Friday, February 10, 2012

Thursday, err, Friday Randoms

Yes. I do realize that it is Friday. And my randoms post is usually on Thursday.... But things are a little off this week with the craziness of the link-up going on. So bare with me... this little blog of mine will be back to normal next week {I hope}.

So. Onto randoms. As usual, anything and everything goes. All things random.
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My little shopper. That would be E. Over the weekend, Andrew and my MIL went out to lunch then shopping for the day.  We were mainly looking for items for our new bedroom that we are remodeling. 

Elliana was fabulous in the stores. However... out to lunch? At Panera? She was a hands full, to say the least. Girlfriend does not like to sit still for one second. And when you try to make her? The temper tantrums then come out.

And me? I get all hott and nervous inside. Lets.Get.Out!

 Adults play. Oh friends, we had such a great weekend. Husband and I had my best friend over {who lives in Chicago}, and I finally got to meet her boyfriend for the first time.

Well. Let's just say everyone had a little too much fun.

A shot here. A shot there. Beer. Wine. You name it, we drank it.

And what happens when boys try to prove their drinking power? They both wind up puking all night/day and being worthless. Lovely.

And that would be us. Kissey face. Can we please talk about how, before baby, Andrew and I took like ten million trillion pictures together {and most of them looking something like that}. And post baby, there are like zero? We get maybe one every couple of months.

It's kind of depressing and I need to do something about it.

Right away.

Appetizers are the best. So instead of making dinner that night {Saturday night} we made a bunch of appetizers. We hung out in the kitchen all night and munched.

Most the food? Was gone by morning.

However, it was a very calorie-filled night and now I need to not eat for a couple of days. Or weeks. Maybe months.


And this would be a picture of Andrew on the ground passed out that night. You know...

When girls get together and drink? They gossip, and make it a fun social event.

When guys get together and drink? It's all about who can drink the most. Silly boys. And silly Andrew, as I was stuck cleaning up his "mess" that night.

Baby sleeping. Why is a baby sleeping the most adorable thing in the whole entire world?

E sleeps in all sorts of funny positions. Every night that we check on her she is in a completely different spot. 10 minutes later? She can be again on the other side in some awkward position.

I probably have over 100 pictures of my phone of all her different positions.

And i LOVE every single one of them.

And since we are all about the "passed out" pictures. Can we please talk about how I passed out at 9pm the other night on the couch? We had just put E to bed at 730... hubby and I got all cozy on the couch together... turned on our favorite shows... and what do you know? I am out cold. I literally don't remember a thing after that.

I guess I needed to catch up on some sleep, huh?

Okay. Who is sick and tired of me posting pictures of my food yet? It's been almost a daily thing around here... especially the desserts. More specifically, the banana cake and lemon cake.

Which, can I just say, it had been like 6 months since I made either one. And in the past 2 weeks? I have made them like 6 times... if not more.

And this last time? Was for the work superbowl party... and it was a hit.

Speaking of food. I tried this new recipe out this week... and it is like up there on my favorite list. Like up HIGH!

I loved it! The whole family loved it. Husband? Well he would have much preferred it be stuffed with turkey, better yet, beef.

But mama over here had to make sure it was somewhat healthy, so chicken it was.

I tweaked the recipe a bit... 2.5 pounds chicken, 9 lasagna rolls, a bunch of spinach, no white pepper. Mozarella cheese on top, topped with basil. PERFECTION.

Jamie on the Bachelor. OMG. Did anyone else squirm in their seat the whole time during their "kissing session."?

It was the most awkward thing in the whole entire world. I could not believe what I was watching.

Is this girl serious? Was this really happening right before my eyes? Do we really give instructions to kissing?

Oh poor poor Jamie. And the worst part? It was caught on national television.

Wow. I don't even have words to express how amazing this link-up has been and how much fun it has been to read your guys' stories. Even though, I have SO much more reading to do. I am only 25% through the stories {actually, much less}. Every time I read a story, another one gets added on. And obviously life doesn't stop. But I will get through them, even if it takes a couple of weeks.

Many of you have told me how much you guys liked it and how you have found some great blogs through it. That is so awesome!

So how's that for random. Time for me to go to sleep as I worked last night... and wait, hold on, I'm working AGAIN tonight {overtime}. Why? Because they are super short. I'm sweet like that {ha}. But really, there are some dollar signs attached to the bonus for doing so. How could I say no?

