Friday, October 19, 2012

28 week Bump Attack


Do we like how the whole fam-dam is hanging out in this picture? This is us during our usual night time routine. Elliana reading on the bed with papa waiting for me to join them for story-time, and Carson just relaxing on the couch. Clearly Elliana's room is the place to be.

Once again, I have resorted to instagram photos. And? I don't see that changing anytime soon. In fact, I sort of, kind of, really like it that way. Mainly? Because it is so much easier on this mama. And mama sure doesn't mind anything that has easy labeled to it.

Onto the pregnancy {since this is what the post is all about after-all}. The baby boy.
Week: 28
Weight gain: I must have lied last week when I said 16 pounds, because when I jumped {not really} onto the scale at the doctor's office Monday, I had gained a total of a whopping 20 pounds! Now. That isn't bad compared to my first pregnancy where I was up 30 at this point... but still. STILL. I was hoping to ONLY gain about 20-25 this pregnancy. Doesn't look like THAT is going to happen.

Stretch marks: None
Belly button: Definitely out

Labor signs: None. No braxton hicks either.
Linea Nigra: Nope
Gender: BOY BOY BOY. Nameless boy {Still}. I blame that one on the husband.
Sleep: Still sleeping through the night. Which means I don't even get up once to pee at night. Which means come mornining time, I'm running!

We had our appointment on Monday and it was the dreaded glucose test. Except? It wasn't so dreaded {like I had remembered it being}. I scarfed down the drink in record time and didn't feel like I had to gag. You know who else joined me? The little princess. Now. I usually don't like to take her to my appointments {especially since this one was an extra long one}, but I had no choice... and she surprised me! She did great. Big sister colored a lot. Played with toys. And was just an angel {well wouldn't go that far} throughout the morning. Needless to say, mama gave her lots of hugs, kisses, and praise.

She did however HAVE to sit next to me while I layed down on the table for the doctor to find the heartbeat. That's the funny thing with big sister... she doesn't like anyone messing with her mama... and prefers to be right by my side. My little protector :)

Baby boy got his new RUG in the mail the other day! EEK! And this time? I am VERY happy and excited about it. It is going to work in his nursery perfectly. Now, we just need to get started on painting and such.

I know that I have voiced this on the blog one too many times, but I honestly cannot express enough how low this kiddo is. So low that I feel like he is just hanging out in between my legs ready to pop out. And it is way too early for that sort of business. In fact, when I took a walk the other day with Elliana, I thought he was going to do just that. I am certain that people driving by thought there was something wrong with me. Probably had a concern or two for my safety.

So what do we have coming up? Well appointments are now every two weeks. I just cannot fathom that anymore. And we have an ultrasound next time to take a look at the baby again and check and see how the heart is doing {hoping all goes well}. The upside is that we get to see baby boy again! With Elliana, I only had those two initial ultrasounds {confirm pregnancy at 9 weeks and anatomy scan at 18 weeks}, so this will be nice to see how much baby boy has grown and be able to see his cute little features in greater detail now that he will be 30 weeks.
30 weeks. Did you just hear that. In a week and a half, I will be counting down the weeks.

It just all seems so surreal to me. Someone. Please. Pinch me.


  1. I feel like this one is going so fast! I remember when you were pregnant with E it seemed a lot longer!

  2. This pregnancy of yours does seem to be going by quickly!
    Glad you love the new rug, and also glad to hear that E was so good at your appointment. Those glucose tests make for such long appointments!

  3. Ahhh, eek eek eek! :) It does seem like this pregnancy is just flying by!!! (For us readers, of course--may not be the same for you!) lol, but you look great!!! Soooo looking forward to hearing what name you guys will decide on!!

  4. I had the same feeling with Kase as far as feeling him really low. I went in at 25 weeks and told the doctor that it felt like he was going to fall out. Not a nice feeling!

    You look great! Can't wait to hear what his name will be :)

  5. YOu look great, love the bump pic with the whole fam in the big girl room!

  6. I'm 32 weeks with my second (a little girl this time!) and I feel she has been low my whole pregnancy. I've had some intense pressure since about 28 weeks... I feel like at any moment she might pop on out!

  7. Your bump is so cute! Our son didn't have a name until he was a day old... so don't stress :)

  8. Appointments every 2 weeks now!? Going so fast! Can't wait to hear his name!

  9. This little guy of mine is hanging low, too, just like his big brother did. Lots of sharp pains down low at 30 weeks! I don't remember that with our Emma... Hope all goes well with your ultrasound. :)

  10. You're the cutest! I love her room; you have great taste!! Prayers for you at the next appointment. I'm sure everything is just perfect.


  11. ugh I am up 18lbs and want to cry. Oh well.

  12. Love that baby bump!! You are looking great. Love the family snuggles in E's room. Not long to go now until baby boy arrives! Wow!

  13. Your belly is so cute. You're so skinny still. I gain all my weight in my butt/hips so I just look frumpy. Humph. Oh well. Have a great weekend.

  14. You look absolutely amazing love and I am sorry I am so behind on commenting because I still read your fabulous blog daily! What a beautiful family you all are and I am sure that this precious boy will be the perfect addition! xoxo

  15. I absolutely love this picture, it's so candid and precious! PS I love instagram as well, it makes my awful pics look at least decently appealing!

    Have an amazing weekend!

    -Holly @ Every day's a Holly-Day

  16. You look great mama! I cannot believe how fast time has flew by. It seems like just yesterday we was all finding out you was pregnant with number 2 :) I cannot wait to see the little guy...

  17. Love that baby bump of yours!!! You look fabulous!! :)

  18. I love the fam pic so so cute! I really love the real fam life shot so so awesome! Your bump is so cute. I resort to my phone to because like you said my big arse Nikon won't fit in my back pocket ha!
    love ya girl

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