Thursday, August 23, 2012

Life Lately


* I can't decide between these two chairs. Thoughts? #1 {left} or #2 {right}

* Do you all have your questions answered for Monday's Show & Tell link-up? Here are the questions to answer! Be sure to come back and check who won the Erin Condren Giveaway also

  1. Are you married? If so when did you get married, and tell us about your special day. If not? How would you describe your dream wedding?
  2. Show us some wedding pictures. Either yours or of some that you love.
  3. How about the engagement? Tell us your story. If not engaged, what's your dream proposal?
  4. Show us your wedding rings or an engagement photo! If not engaged/married ... show us your "dream" ring.
  5. Tell us why you think marriage doesn't work out for so many? What can we do to make things last   
* My baby boy's clothes came in the mail this week. I love them even more than I did when I saw them online! Also, Elliana got a couple of pieces; a big sister shirt and a fourth of July dress for next year. $40.00 for this haul? I would say Macy's did me a favor. 

*We saw this movie over the weekend and loved it. And by we, I mean, my dad, Andrew, my sister and I. All 4 of those people are highly critical of movies. So if 4/4 loved it? My bet is that you will too. Renting a movie this weekend? Check this one out.

*I snatched this picture one morning this week of Elliana with her two favorite things. Well, three, if you include myself, but since I had to take the picture, I'm obviously not in it. Anyways, caillou and a banana. Two musts in the morning time.

*Have you entered my giveaway I posted yesterday? You know, the one where I scream thank you at the top of my lungs and throw a 16x20 canvas, starbucks gc, AD space, and blog makeover to the screaming crowd? Oh wait. I'm not Justin Bieber. But? There really is an awesome giveaway going on right below this post. And if you're extra lazy? I have the link right here. HERE.

My favorite part about this giveaway? Reading everyone's comments. I feel like I'm the winner here, getting to know everyone a little more and how long they have been reading. It's been refreshing, and I get excited every time my mailbox goes off. So, again, thank you. 
*So I'm thinking of completely changing the color scheme in Elliana's room and doing something like this. Andrew isn't a fan of complete change, but I think it will be super fun. I like this one below. Problem? I just ordered customized pink pillows. Why can't I ever make up my mind?

*Lets talk double strollers. We are in need of one. Obviously. Not exactly anytime soon, but eventually we would like to have one. Right now we are between these three; City Mini, Bob, and Britax. I need all the opinions possible out there. Experiences? Shoot them my way!

*Andrew put Elliana's halloween outfit from last year on her and girlfriend was breaking it down. I think she thought she literally had transformed into a cow and so this was like the world's greatest discovery. I wish we had captured it on video.

*Guess who is going couponing this weekend? Yup. That would be me right here. ::Raises hand:: You see... it's been over year since I have had to purchase diapers. And I still have tons for the baby boy, but for Elliana? We are running low. So... time to steal some deals! I feel like I'm so out of the game though. A little rusty, per say. 

*Guess who has not forgotten about vacation updates/pictures? Me. Guess who probably already no longer cares? You. Well, I hope not, because it will be up on the blog next week!

*Speaking of next week, here are the scheduled posts:
  1. Monday: Show & Tell Link up {see details above} & erin condren giveaway announcement
  2. Tuesday:  Vacation; the road trip
  3. Wednesday: Vacation; the recap
  4. Thursday: Vacation; things that didn't go as planned
  5. Friday: Bump attack {not set in stone}.
Have I bombarded your brain with an insane amount of random crap yet? Don't forget... there are questions to be answered! I need them. Like, yesterday.


  1. I have the Bob Revolution double stroller and love it! It is a tad heavy to lift in and out of the car but its easy to fold. I've taken it to the mall and it fits through doorways too. It's great and easy to push and you can lock the front wheel if you want to walk on trails.

  2. well # 1 ....I say go with the chair on the right. The darker color lets you dress it up more with accent pillows (I think)

    #2 OMG how cute is E in the Cow costume!

    #3 Don't get me started on double strollers. I NEED ONE! my dumb ass left our in the garage in NJ when we moved to i only have one umbrella stroller.

    I had this one....just a different color

    and i liked it cuz kid # 1 could sit or stand on the platform ...but that was also a downfall because she would randomly jump off it was very heavy and hard to maneuver. So Im thinking of buying this now ...

    or this

  3. We have twin girls so we HAD to have a double stroller. We wanted one that could grow with our girls so we chose the Baby Jogger City Select.We were able to buy the car seat adaptors for when the girls were infants and now that they're a year old we are using the stroller seats. We can configure our stroller 16 different ways. We love the size of the basket underneath. That counts a lot to us since we have to haul double the stuff all the time plus anything for our little boy.Its light enough that I can pack it into our trunk on my own and don't have to dis-assemble it everytime. My only complaint was that it didn't come with a cup holder for parents but that was an easy fix. All around I'd say this is the best double stroller on the market... and I'm pretty sure blue eyed bride blog did a review on how much she liked it too!