Let's just hope I don't regret this decision later. And we won't talk about how I picked up another OT shift on Sunday. Oh no, we won't even go there....


  1. Oh my word. The kissing scene was soo uncomfortable. I couldn't get over it. Wow. I bet she's mortified watching it back... well I hope she is!

  2. The kissing scene was too much! No wonder she didn't get a rose! :)

  3. A baby sleeping is the most precious site! Also, Jamie...yikes! I hope she can blame that on tons of hard alcohol!!;)

  4. We're the same way about pictures of us since N was born. I think the last one we took was on Christmas morning!

  5. I love your random post! They are always so fun. I wish I knew what you were talking about with the kissing thing. It sounds horrible, haha. I am sure I can youtube it and I will, even if it makes me uncomfortable :)

  6. I have to agree that a baby sleeping is the most precious thing!! We go in Zoees room every night and check on her, and she too, is always in a random position! Its so funny! {I should start taking pics..} I dont watch the Bachelor but im sure its all over youtube which I am going to check out now! haha. Awkward much for her?

  7. Don't you just love when your husband gets drunk and you have to put up with him haha! Grr!

    That kissing thing on the Bachelor was just wrong. Poor girl!

  8. I have made those lasagna rolls and they are awesome. I tried it last time with italian sausage and it was a hit! And Jamie from the bachelor was so embarassing:(

  9. The drunk story cracks me up! Husbands....can't live with em', can't live without em' :)

  10. I was absolutely horrified during that kissing scene with Jamie! So so awkward.

  11. I love the kissy face pictures! and love appetizers so much varity then just dinner! And E is adorable sleeping

  12. I always love having friends over to hang out, drink, and eat. It's usually a better time than going out!

  13. yes! that kissing scene was so awkward! poor girl!

  14. haha drunk times are the best with males. I think it is in the male DNA to act like that, but you are a trooper for cleaning up after him.

    have a great weekend


  15. Love the picture of you and your hubs!

    the appetizers look delish!

    lol and on jamie that was SO embarrassing! I was so embarrassed for her! lol but i did get a good laugh out of it haha!

    <3 your randoms :)

  16. i just puffy heart you! look at the cuteness of you and your hubs in your kissy pic! love it so cute! glad you had too much fun!! Awesome! Boys and there drinking games lol! Look at cute Elli sleeping so adorbs! Yay for shopping, Kelcee used to be all ansy when we would go out to eat to, they grow out of it promise lol! I am so glad your link up is such a hit! I have enjoyed reading the stories so much! So fun! You rock sweets

  17. My hubby and I are the same way with pictures. We used to take them all the time before we had our baby and now we have like none of us together.

  18. That kissing scene was so ackward! I felt so uncomfortable the whole time...I could barely watch. Made for good TV, I suppose. Poor girl.

  19. I was literally squirming and screaming the whole time that scene was happening on the bachelor! Hubs loves super awkward stuff like that, but I couldn't handle it. No wonder she is single. I can't say I blame her for the instruction guide though, he seems like he is a terrible kisser to me.

  20. i totally love your random posts..i have the same problem about the pictures with my husband..i have about a million of our son and maybe three of just the two of us..i must agree with you..that needs to change..

  21. omg jamie's kissing session on the bachelor was the most awkward thing i've ever seen on tv!! i was cringing!!

  22. Dude now I am pissed I deleted The Bach off my DVR before watching it lol ugh!

    I love the kissy pic of you too love birds! Sexy sexy!

    Sounds like a happening weekend at your place! Jordan and I totally need to come visit, I could use a good night of drinking, I seriously probably have zero tolerance now! It would rock hahahahah!

    I love that sleeping E pic....swoon

  23. Oh your so lucky elliana will stay still for you when your shopping. You would think it's pure torture for Adrienne to have to sit and look at pretty clothes/toys with me while were out. Sighhh!

    Always loving your randoms:)

  24. Oh gosh- Jamie- I just don't even have words for that scene...

  25. Woo Hoo!! I am an ICU nurse too!! All the way in Arizona! Also a newly wed and thinking about a family! How I love your blog! Thanks for sharing, I love finding a blog that I have lots of things in common with! Also loved the Link Up Love Stories!

  26. Love this! You look so cute in your going out pic. I'm not sure which is worse - boys throwing up or boys peeing in the laundry basket after one too many whipped cream vodka shots! Ugh!

  27. That Bachelor makeout session was the WORST. Seriously. I couldn't even sit there and watch it. I had to get up and walk away!


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