Thursday, October 4, 2012

Life Lately


What a week we had this week/weekend! Full of fun, busy activities, and relaxation.
-We finally went to the pumpkin patch! And it was one gorgeous day to do so. Elliana was so much more into it this year and aware of what was going on, especially the wagon ride. Which might I add, was much more exciting for us all as well.

-Also, I had to bargain with the husband, since it was football Sunday and all. But guess what? You don't see it in this picture below, but there is another extra pumpkin on our front porch, personally picked out by Miss E herself. For? Well, who do you think? Teddy Graham!

-The one thing that disappointed me the most was the fact that the mums that we dig out at the local farm were 75% cheaper than the ones I had purchased just a couple days prior. Big stab to the deal heart over here. Big stab.

-On a brighter note, my front porch is nice and decorated for the fall and I absolutely adore it!!

I am so happy with the way it turned out and I cannot wait to add our front porch bench and other little details. It feels so much more honey now.

-Deal alert! This beauty was only $15.00!!! Marked down from 40! Hellllo gorgeous. Click here to see if they still have some left. Last time I checked they were still in stock!

-I did more shopping. Surprise surprise. But this time? It actually involved me walking into a store. Ya, I know. Another surprise. I only ever online shop. But I was downtown shopping with my BFF when we walked into... baby gap. Yes, I have only made 5 online orders from there the past couple of weeks. Regardless, I walked out with 7 more items. Mostly for E, but 3 things for the little man. And these cute little PJ's? Involved BOY UNDERWEAR! My heart just melted!

-Speaking of downtown. Remember how I said my BFF Jody was coming for the weekend? Well we had a great time. We ate too much fun. Too much dessert. And shopped our little butts off. I showed her downtown, a little town, and the "delicacies" of our state. Ha. She enjoyed things like PANERA. I kid with her, but clearly she lives in a bubble if you have never had Panera. 

-Have you ever had orange leaf? Yes? No? Google it and see if you have one near you. If you do, I suggest grabbing your car keys and getting in that car of yours and never looking back. This stuff is absolutely finger-licking good. And? It's YOGURT ice cream! I get vanilla which is non-fat. And then I just throw in fruit as my toppings. And maybe a couple small pieces of brownies. But the options are endless!

-Speaking of eating too much.. my in-laws came into town this past weekend as well and brought over the best ever dutch caramel apple pie. It's my favorite, which they know that, and they brought a whole pie just for me. Needless to say, it was gone in two days. 

-All in all... I think I gained about 3 pounds this weekend.

-In case you miss a bump picture or need to see a nice size looking watermelon for a belly. Here you have it. It's big. And? Only 1 week until I am in my third trimester!! 

-And I can't leave off this post without showing off my little fashion girl. The funny thing is... she loves to dress up. She loves when people tell her she looks pretty. Or her hair looks nice. Or nice jacket. She soaks it all in. Such a girly girl she is. She even comes up to me and says "nails, mama" when she wants her nails painted. Oh man what am I ever going to do with a boy!
-Also, I can't leave post after yesterday without adding a big thank you to everyone out there that wrote the most supportive, kind, loving words to me. To the emails. The comments. The tweets. Facebook messages. I was overwhelmed by the support and this is my thank you {which doesn't do justice for all the amazing words of encouragement from you all}. I had tears in my eyes on multiple occasions and whether it's hormonal or just my usual sensitive self, it still touched me to see such amazing women and amazing support. Can we please do a group hug? Seriously. I would hug each and every one of you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

-Lastly, I have quite a few fun posts coming up. One of them which includes putting together a guest gift basket for the guest room. It was so fun to put it together and brainstorm ideas with other mamas. I can't wait to share what we put in our basket and my thoughts/suggestions for the future!
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  1. E has the cutest outfits! Love it!

    Also, I say this with complete love as I have had preggo brain twice, too. Your last few entries are dated September instead of October. :) An easy mistake to make!

  2. Love the porch! E looks so stinkin cute in that last picture, ok every picture! :)

    I can't believe you're almost to your 3rd trimester already! Have you guys decided on a name yet???

  3. OMG Love all of this! I love getting my Becky updates! Your belly is so stinking cute mama! And amen to Baby Gap for boys stuff, hands down the cutest stuff! The tiny boys v necks...OMG! And the undies!:):) Cannot wait to see this little guy!!! xoxoxo

  4. We first discovered Orange Leaf while vacationing in Florida last year. We ate it every single day while there. I love their "spoons". We are waiting for one that is "coming soon" to our area. I can't freaking wait!!!

  5. Your daughter is just super precious. She has inherited your style for sure.

  6. Love all of this! Your front porch looks so good. I want fall!! So fun that E really enjoyed herself at the pumpkin patch this year. Love that baby bump.. you are adorable! :) And loving E in all her cuteness as always!

  7. She always looks very cute! I always put a dress on my 5 year old when she was a newborn/infant/toddler, and now? That's all she wears! If she wears pants, it must be with a dress or tutu over them!


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