Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Randoms, Deals, Recipes, and More.

My baby girl is getting so big, I just can't believe it. And she's blossoming into such a personality.
I love her so much. She truly is my best friend and I can't help but talk about her all the time. Proud mama? I think so. And this picture below is of her at the park. We went to two a couple of days ago. Just because. And of course, she thinks she is just so big. Maybe because she is?
Elliana's 17 month post is coming by the way. Tomorrow actually. It's been done... I just hadn't posted it. And it won't have her 17 month pictures because they are uploaded it. Which is okay, because well... it's what she's doing that is most important.

I know I posted a brief update on Chicago, but I am almost done with my Chicago posts and will have them up on the blog not next week, but the week after. I have them split up in days, one, two, and three. Mainly due to the fact that I had a lot of details that I didn't want to forget. And the fact that I have tons of pictures to share. After all, this will be going in the next blog book.

Life has been so busy lately, that we have yet to paint our master bedroom. Remember how I said that we had already bought the paint? Yup. Well we have been away every weekend, and crazy hectic during the week. But it is happening this weekend... someone hold me to it.

I need some toddler apps for Elliana. Educational ones that people swear by. We have started introducing her to some of the flashcard ones, ones that teach her about animals, and every day household items. But I need more. I am hoping that she will get used to the IPAD more, so that when we have to fly in August... she will be busy. Get what I mean?

Meet this Mama. Anyone even remember this feature? Well I have been promising many girls to bring it back {through emails}, and it's amazing how fast the months are just flying by. That being said.... I am finally working on it. Here is the thing though... I am thinking that instead of doing a weekly feature, like I did in the past... I will just do a large link up for all moms. How does this sound? Yes, no? And those that participated in the past, will be able to again. I am switching up the format. So. How does this sound?

Emails. I have a folder in my blog mailbox that is strictly titled RESPOND SOON. And there are quite a few that were sent to me prior to my trip to Chicago that I have not gotten the chance to respond to yet. I am getting there... slowly but surely. Bare with me. I love hearing from you guys.

Recent Recipes
We made this again {chicken and black bean casserole} . Again, it was a hit. Husband's favorite right now.

I also made this the night before, and it was also a huge hit. Husband tried to say that it reminded him of a soup. A thick soup. Silly man. It's definitely not a soup. I tell you what it is though... delicious.

Deals of the Week
Erin Condren Deal
Hurry up and snatch yours up. Go here to check out how you can get $50.00 worth of Erin Condren goodies for as low $13.00+ shipping. Also, the life planners are already marked down to 40% off, so you can even snatch up a BETTER deal getting one of those, if you don't have on already! Go here to find out more.

Scarves 75% off sale, and more
Totsy has some awesome deals today! Including this scarves. Lots of summer stuff for the kiddos {and moms}. Go check it out!
Hautelook Sales
Stripes are in. And I'm digging them. Found some great deals on striped shirts {lots of colors} on hautelook today. That and about everything else on there. I am hooked to this online shopping gig.

Scheduled Posts
Friday 17 month, beautiful Elliana
Monday Blog Book
Tuesday DIY Craft of the Month; LINK UP
Wednesday I'm Loving.....
Thursday Thursday Randoms


  1. OK this will be my first comment ever even though i have been reading your blog like for ever! But i have to say that looking and reading about Elliana makes me wanna have a little girl now!

  2. I was just thinking the other day how grown up Elliana looked. And really I think it may just be that her hair looks fuller....crazy how their hair can change their entire look! And as excited as I am to hear about Chicago, when are we going to hear the details on blog book #1? I know you've still got to be swooning over it :)

    Hope y'all have a great day sweet friend!

  3. She seriously is looking so big and grown up! Looking forward to the 17 month post tomorrow :) On myyyyy birthday-- woot, for the 20th!

    E is seriously dressed sooo dang cute all the time. I want a girl so badly, but I'm pretty sure I will go broke if I do!!

  4. OH MY GOSH! She is getting so big! Where did this toddler come from?!

  5. Love your Meet This Mama idea, I regretted not playing along last time. And LOVE that picture of Ellie!!

  6. online shopping = my weakness.

    i have totally fallen off the craft of the month... boo me

  7. Kindergarten has lots of free apps during April for Autism awareness month, not that she has autism but they are great flash cards!

  8. Kindergarten has lots of free apps during April for Autism awareness month, not that she has autism but they are great flash cards!


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