, shut the lid and it is done in about 25 minutes. It might be one of my favorite appliances. The pizza always tastes great. Now I hope the dough does too!

  10. Van's seriously makes the best stuff! We eat the gluten free pancakes like they are candy - mmmm sooo goood!!

    Love to see E in the kennel with her BFF. We are expecting in June and I don't think anyone is more excited than my 3 yr old black lab Cash who has been asking since we got married WHEN ARE WE GETTING ONE OF THOSE??? So fun :)

  11. LOVE Nutella! Can't wait to try those recipes!

  12. this post was chock-full of stuff...ha! That first pic of you too is adorable!! ya know...I have NEVER had nutella...crazy??

  13. ok, ya ready for a combo-delicious-blow your mind suggestion? LOL :)

    those vans waffles are my fave. And so is Nutella. Put some Nutella on top of your waffle, add a little whipped cream. (foodgasm, my friend. ) mighty delicious :)

  14. ahh I need to go to hell, I mean Dentist soon, I know I need a filling, hoping not a root canal.

    aww I love Mollys blog too! she is sooo sweet!

    I need to try that pizza. yummmm.

    My love post is already done! ;)


  15. I totally didn't notice the 10th month thing. Shows how well I pay attention! I'm glad he loved it though! :) That pizza looks amazing. I've been making mini pizzas on pita bread and they are SO good but now I'm going to have to try to that dough recipe!

  16. Looking forward to your home tour!

    You are super mom for working nights and staying home with her in the day. She is so blessed to have you as her mommy! :)

  17. I love your salmon recipe it's a staple in our house now!

  18. I can't wait for your home tour! :) Is it weird that i've never tried Nutella?! I've always heard everyone rave about it, so it's a must try! I'm linking up for sure for your V-day link up!

    I love the first picture of you two! So precious! :)


  19. the picture of you and your daughter is adorable!

  20. Can I come give you the biggest freaking huge ever?!?!?! Seriously I freaking love your guts, you are too darn sweet! You literally made my day. And probably week, and most likely month. Thank you so much for your sweet words!!!!

    Also, I really need that little gadget! How handy would that be!! Also, you and Elliana make me so extremely excited to have kids it's not even funny. She is so lucky to have you {as I'm sure I've said many times before-but she really truly is!}

    I think you should come make me dinner because that looks GOOD. Get in my belly!

    Hope you have a great day because you sure made mine!

  21. I am definitely going to try that pizza recipe!! Nutella is amazing!

  22. I CANNOT wait to see your house tour! And for real girl, how are you already scheduled that far out?! Whew! I don't know how you do it! Also, I still haven't been able to finish my Valentine's craft :( Even sadder, someone else has already posted my craft!! Goes to show I'm not as original as I thought....oh well.

    Happy Thursday to you and your sweet family!

  23. OMG! I JUST bought those waffles for the first time and we LOVE them! Super yummy! Don't even need syrup on them.

    Cannot wait to see your house tour! ;)

  24. Love this post! I especially loved seeing your babe hanging out with her puppy. Our little guy follows his dog around the house as well. When our puggle is in his cage,he loves to close the door with him inside. Its hilarious to watch. I think our dog would also choose to be left alone.:)

  25. Ahhh I bet you are loving the new furniture! We will be getting our bedroom furniture sometime this year...can't wait!

  26. First, I love your blog! You're a great writer, and very entertaining!

    Second, I am on study abroad at a German university for 1 year, and your Nutella comment cracks me up. Nutella IS the shit in Europe. People eat it in Europe how we Americans eat PB! Anyways, it's totally my guilty pleasure and when my roommates aren't around I eat Nutella by the spoonful. :)


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