Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We wear diamonds on our feet. SERIOUS.

So yesterday {3/29/12}, Elliana and I decided that we would make today a zoo day afternoon.  And by we, I mean I, since Elliana isn't into holding conversations these days. At least not ones that I can actually understand. But certainly E wasn't objecting to it.  And we may or may have not been at the zoo just this past Saturday. Two reasons. One, the zoo is a great learning opportunity. "E-L-A-F-A-N-T." "R-I-I-N-O-O."  Two, we bought a year long membership last weekend.

Therefore, my expectation is that Elliana is able to list all the animals. And spell their name. Frontwards and backwards. And that my friends would be what I like to call money-well-spent.

Okay, we are running off course here....

Elliana and I were matching this day. Yesterday. Again, she insisted. That child.

And when we arrived, I had no idea how many stares, and pointing, and "ohhh-ahhh" we would get. I mean to be honest with you, we were giving the animals a run for their money.

Why you might ask? Well.. because of this.
And that my friends is a mama and her daughter both wearing matching toms. TOMS. Aka shoes-that-will-get-you-all-sorts-of-attention.

Lets talk about this attention. The little kids? "Coooool they match mommy!"

The big kids "Two TOMS!"

The old man that offered to take our picture in our really cute matching get-ups.
The young-really-cute-I-wish-we-were-friends {in a non-lesbian way}-mama... "Where did you get those!! We have been staring at them, and we love that you guys match!"

And that was when it happened friends. I wanted to get a girls number. This girls number. AH. A girl! But it's more than that. This girl had another baby girl. And she was super cute, young, hip, and have I mentioned she is a mom?!

But I didn't get her number. Exaggerated sigh. And we didn't form a mommy friendship. Another sigh. But I promise you if we ever cross paths again... I'm going to ask her on a mommy date. Hold me to it.

And just when I thought the zoo experience couldn't get any better....

An older mama and her daughter almost ran us down gushing over our shoes. And then she did the un-imaginable....

"Can I take your guys' picture"

On her camera mind you. Not mine. Which means... she has the picture... not me.

"Um? Sure!"

Snap. Awkward. Snap.

And there you have it friends. What I thought would be just a relaxing time at the zoo with my daughter turned into a celebrity status moment. All because of two pairs of shoes. Two matching pairs of shoes. Comparable to us... wearing diamonds on our feet.

Good thing we had our paparazzi shades on. Sporting our animal print leggings {for the animals... obviously}.
And mastered our serious-i'm-too-cool-for-you-face. That.

Now if only we could figure out how to get the matching I will find you mommy friend shoes Toms in EVERY COLOR.

Feel free to send us some, Toms. Thanks.


  1. Oooooooh that's so lovely! :)

    They are very cute shoes. I'd love a pair of TOMS.... but not sure my almost 4 year old son would appreciate us matching too haha!


  2. you guys. just love y'all so much.

  3. SO funny! If I have a little girl, you can expect to see us in matching shoes once in a while.

  4. i LOVE it!!! Now you just need to get your mom a pair...we went for it in our house - true story. TOMS seriously have to be the most comfortable shoes on the planet and the pint sized versions are seriously adorable. I LOVE the grey/pink color combo!!

  5. You guys are just too cute! Toms sure do get a lot of attention now that you mention it!

    -Alexis @ ChristianWifeStyle.com

  6. I didnt realize these ones came bigger!!! Now I TOTALLY have to get them. My little P wears hers all the time, and it would be so cute to match!

    Check out mummewear.com
    I got the cutest matching socks for me and my daughter there!

  7. I like your diaper bag! I have the same one...the shoes are pretty snazzy too.

  8. Ooooh, girl!! Ya'll are too cute! I have to say (in a non-lesbian way) that I would have asked for your number and set up a mommy date on the very spot! Don't let those moments pass you by! It's so important to have "soul-mate" mommy friends to share our woes with. I don't have nearly enough! Too bad you don't live in Oklahoma! Keep sporting the diamonds, friend!

  9. Very adorable!!
    I recently just bought a pair of Toms well I lied I bought them back in August & recently wore them!!! ah AMAZING!!! I see why everyone was stalking you for that!!

  10. You two are just too cute!
    All those people at the zoo didn't know what to do when they saw such style and fashion! ;)

  11. Love it! How did you expect two stylish ladies not to be noticed?! Y'all are too cute :)

  12. That is just adorable to wear matching shoes! That definitely would have been really strange though for a stranger to ask for your picture

  13. and it never goes out of style. my teen and i have matching lace toms.


    {my toddler has gray toms - he's a boy... i couldnt justify the lace hehe}

  14. Oh I LOVE this! I wanted to get Morgan the pink sequinned TOMS, but have to wait a bit as the smallest they come is a size 4 and she's not quite there yet. But I don't think I can pull off the pink sequins myself, lol! Loving yours & E's gray though! And um...hello...weirdo wanting a picture. I mean, what are they planning to do with it? I wouldn't have known WHAT to say in response to that!

  15. hahaha People always ask me about our shoes when p and I match. We have matching toms and two pair of chucks. :) How fun!

  16. Oh I JUST LOVE Toms.. I've got a few pairs myself and you better believe my kiddos will rock them as well! they are so cute and comfy! :)

  17. LOVE the matching footwear! Guinevere and I have matching chucks, and I totally got us matching Easter outfits...love :)

  18. I love that you guys have matching shoes!! Olivia and I coordinate and I may or may not (may) buy her mini clothes of versions I have! Haha

  19. Too funny! I would have been doing the SAME dang thing, y'all look adorable! Now I just NEED those shoes! Love love love the color.

  20. Seriously LOVE you girls. Love the matchy match. Obviously you were a hit, you are 345987 sorts of awesome. Kind of weird that someone wanted a pic of you - maybe they are a blog reader and are starting a paparazzi site. lol.

  21. Love that you match I'm having a girl in 5 weeks and I will totally be the same way! I love my Toms, I wonder if mine come in lil ones now! Looks like you have so much fun having a lil girl... she always look to cute:)

  22. you TOTALLY should have asked for that girls number. Lets pretend that girl at the zoo was me, and we had never met before, and I would have been thinking the EXACT SAME THING about you.

    wow, theres a young mom who seems cool and hip and fun, I should totally ask for her number so we can do playmates, etc. But I know how hard those things can be sometimes! Or awkward, etc, just next time do it! :)

    cause if it WAS me? I would TOTALLY want to hang out with you :)

  23. Ben has 2 pairs of Toms and I am obsessed with them. Cutest shoes ever. I am 100% getting a matching pair for me this summer!


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