Monday, July 16, 2012

Enjoying 100 degree weather

What does one do when it's 100 degrees outside.
When the sun is so hot you might fry just walking outside.
When you  feel like you might have to call the medics  for the old man going outside to get his mail.
When the A/C really does become your best friend.
For us?
It's been 100 degrees for weeks on end.
No rain. No wind. Nada nada nada.
So what do we do?

Well. We enjoy it. To the best of our ability.
Clearly, you can see that E enjoys it. Food in mouth and all. 
That's the classic mama face right there.

The thing about it.... nothing will keep us in our house.

Not the lack of sleep from me working the night before.
Not the scorching hot weather.
Not even if there is absolutely not a single soul out.

You see, there's something about being outside that makes you feel better.
Whether it's the fresh air.
Or the pureness of the outdoors.
Whether you go for 15 minutes.
Or two hours.
It still has this effect on you.
And as a mother?
There's a triple effect there.
Because if I'm going to be completely honest here... 
I'd have to admit that before Elliana.... I was an indoors type of gal.
 I'm not into hiking, exploring, site seeing... yada yada yada.
Pool and tanning? Yes.
Boating? Yes.
But anything that actually required for me to do work... or sweat? Wasn't my thing.
And then I gave birth to my daughter.
And we know there are a slew of changes on this memorable day....
Your relationships with others, your priorities, your needs/wants, your goals, you as a person. Your marriage {for the better}, your dynamics, fundamentals... and the list goes on.
And somewhere on the list, somewhere between 1 and 100 lies the... love for outdoors.

For me at least. It made it on my list.

And well.... It changed.
Not for me. Surely not for me...

Surely not because I like to sweat while chasing balls down the driveway that my toddler manages to throw down each and every time just because she likes to see me run after them. And? It makes her laugh.

Surely not because I like to bake in the sun while pregnant, nauseous, and fatigued to the extreme.

Surely not because I'm adventurous and active {which I know I should be}.

Surely not because I like the idea of hauling every bag, shovel, bucket, and toy to every event, pool, or activity we do.

Surely not because the idea of running back and forth on the beach instead of actually laying there sounds that much more appealing.

We could sit here and list you 100 more reasons why the outdoors can look.. not so appealing...
But do any of them actually matter?

The answer is no.

Because I have one reason why the outdoors are amazing.
A blessing. An adventure. 
Beautiful, fun, and exciting.
A place I love to be. A place I never want to leave.

And it's One really good reason.

This special child right there.
That makes any place with her?
An amazing place to be.

Rain or shine...
Cold or hot...

100 degrees and all.

Now. We can officially change my name to Mama Outdoors.



  1. Man I miss the 100 degree heat!!! I am from Texas but living in Germany and its in the 60s here...

  2. You have got some major energy girl. If Im super tired from lack of sleep, being in the sun makes me even more tired.

  3. Sawyer is OBSESSED with the outdoors and it has kind of forced me into being an outdoor person (otherwise it would just him and his daddy outside all the time), but you're right, since he loves it, I have come to enjoy it too, because it means spending time with him.

  4. Yeah, working outside is not my thing. Pool, beach, or the sound...I'm there:)

  5. I love how much time you all spend outdoors :) It's good for the soul, I tell ya!!!

  6. it's been the same way here with the weather, and i'm a pool manager, it's not so glamorous when you are hot!

  7. it's been the same way here with the weather, and i'm a pool manager, it's not so glamorous when you are hot!

  8. In Oklahoma, it's 100+ every single day right now. I love the heat, but only when water is involved. But you are so right, sweating and hottness are small things compared to the blessing of being able to spend time with the little ones. So many things change about us. We may not LIKE all these new changes, but they are totally tolerable when it involves new adventures with them. Have a great summer. You have quite a photogenic little cutie there!

  9. Love this post. I try to go outside more often with my girl, but still totally suck at it. We're in Arizona and it usually hovers around 112 for most of the day, so, can you blame me? Ha!

  10. You really are an amazing mama to that sweet sweet girl. But let's be honest, how can you say "no baby it's too hot" when she looks so adorable in that ruffle swimsuit?? Beautiful pictures!

  11. It had been soooooo horrible out!!!!! Now that we have a dog, we try to do more outside stuff with her too! Love your pictures - she is so precious!! :)

  12. I love this post!! I was the same way before Olivia! She LOVES being outside no matter how hot or cold! We have been taking over hour walks and playing in her little pool! I can't find a sunscreen I like for her though. We have tried a few and while they are keeping her from being sunburned a lot of them in the water just wash right off and I have to reapply like every 15-20 minutes! Do you have a fave for E?

  13. Question about that crazy straw cup... how do you clean it???? I saw them a few times, but didnt know if they were a PIA to clean or not. :) Thanks!

  14. What a cute post:) Just started following!


  15. My guy loves to be outside too. We are going through gallos of water in water guns and gallons of sweet tea to keep us cool!

    Your photos are lovely!

  16. You've got some major energy girl. I can't even imagine working, running after your adorable little girl and being pregnant! You go girl! :)

  17. I've always loved the outdoors but haven't felt a pull toward them as an adult until we had Peanut.

  18. You are an incredible mother. Such an inspiration--truly!

    I hope I have the same gusto you do when I'm pregnant and have a 3 year old running around!

  19. she is gorgeous! and I agree, I'm so not an outdoors girl but with the little one, she loves it so much that i (sorta) love it. Or I deal with it. which works ;)

  20. Aww! So cute! :) If there ever was a reason to get outside, it's her! :)

    Girl, this is a rough summer to be pregnant! At least that's what I'm being told. Entering the third trimester is rough for me right now! :)

  21. Addie only wants to be outside despite this crazy heat and I totally love it....she is so independent and at peace outside...which makes me happy!!! Mad props to you girl....I don't know about 14 weeks pregnant and chasing after a babe in this heat:)

  22. Completely agree!

    I hated the outdoors before my daughter was born. Now I find myself taking the kids outside or to the park... just because. :)


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