Sunday, April 1, 2012

Let the shopping begin. Or end. Too much shopping.

So. If it's not already known.... I have a problem with shopping.
Specifically... shopping for deals.
And now I have a bigger problem with shopping, now that I have found hautelook.
I never pay full price for anything {except designer stuff... which I know sounds strange, but that's another story}, and finding a great deal is like Christmas in my home every single day.

Yes. That is how much I love shopping.

So when I was introduced to Hautelook this weekend by a fellow blogger friend, yet another deal site, I was instantly hooked.

I may, or may have not went a little shop crazy on the site. How could I NOT?
They have baby stuff. Women's stuff. Clothes. Dresses. Shoes. Jewelry.
They even have tons of MEN STUFF. Not that I want to spend any money on the husband or anything... hahaha!

You name it... they have! And best part about it?

It's like for pennies. Except... it's a race... the first ones win! Oh I'm in for it.
If you haven't signed up yet, go check it out... trust me, its worth it.
And when it takes all your money? Don't blame me.

Blame the baby. SHE made me do it.

And perhaps it has already taken all your money and you will tell me that I have been living under a rock because I am JUST now hearing about Hautelook. Regardless... Hautlook {or however you spell it} is taking all my money.

**I was not paid to write this post. All thoughts and opinions stated are solely that of my own.


  1. When our wedding is over in two months I can shop again!!! I can't freaking wait.

  2. I love hautelook!! Have you been to or or

    Im addicted to online shopping.

  3. I love hautelook! I can't believe you're just now finding out about this. I haven't ordered anything from them yet

  4. I have a small (ok, huge) shopping addiction too. I also like Gilt Group, beyondtherack, the mini social, totsy, sneakpeek, and onekingslane. I also find some great deals on and woot.

  5. If you love Hautelook you should also check out Rue La La - it's the same thing!

  6. hahah "it's like a race!" Do you shop Joss & Main too? Similar site


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