Monday, August 27, 2012

Show & Tell Monday; Wedding bells ringing


1. Are you married? If so when did you get married, and tell us about your special day. If not? How would you describe your dream wedding? 

Yes. Happily. Andrew and I got married 3 years ago (8/15/09) in Maui, Hawaii. I have talked about this before in more detail, but to briefly recap our day, the only words that come to mind was beautiful, perfect, and us. I had planned this big extravagant wedding for 6 months, decided to throw that out the window, did no planning for this one {except a phone call and a few emails}, and it was exactly what I had ever dreamed of, and more. And for those lingering minds, yes, it was just the two of us there. Well, besides the photographer, wedding coordinator, musician, and sweet ol' man that did the service. But yes, no family. No worries, we talked to them for an extensive amount of time prior to doing this and wouldn't have done it this way without their blessing. What can I say, our parents are amazing for putting their wishes aside and letting us follow our little dream. And because of this dream? We had no debt from a wedding. We had money for a down payment for a house. And we were able to start our lives. It's not for everyone, but it was definitely for us.

2. Show us some wedding pictures. Either yours or of some that you love.

3. How about the engagement? Tell us your story. If not engaged, what's your dream proposal?

Oh man. I have written "briefly" about this a few times. Honestly, it's not anything extravagant or over the top. In fact, I would say it was the complete opposite. But to me? To us? It fits us perfectly. Fits Andrew perfectly. He is not a "public romantic." Doesn't like attention. Wants the intimacy in private. Now, he loves PDA. Smooches, holding hands, squeezes. That is great. But as far as important things like a proposal, it has to be private. And by private, I mean in hotel room downtown, getting ready before our dinner to celebrate our 3rd anniversary and he climbs in behind me in the bathtub, puts his arms around me, and in front of my face is a big shiny beautiful ring. I wasn't surprised, as I kind of knew that it would probably happen this night. But it didn't take the excitement out of me. Not one bit. And how exciting for me to head out into the night with a ring on my finger. A newly engaged woman. It was perfect.

4. Show us your wedding rings or an engagement photo! If not engaged/married ... show us your "dream" ring.

5. Tell us why you think marriage doesn't work out for so many? What can we do to make things last 

I keep wanting to say how brilliant these questions are. But then I realize that I came up with them... so that would just sound obnoxious. So, the question? Why do I think it doesn't work out? Honestly, and I'm not saying this is true for everyone, so please don't take it that way as I do believe that there are certain circumstances where a marriage absolutely cannot and will not work and that it is healthier for two people to not be together. However, aside from those people, when we are speaking in general situations... I truly believe that marriage doesn't work out for multiple reasons. One being, people don't try hard enough. To make it work. To compromise. To meet the needs of their partner. To maintain a household and their role in the marriage. Second, I think sometimes people dream big. We have these ideas in our heads of what marriage should look like, this novel-like love until we reach age 80, and this perfect story to share our grandchildren. So when those dreams get crushed? I think people panic and want to chase that dream. And lastly, I think people don't communicate. Emotions and feelings get bottled up inside to the point that there is no going back. There is no hope. And there is too much anger and hurt for people to try to make it work. Again, not a marriage expert here... but that's just what I think.

So what can we do to make marriage work? Love. Love. Love. Respect. Communicate. Try. Change yourself. Change your attitude. Change your dreams. Compromise. Rekindle that passion. Go out on dates. Hold hands in public. Give random kisses. Do special things. Look at old pictures together and laugh about the good times. Don't say hurtful things. Appreciate the good that the other does. Be their biggest fan.

The list is endless. Marriage is always a working progress. I'm always learning myself. Trying to do better. Be better. For my husband and for my family. For our marriage.
Grab a button. Answer the questions, link up, and have fun! Be sure to check out next weeks questions to get yourselves ahead :)
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2. Show us your fall style.
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4. Show us your favorite fall beverage.
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  1. thanks for hosting another wonderful week, chica!!! I LOVE your wedding sweet and perfect!! And your advice on making a marriage work...i agree completely - not every day is a walk in the park but its totally worth the effort:)

  2. Thanks so much for hosting girl, this was super fun!

    Loved looking at all your wedding pictures, it looks like it was a fab day! I think letting go of all the stress and trying to please both families would feel amazing- great great plan!