  4. I love both of the chairs, but #2 is the winner in my book! :)

  5. I love both the chairs! I'd go with #2 though because I always prefer to have armrests :) Just personal opinion of course!

    E in her cow outfit is cracking me up!! Sooo stinkin' cute!

  6. First off... I love chair #2... I love the dark color and that it actually has arms to use.

    Second... I've seen that movie and it was really good... I agree!

    Lastly... Elliana is adorable, both with her Caillou and banana and in her little cow costume! Love it!

  7. Definitely the chair on the left. It's pretty, but not too feminine.

    I LOVE those colors for Elliana's room! So girly in an unexpected way!

  8. I need to go couponing with you!! What day are you going??

  9. OK... I know mine isn't a double ... nor have I had a child in it yet- but I do chase my dog around the house with it because he's scared of it so perhaps I can only comment on maneuverability but we got the City Mini ... AMAZING. I did read a ton of comments on their double stroller though and people seem to love it!

  10. I like the chair on the left.

    Great questions for the link-up on Monday. I'm so excited!

  11. I love both the chairs!

    E in her cow costume is too cute!

  12. I love the chairs on the left! Where are they from?

  13. The darker chair!! I love it... where is it from?

  14. Oh my I am cracking up at those cow photos!!! So stinkin' cute!!!!
    For the chairs I say #2 the one of the right...I love it!!! :) I try to talk Tony into getting something like that...the out of the ordinary chair to add some is taking longer to convince him than I thought ;)

  15. Chair on the right, DEFINTELY. So renting that movie this weekend. And missed the giveaway yesterday d/t 13 excruciating hours in the ED. (I knew it was going to be bad when I came in and they had assigned the trauma rooms to me:( But I am so gonna check out the giveaway today!:)

  16. 1. Chair without arms

    2. Maclaren double stroller. Lightest on the market!

  17. I have the baby trend sit n stand and it works perfect because my toddler (who is around E's age) isn't quite old enough to use the platform to either sit or stand but that's ok because he can sit in the front seat and the car seat (pretty much any car seat can be strapped in) the back, facing you! I love it! Easy to get in and out of the car myself (and I have an suv), easy to fold, Easy to manuver, and not to mention easy to get the kiddies in and out of. I like the front to back styled because if you go someplace crowded you're not a "wide load" lol

  18. Loving chair #2

    Loving Elli in the cow outfit pictures, so cute!!!

    No opinion on the stroller, we will be in need of a new one. The one we had was way to big and heavy for me to lift so I sold it. So I'm on the hunt for a double stroller too

  19. Chair #2. :)

    The cow pictures? Hilarious. I adore her.

    And $40 for all that!? I am jealous.

  20. Light Chair if you have dark wall color and dark chair if you have light wall color : )

  21. The chair on the left.

    I have yet to see contagion. I want to see it. I love those type of outbreak movies and zombies.

  22. I like the chair on the right! Also I have the Uppa Baby Vista stroller and LOVE it! It has a second seat you can buy - which I don't have yet since I am only on baby #1 - but I would highly recommend looking at it with the double option. The baby boy clothes are SO CUTE!!

  23. Both chairs are gorgeous but I like the chair on the left the best! Love the color scheme for Elliana's big girl room, I am sure you could incorporate the pillows somehow, a little pop of pink would match the colors ;)

  24. Being a mom of twins I had a bunch to decide on.

    We mainly used the following two strollers due to the compact nature and being user friendly:
    -Maclaren twin triumph
    Takes up very little trunk space, however it doesn't take a car seat adapter. You can use it on smaller babies but the seat has to be reclined. I had mine for over 3 years and it has survived.
    -Combi twin
    Folds easily but takes more trunk space. Seats are washable, though buckles arent. It can accomodate and infant seat. Mine is still in great condition but wear wise my Maclaren totally wins.

    Now if I can buy double strollers now I would have bought the Baby Jogger City Select with the extra seat. It can accomodate two infant car seats or one infant seat and one seat. Seats are tandem. One of my good friends with a toddler and a infant used this and loved it. This is the same company that made the Citi Mini stoller you use for Elliana.

    There is also the Britax B Ready with the extra seat. Same concept as the Baby Jogger City Select.

    If you want to splurge theres the Bugaboo Donkey.

    And these strollers are great but are side by side:
    Bob Revolution twin
    City Mini Twin

    Hope this helps.

  25. I'm not on double stroller watch yet but was told if I ever had another to look for a double stroller that isn't a "side by side" because they are hard to get through doors, and when shopping down aisles.

