Saturday, April 21, 2012

We survived. Both Elli and I. And we swam like dolphins.

Today was the first day of swim lessons. And yet another thing to mark off our 25 things to do before E turns two list. However, there were other milestones at hand here. Milestones on the mama side. Ones that I accomplished. So lets begin with this morning.

We woke up late. Later than usual. College Becky would say this was early. Mom Becky says its late.

I started to hear Elliana at 830, but she was just babbling away and talking to herself, or the stuffed animals, or perhaps the wall? Regardless, we didn't go get her until 9. And the only reason we even did was because we knew that we had lessons at 10:30. Usually though, she lets you know when she's ready.

So we did our usual morning routine. Got Elliana ready.  Let the dog out. Ate breakfast. Elliana that is...since mama and papa never get a chance to eat when we are trying to run out the door. And then it was time for mama to get ready.

Okay, dilemma here.

I went into my bathing suit drawer. The one that had all bikinis and one one piece in there. Mind you, the one piece that I did own was from Victorias Secret with a slit down the middle of the tummy and the top only covered the essentials. A.K.A. the sides of my breasts (that I don't have) were out there for all to see. Naturally, this suit was out of the picture.

So now, I had to choose which bikini would work best.  And as a disclaimer... I had every intention of going out last week to pick up a one piece. Just so I could fit it.... but I completely forgot. And well, life is a little hectic. Needless to say, I didn't pick one up. I don't think I have ever even owned a one piece. Besides when I was 5... and when I was 15 due to swim lessons in high school.

But why waste time talking about what I don't own... and lets talk about what I do.

Option A. The ones that tied. You know, the stringy ones. The ones that the boys would try to sneakily walk by and try to pull at the string so that it would fall off and embarrass you in front of everyone? I hope I'm not the only one here. Yup. Those. I have a lot of those.

So I thought about it and realized well... E would want to pull at the strings too... and that? Well that would not be a very good first impression.

Option B.  Color. Do you go with like a black or white one, or do you go with my bright green or yellow, or hurt your eyes orange?

Okay. For one, I'm not tan enough for the colors. And two, I don't want to stand out even more.

Finally, after testing out a few, I chose the white strapless one, with no strings. Why strapless? Because Elliana likes to pull at things when I am holding on to her... and she would totally pull my straps to the side and WA-LA there goes mommy boobies for the whole pool to see.

It was the most anti-sexy Victoria's Secret suit I own. And believe me....that's not saying much.

So we finally headed out and made it to the lesson. The teacher was all chipper and said "You look like you are ready to SWIMMM!."  Ohhhh boy, yes I am. Yes I am. ....... Crazy.

I had to finally get undressed. At the beach? I would have stripped down, no problem. At this place? Children's swim lessons... you know... didn't get me as excited to take my clothes off. More reasons than one.

No problem, that didn't last very long. Because before I knew it, we were in the water... splish splashing around.. singing the itsy bitsy spider ......  and row row row your boat.

At first? Elliana was holding on to me for dear life? By the end? Girlfriend wanted to swim on her own.

And when we got her out? Ohhh nooo... she screamed at the top of her lungs. She wanted back in, and she wanted it right now.

So by the end, not only did I survive my swim lesson in a bikini, but Elliana, more importantly, survived her first swim lesson with flying colors.

I think we have a water baby on our hands.
Yes, Elliana swims with a bow on her head.
And a proud mama.
In a bikini.


  1. If I could rock the bikini I totally would! Glad y'all had fun!

  2. Looks like you both had a blast!!

  3. Looks like you both had a great time! The water is always so fun.

  4. Aww! I love that pic! Looks like a blast!

  5. Try finding a suit for swim lessons when you are 8 months pregnant. I wore a mismatched tankini that I'm not even sure covered my belly the entire time. I'm sure the ole beer gut was hanging out, not to mention my oversized floatations devices were out too, major cleavage, that I'm sure was completely inappropriate for toddler swim class.

    O well we had fun, I was not about to buy a maternity suit for a 6 week class.

  6. haha. college becky. looks like a good time!

  7. Love this post. If you can rock a bikini you should rock it!

  8. I had the same problem when I Nannied for a family that wanted me to take the kids to the pool! I ended up going to Target and found the ugliest, most unattractive black one-piece, and I have only ever worn it to swim with the kids! I guess I know what else to save it for!!
    Looks like you all had fun!!!!!

  9. haha. Last summer I got a total "mom tank-ini" for Reagan's swim classes! Who knows what I will fit in this summer!! Glad she was having fun at her first lesson!

  10. So fun! Ella Grace and I are starting swim lessons in June. I can't wait! However, I too must go search for a one piece. Didn't even think of that. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

  11. OMG look at her go! Rocking that bow, hell ya girlfriend!

  12. Of course she swims with a bow!! She's fabulous!!!

  13. Ha! I love that she has a bow on while swimming! and dont feel bad...I can't bring myself to buy a "mom suit" ...EVER. I'll endure the stares ....if you got a bod...ROCK IT!


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