Wednesday, October 31, 2012

May Books; Planner Giveaway!

With 2013 rapidly approaching, life getting busier by the minute, and lots of appointments, meetings, and to-do lists, I quickly realized that I needed to start planning on which planner I was going to get this year. Last year I had the EC planner, and as much as I loved it at the beginning, within months it was thrown in a drawer to be untouched for the remaining of the year.

So? Change of plan. This year, I looked at what I needed out of a planner and how I can make it successful. Meaning, last me longer than a couple months.

One thing that I noticed right away was that I am a simple person. I don't like too much, and I get overwhelmed by too many pages, too many options, and too many opportunities to get frustrated by how busy life is. And how hard it is to catch up. 

The steps? Don't get much easier than One.Two.Three. There aren't any tricks or secrets. You choose your pattern. Add a cute monogram. Choose the inside pages {planner, meal planner, baby tracker, and so forth}, and then take a glimpse at your beautiful design and checkout!

The actual planner? Tiny, just right. Will fit in any purse and go!
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No more whipping out my chunky planner out of my diaper bag and scrummaging through it to find out if I am free on this date or that date for an appointment.

So? Do you have a May Books already? Are you planning on getting one?
Lucky you, you get a chance to win one today!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**I was not paid to write this review. All opinions are that of my own. I did receive a maybook to review for my honest thoughts.**


  1. Fingers crossed! Who couldn't love a good planner!?

  2. I have the EC Planner, too, and like it, but am not totally sold on another one for next year! I would love to try the Maybook!

  3. i had EC planner for a while, like you said within months, it was left in my drawer. its too heavy to carry it with me to anywhere I go.

    I hope i win this giveaway, if not, i will order one :D

  4. Awesome giveaway, I have heard these books are amazing!

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  6. I want one but they don't ship to Canada!! :(

  7. This is awesome! I hope I win. If not though, I'm totally buying one-- they're so affordable!

  8. I'm loving the Maya Orchid and Yellow and the Thin Chevron Fushia and Reeds Pink.

    Such a great giveaway!!!

  9. I'm torn whether I want the EC planner again, but I love the idea that this is small enough to actually bring with me places!

  10. Love these planners! I was just checking out their website the other day :)

  11. I really love the thin chevron fuchsia pattern. Really cute!

  12. I've been searching for the perfect planner - this would be fabulous to win!

  13. I won one off my bestest Kim's blog and I can't wait to get my hands on it! They said it is in the mail! I am uber excited about it! Yay!


  14. The Maybook planner giveaway is organized read all about it
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