Monday, October 22, 2012

Instagram does the talking. Life Lately.

Sometimes I have to just let instagram do all the updating on life. It's nice you know. Having instagram {or a phone in general} to capture the little moments. Moments that my big hunky dunky camera would never be able to since it doesn't quite fit so nicely in my back pocket.

As you can tell though, life lately has consisted of a lot of baby growing. A lot of days at the park. Enjoying the fall weather. Trying new recipes. And soaking in as much Elliana time as possible before baby boy gets here.

I have some fun posts coming up though. Including our family picture session. A name reveal {shocker, I know}, women connect announcement, and other little tid-bits.

And as for life? We have lots coming up. Including the big T.W.O. Yes. I can't believe I just said it. Planning that little party for our princess and her 3 day list of celebrations. Finishing the nursery {anyone else tired of hearing me talk about the-work-in-progress-nursery}, celebrating my nephew turning 4 {I can't believe it}, and getting ready for the holidays.

I am also trying to squeeze in some changes around the old blog here. Some of you may have probably already noticed. I will have a post on those changes {soon}.

Until then.


  1. I have loved your IG life :) too cute!

  2. Oh I can't wait for the name reveal! And I'm super excited for this "women connect" announcement too :)

  3. Just loving your growing belly sweet girl and can't wait for all the exciting posts to come! x

  4. I love your hair and black-n-white striped shirt. I know, it's a pain gettig out the big camera, lugging it to places, then uploading, editing. So much involved! I've admired your ability to do it for so long!

  5. Can't beleive she is going to be 2 already!

  6. I love your instagram posts :) I also asked to follow you live on Instagram... You have such a cute family!!

  7. Super excited for the name reveal. Baby naming has got to be one of my favorite things to think about...and I'm not even preggo.

    Can't wait!

  8. I love your Instagram life as much as I love you ha! So creative, girl you look so busy it makes my head spin lol! Elli is a doll, your belly is so cute I can hardly stand it, that food looks yum, shame on you to post with a steroid girl reading ha kidding, I just love this and your leopard print friend bought one then put Snooki highlights RED in her blonde hair lol, don't do that lol, love you Sums

  9. cant wait for the name reveal :)

    I love all your instagram posts!

  10. Sometimes I feel like instagram is the memory keeper of our life!

    Love your baby bump. And that little princess of yours is too adorable.

  11. I want to know how to make buttons on the sidebar look neat and pretty.
    McKenzie Guymon recently posted. instagram likes


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