Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Randoms, Pictures, Posts, and Announcements

Friday Randoms
1. Bad Habits. Carson is teaching Elliana all sorts of crazy animal things. Like climbing up on her table. Carson jumped up on the table and E proceeded to follow. No wonder I am going grey. 2.Packing list for Chicago. Was in full force a couple of days ago. I am convinced that we need to get a truck to load all my bags... problems. 3. Walks. All we do around here. Even when it is 40 degrees out. 4. Elliana's computer. I picked up this clearance toy at TJ Maxx the other day... and lets just say that it is a huge hit. 5. Easter walk. We even strolled around the neighborhood has a family on Easter, with Elliana in her Easter dress and bunny ears. 6. Easter basket. I promise I have an Easter post coming. It's done actually... just scheduled for next week. 7. Dare devil. Not only does she climb on tables, but chairs too. 8. Easter look. Today might as well be all about Easter. That would be my baby girl during her egg hunt. I melt. 9. BLOG BOOK! It's here! I have a post to come on it. I am in love!

1. I still have a few emails to answer... bare with me as my family and I are on a mini-vacation and won't be back until Sunday.
2.Giveaway winner for Sweet Chicky was announced early this week, go check and see if you were the winner.
3. I am still working on the paintbrush tutorial, and I have an awesome giveaway coming in the future!

Scheduled Posts
Saturday: The Importance of Vegetables in Our Family
Monday: The day we painted
Tuesday: Organized Chaos in the form of an APP
Wednesday: Easter Recap
Thursday: Thursday Randoms
Friday: 17 month post {4.08.12}
Oh P.S. just realized.... happy friday the 13th.


  1. You are so organized with your future posts. I need to get better with that!!!!!!!

  2. Im so excited to hear about the blog book!!

  3. I have such a love hate relationship with Paintbrush. Can't wait to see your advice!

  4. Gorgeous pictures!
    I wish that I was that organized with my blog posts.. Sure would save me a lot of trouble!

  5. You are so organized with your posts, I love it!!!

  6. Omg your blog book
    Looks AWESOME!! Can't wait to read your post about it!! I def plan to make one too! :)


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