Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just Another Day Well Spent


I love writing these days down as they happen. Days I'll want to look back one. Days that I'll always want to remember. And putting this blog into a book brings all sorts of happiness into my heart. I will have this forever. Elliana will have this forever. And this will truly tell the story of our lives.

So today. Lets talk about today.

I woke up at 330. Mind you, I fell asleep last night at around 9pm. So an old lady I have become. And waking up at 330/4am has really been a blessing in my life. I know. You must think I am on crack.

I did some things for myself. Knocked out a few blog posts. Answered a few emails. Paid a few bills online. Eventually made my way downstairs to make a cup {or two, or three} of coffee and plopped onto the couch to watch the taping of the final episode of The Bachelor. My weakness. Reality tv. Especially when it involves love stories.

I ended up fast forwarding through most of it since I had already known the ending {from the very beginning}, and really was more interested in finding out how it all went down. And then it was over. And yet another shocking {yet-not-so-much} season of the greatest Match-Making show out there. Or. Not.

The husband was up around 630. A kiss here. And a kiss there. And then the inevitable "honey will you make me a PB&J for breakfast please." Oy. The man loves his PB and J's. Who is to blame him though right?

The tot woke up at 8. Happy as a clam. And we went through our usual morning routine. Ate breakfast. Picked up around the house. Did a little learning here and there. And once all that was out of the way, I was on a mission to get us outside.

By 930 we were out. Dressed {E actually still in PJ's with a sweater over her}, shades on, and we were out the door. 
To my surprise, E has really fallen in love with stroller rides. Before? She would last maybe 15 minutes maximum and then start squirming and want to be picked up. Now? We walk for 3plus miles and she is as content as can be. Honestly could probably go on forever.

Who is to blame her? I would love for someone to push me around. The life.
 And you want to know what else is the life....this picture above.

During our morning walk we made a pit stop by the clubhouse/playground, parked our vehicle {stroller} and walked out to the little beach area to our lake. It was absolutely beautiful. That perfect time in the morning with the sun shining in all the right places is like nothing else in the world.
 And we couldn't leave the park without getting a bit of swinging in. Which again is another favorite of sweet Elliana.

We swung for about 20 minutes and toward the end the baby girl was literally falling asleep. She was in such a peaceful place..... and although I was the one doing the pushing, I too, was in a very peaceful place.

I wish I could have bottled up that moment in time.
 We eventually made our way back to the house {some 2 hours later} and baby girl went down for her much needed, delayed nap.

And I went quick to work making the famous chicken noodle soup in preparation for lunch.
 After that was done, I got ready. Evidence seen above. I actually finally put on those skinny red jeans that I had purchased a while back.

And then I made a little noise here and there and E woke up from her nap {2.5 hours later}. Although it was earlier than usual, I had plans for us so that was totally okay on my part.
 We ate lunch outside. The first for 2012. We did this a lot last summer... and we will be doing this every day {possible} this year.
 And then we made our way to target. Tarjay. For one thing. Just one thing.

At least that is what we thought.
 Before we knew it... our car was rapidly filling up. More was added on. More clothes. More dresses. Shoes. Shower curtains. A swing. A booster seat. Diet dew. A big purple ball.
And then I stopped and looked at what just happened. The curse that took over my cart. Because what started out as one thing turned into too many to count.

And? I am pretty sure I didn't even get what I went there for. Whatever that was.
And instead of putting stuff away? I checked out. Head slumped. Defeated.

Target: 1
Mama: 0. 
But the one thing that took the I-spent-too-much-money-pain away was sitting outside with my baby girl... enjoying grapes... enjoying the sunshine... while dinner cooks inside and we wait for papa to get home.

A glimpse of summer. A day that will mimic many more to come {minus the target spending}.

And I wouldn't have it any other way {except free target runs.... lets make that happen}
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  1. Target tends to take ALL my money too. I always say ONE thing I need and I end up buying a WHOLE cart. its like you walk inside and get all these ideas of things you could use, but at least its all well worth it!!! E is adorable as usual & looks o so happy!!!

    happy Wednesday

  2. Sounds like the perfect day. You two are so cute together. Like BFFs!

  3. What a wonderful day! I wish I could be with mine all day! He's at school though, and I'm in my cubicle. But...we take full advantage of the weekends for sure! :)

    Enjoy this time together!

  4. I love those perfect days. AND days where I get to spend way too much money at Target and somehow forget about it. I can't imagine having a girl. The money I spend there would probably double!! Easily!

  5. Target is the worst for that! :)

  6. i always do that when i got to target!

  7. You get up at 4 AM, are you crazy lady? I think you better have that 2nd baby soon while you still don't need to sleep.

    Oh and Target? I have a love/hate relationship with that place. I never leave spending less then $75...even on days I just go for a pretzel from the food court. That damn pretzel costs me $75 every single time. Damn you Target, damn you!

  8. Target wins. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. What an awesome post Becky - I love days like that... the ones that just are everything wonderful all at once!

  9. LOVE your pics!! My daughter hated her stroller, which made me mad as it was expensive lol! Yours looks like she loves the ride!

  10. I've been reading your blog for a while now and have yet to comment! I love this post!! I love ordinary days of playing and being outside and when mixed with a toddler turn into such a perfect day.

    I have one of those big balls too. I went to Walmart and my son found the ball and wouldn't stop laughing when I bounced it. How could I NOT buy it??

  11. Target gets me every single time too! In fact, Babygirl and I just returned from there, a little poorer ; ) LOVE this post - you & E have such a special bond. OH, and when I worked nights, I would be up at 3am too, totally wide awake all the time. Back then I had no real need to be productive though, lol!

  12. What a great day! Love the red skinny jeans! So jealous of your daughters naps :( Love Target! So many good deals! I saw on one blog post you used to coupon! Do you still do it? I'm amazed at all the free stuff I can get there!

  13. target gets me every time!! i always leave with way more than i needed! and half the time i forget to buy what i originally went there for!

  14. It's physically impossible to go to Target for just one thing. For a good six months I had to ban myself from that store. It's just too good!

    Hope today was as nice as the one recounted here :)

  15. Tarjay will do that every time! Cute post :)

  16. It's absolutely impossible to go to Target and get JUST ONE thing (or just the handful of things) that you went in for. It's like a black hole that just sucks you in!

  17. I have that same problem with Target. it sucks you in every time!!

  18. I'd like to meet one person who actually goes to Target and comes out with only the items they intended to buy.

  19. That happens to me all.of.the.time at Target! Last night I went there for like 3 things & came out with a $200 bill! Love that place!

    And love these little posts about your day-to-day life. E is just adorable! Would you mind sending your nice weather our way though?! I'm so sick of the rain. :/

  20. Shes adorable! Where did you get her little black sandals she has on in the cart?

    My kids did the ball thing last week. I currently have two huge balls in the back of my truck now!

  21. I don't think I've ever left target spending less tan $100! It's impossible, I always find so much I "need" there. Looks like you had a great day with your baby girl :)

  22. I can't ever get enough of Target!! Love that store! You and E are so sweet! Can't wait for some permanent warm weather either to do the same.

  23. Love Target! I can spend ooddles there! Can I ask you where you got your highchair and what brand it is? I am in the market for one and I like the way yours looks. (not too weird right?)


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