    All of baby boys clothes are SO adorable!!! he is going to look SO cute!! Love E's big sister outfit too!!!! :)

    I'm LOVING that color combo for E's big girl room! It could also work for Teddy's room since you already order that pink pillow! Does E have a play room or area you could put the pillow instead?

    That pic of E is TOO precious!! I love how she has all of her favorite things (including her mama!)

    I am so excited for you that you have reached so many followers!!! :) Congrats friend!!

  26. So many thoughts...where do I start??

    Okay - for the chairs, I like #2 better. In fact, I love it!!

    Working on my Show and Tell post AS WE SPEAK!

    You are going to have the most adorable, well dressed lil man anywhere!!

    I am so behind on my blog reading, thank you for telling me about the giveaway! Heading there now :)

    The pictures of Elli dancing?? Priceless!

    OK that's all for now! :)

  27. I like the more brown chair- on the right. I loved Contagion too- but it made me feel like I need to get working on my emergency preparedness stuff, you know?

  28. My cousin just had twins and bought the Britax. She LOVES it! She says it fits through a standard doorway which is a huge plus and also has the ability to seperate each side, so if you only want to take 1 child out and leave 1 child home, you can easily seperate the stroller into two. Hope that helps!

  29. Go with the Baby Jogger double City Mini!!!!

    I kind of consider myself an expert when it comes to strollers. We started with the Chicco travel system, BOB jogger, cheap Target single umbrella stroller, Chariot double jogger and now we have the Baby Jogger double :)

    I LOVE it!!! I have 2 kiddos, my youngest is a month younger than E and has a wicked crush on her ;) says she is pretty! They are 21 months apart and my oldest is literally a giant 3 year old (been in 5t for over a year).

    It fits through standard doorways, folds practically flat, has compartments and a basket (kind of hard to get into at times, only downside), can be used with all carseats just buy the bar, as you add to the family you can buy the sideboard/surfboard thing and the oldest can ride along when they need a break. The shades are amazing, they can cover a huge amount of territory. Also another perk is the fact that the seats are separate from each other so one can recline while the other doesn't and the straps to make this happen are super easy to handle, just squeeze the clasp together and slide the strap!

    It folds down super easy as well, trust me when you have 2 this close you want something that pops up and folds down super easy and quick!

    Regardless of what stroller you go with they are all great brands!!

  30. Chair #1 for sure. I am so into white and tan colors these days. Very clean! That movie kinda freaked me out as I am a little OCD to begin with, but it was good!

  31. i love chair #1! and OMG she is so cute in last years halloween costume!

  32. I say the arm chair on the right, it looks more neutral and not as busy!

  33. Chair #1 all the way! I want it for myself darnit!

    Love the color scheme of Elliana's big girl room. Right up my alley.

  34. I say chair number 1! It looks like a winner to me! I havent been on blogger in ages, but I still read your blog. So happy to hear you're having a baby boy. :) So very exciting!

  35. City Mini!!!!!! You will love it!!!

    I didn't get a double at first because I didn't really know if Brody would ride in it but after having Hudson and going on a trip to Atlant I knew I needed one! I did alot of research and am so glad I got the city mini!!

    Its fits thru all doors! Folds up almost flat ( take sup less room than my chicco single), super easy to pop open, great sun shades, reclines almost flat, I could go on and on! I love it! Made my life alot easier!!

    The only thing I do not like is the basket underneath! You can barely get to it, especially if the seat is reclined! I got a Mommy hook, so no big deal!

  36. Love chair #2!! and that picture with caillou is too cute!

  37. so looking forward to next week's link-up!!! and those cow pictures....all is have to say is HAHAHAHA...priceless...and should totally be shown to her prom date:)

    Hope you guys are having a great week!

  38. My sweet hoodlums are 23 months apart. I have the mi I city double! Could nor live without it. So so sooooo easy to maneuver ! L-o-v-e it! Not sure what infant carrier you use but the Chico adaptor is 90 bucks and sooo not worth it, I do regret that purchase. Only used it a couple of times before I just started putting the baby in the actual stroller seat.

  39. I like chair #2! It will hide any dirt better too. How cute is little ms. cow?! I love when my kids dress up in their costumes.

  40. We have the Britax b-agile stroller. I love it but totally regret not getting the b-ready which converts to a double.

    What I like most is that it isn't side by side so it's not bulky and awkward to get through tight spaces.

  41. I love chair #1 on the left! Can't wait to see how you work an accent chair in! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  42. 1. I like chair number two better.
    2. Her breaking it down in the cow costume, tooo freakin cute.

  43. We have the City Mini and we love it, except the basket underneath is a joke. You cannot access it except from the side. I refuse to hang anything from the bar in case it tips backwards so the diaper bag rests on top of the canopy most of the time.

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