Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

4.9.12 {Weekend recap and Easter egg hunt pictures}

Easter has come and gone. Another holiday under our belts. Another set of pictures to put into our memory book. It was our first "real" Easter with Elliana. One that she can actually participate in. So naturally, it was a holiday I had been anticipating for months... maybe we can go as far as to say, a year.

So much so that I may or may have not purchased four easter dresses for E. Last year. When they were like 90% off. Deal addict.
Easter is not a paid holiday at the hospital. Nor is it a required one. But because we do our schedules about 3 months in advance, I completely failed to look what day Easter fell on when planning out my shifts. Which resulted in me scheduling myself to work Easter night.

And then I thought it would be brilliant of me to work the night before as well for overtime.

 So although the weekend was full of fun... it was also full of little sleep.
Regardless, the Easter that enivisioned quickly went out the window. So instead, we had to make a few minor detours.

But the end result was equally as satisfying.

Lets start with Friday. I worked Thursday night and came home to both a happy little toddler and a happy handsome husband, who happened to have the day off from work due to good Friday {and because the government is awesome like that}.

Unfortunately, the hospital didn't get the memo. We're open 24/7... what do ya know.
Friday afternoon we quickly gathered our things, dressed E in one of her Easter dresses and headed out the door to her grandparents house. My parents.

I had plenty of eggs for the hunt prepared from the night before, however we decided to stop by the store to pick up 50 more and some goodies to place inside them. Mainly for my nephew, as E could really care less.
Once we got to my mom's house, I scooped up my red headed squishy 3 year old nephew and explained to him about the easter egg hunt we were about to do. His reply, as always, made me giggle. "Um. Oh. Okay."

I volunteered Andrew to help me scatter the eggs around outside {because that is what husbands do... they help their wives}, and he even snapped a few pictures of me doing so. Insert truth, I asked him to... for memory sakes. And of course, he even snapped an obligatory picture of the behind. Men.
So the eggs were well hidden and the fun began. And by fun I mean a blast. It started out slow. My nephew really was like... okay... lets pick up these eggs. Elliana was like... okay, lets go run away.

After a little while, a few eggs later, and the pace picked up.  The nephew was running around, "ohhing and eyeing" and Elliana just following him around. Prancing actually. She was more interested in what he was doing than finding the eggs. She did however like carrying her little basket around her arm. Like a princess. Go figure.
My parents prepared the food while we gather the kiddos back inside and we went through the stash of eggs. Elliana and Dawson were allowed to just have a bite here and a bite there... but that was more than plenty to make their little mouths salivate.

Honestly, just the joy on my nephew's face. How happy this Easter egg hunt made him totally sealed the deal. In fact, after we left {the next day}, he begged my mom to call me back to have another one, so she ran to the store and got him some more and they did another egg hunt.

Heart melting.
So we spent the night at my parent's house... as we normally do when we eat and drink there. We let Elliana stay up way past her bedtime {around 930} and then I took her upstairs to put her to bed.

What ended up happening was her snuggling up to me... and me not being able to resisist.
And then I was passed out. Elliana was passed out. And it was one rough night of tossing and turning. In fact, she almost fell off the bed and I briefly remember having a hold of her leg and pulling her back up.

Okay, mini heart attack later.
Saturday, we headed back home and Andrew worked on the yard while E took a much needed nap. I laid down with the intention of taking a nap... but instead ended up getting hooked on this stupid drawing APP on my phone. And then... AND THEN... the husband brings me in something that came in the mail.
My blog book. And of course after that, a nap was completely out of the picture.

We just hung out as a family before I had to go into work.

And the next day was similar to Saturday. I came home from work. Baby girl and mama took a nap while papa worked in the yard. When we woke up, we all got ready in our clean-up gear. You in your pretty Easter day dress, and mama and papa dressed to impress. Impress who? Why, the Easter bunny of course.
I had prepared chicken noodle soup that morning for our lunch, so we all enjoyed a bowl of that. Then it was family picture time. Papa doesn't really enjoy that time. I don't think you care for it either.

A little bit of egg dying later {you had no interest in this whatsoever}, and going through your easter basket, and we were back in our lounge clothes and enjoying the family time together.
It was a great weekend spent with the people I love most. So fun to start traditions with the little ones. So fun to watch these two completely enamored with the little things in life.

So so fun.


  1. It looks like you had an amazing Easter. Its the little things that make it the best! It seems to get more fun every year!

  2. Elli's dress is so awesome! Perfect for Easter. And your nephew? That red hair is too much.

  3. Adorable pictures! I always buy Easter outfits for my kids after Easter for the next year. I love a good deal!

  4. adorable pictures, Elli is too cute! Love her dress

  5. Looks and sounds like you guys had such an amazing Easter! Gorgeous pictures :) E's dresses are SO cute!

  6. What a fun, exhausting Easter! Love E's dress!

    What company did you go with to print your blog to a book??

  7. Well it looks like you all had a fun Easter! Elli really is too darn cute! Love it!!

  8. OMG! I can't get over how grown up E looks in that picture of her by herself on the step!!

    LOVE sale easter dresses! Just got one today for $8 for Olivia to wear for a wedding this summer :)


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