  3. Always leave seeing your wedding photos, pretty girl! And I had never read about your engagement story - so very sweet and romantic!!

    Thanks for hosting this fun link up!!

  4. I love your wedding story! I think that I would love to elope instead of doing the big wedding thing. Question..did you and Andrew live together before getting married? Do you regret your decision?

  5. you look gorgeous and your photos are beautiful! love your advice to make marriage work totally agree.

  6. so excited to link up w. you this week!

    your wedding day sounds PERFECT! you looked beautiful. I love your engagement story!

    TOTALLY agree about making marriage work!

    Thanks again for hosting a fabulous link-up :)

  7. I'm totally going to come back and do this after we get married!!!

  8. I loved the pictures from your wedding! So beautiful!
    I loved your reasons for why marriage doesn't work, I couldn't have said it better myself

  9. such a cute post!! Loved reading your answers to the questions and loved all the pictures!


  10. Great questions and post, Becky! You were a beautiful bride... and I love what you said at the end... If it's not working then CHANGE something. :)

  11. I really love this post! You are absolutely beautiful, Becky, and your wedding pictures are gorgeous!


  12. Love it! Thanks for the great link ups! I'm following a couple of new bloggers thanks to these link ups!

    Also thanks for the Giveaway!! Im super excited about it!

    Love your wedding dress!

  13. Beautiful! :) I agree so much with you on the marriage failing part! This was perfect for me today because it's our 1 year anniversary! :) Linked up!


  14. I am totally IN LOVE with your wedding story! I have to admit - I am incredibly tempted to do what you guys did. You know, go away, get married, and take the vacation of a lifetime, just us. What an incredible way to remember such a special day :)

  15. I agree with EVERYTHING especially your #5 :) IT IS SO TRUE! Love your romantic private proposal too! ours was intimate yet really private! LOVE your photos! <3 New Follower! :) Such a cute blog and congrats on week 20 :)

  16. Thanks for hosting the link up. You have beautiful wedding photos and I love what you had to say about marriage working.

    Our proposal was private and intimate as well.

  17. Your dress is just gorgeous! And I love the blue flowers as well!

  18. Such a gorgeous bride! I am glad you hosted this, even though I am not yet married, but through the link-up I have stumbled across some of my new favorite blogs!

    Xo, Kels

  19. This was a great show & tell! Thanks for hosting. I love looking at all the beautiful wedding photos! And a wedding in Maui sounds WONDERFUL! We are taking Noah there in November (call me crazy now!).

    Admittedly I have not looked through every S&T linked up- but I don't think I saw any other 2006 brides- how'd I end up being one of the longest married already? ;-)

  20. You always have such beautiful photos! LOVE your rings!

  21. 1st your wedding was gorgeous as well as you and your flowers! 2nd I think you made a great decision. If I had to pay for our wedding, I wouldn't. I'd put the money towards a house like you. A house is a smart financial investment!

  22. you are absolutely gorgeous and I love that you got married by yourselves, how romantic!! That dress was so flattering on you!

    Thank you for hosting the link up today, I'm really enjoying these and reading all the other ones as well!!


  23. My brother was married in Maui this past January and it was absolutely gorgeous. Such a beautiful place for a wedding!! Love the pics

  24. Your wedding pictures are so cute! Thanks for hosting the link up, I had fun reading everyone's stories!

  25. Love you wedding story how perfect and love those flowers their beautiful!! I've seen this linked up on 3 other blogs today and I did it myself on mine! Cute idea for sharing!!


  26. Aww your pictures are so sweet! I love that you did exactly what you wanted to do for your wedding.

  27. Loved this set of questions and especially your answers! I totally wanted to participate since I have never talked about our wedding or proposal on the blog, but I didn't get my post ready in time! ERR! You were a gorgeous bride my friend! Andrew is a lucky man! ;)

  28. Did you get married at makennas cove on Maui? My hubby and I got married just the two of us there on 6-8-10. Best experience ever and wouldn't have it any other way!!

  29. What a great story! LOVE your pictures! If I had to do it again (which I hope I never do) I would spend more money on a photographer! I hated our pictures, so now I just have pictures taken by friends and family! Love your hair, bouquet, dress...oh hell, I love it all!

  30. You guys are precious! I love the way he proposed. Very intimate!


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