Thursday, October 11, 2012

My baby. 1 month away for TWO! Happy 23 months.

{written 10.8}
Dear Elliana,

I won't even begin with the sappy things that keep popping up in my head to write to you. I could sit here for hours on end talking about how unbelievable it is to me that you will be turning two here in a month. TWO. I am baffled by the idea of having a TWO year old. And it brings great joy to my heart to have been blessed to be your mother all this time. Words just can't begin to describe how amazing motherhood is. How much love your papa and I have for you. There are truly not enough words. And here I am getting sappy when I said I wouldn't.

We will save that for next month when you turn two, okay?

Otherwise, this month has been all sorts of fun! Lots of fall activities. More and more talking and communicating. More learning. More fun. And plain old keeping busy.

I CANNOT wait to celebrate your second birthday and shower you with gifts and lots and lots of love.  You are amazing. You shine. So beautiful. And we are ever so blessed.

We love you to forever and ever to the moon and back again,
Mama and Papa

Weight: 27 pounds
Clothes: 18months- 2T
Diaper: 4
Shoes: 6

Officially no more sippy cupts. We have been drinking out of a cup now since you were about 18 months old? But would go back and forth throughout the day. Last month you drank mainly out of cups only and a sippy sometimes. Now? Done. And thankfully that was never a struggle.

We learned the game hide and seek and you picked up SO well! You love saying "Hi n seek, mama" and then we hide and then when you find me you say "I fine you!" It's too cute.So we like to play that from time to time.

You love to "find" things or find carson. Whenever you lose something, you say "Mama, I fine it." And if you can't find it, you will ask mama "help, mama." And when you are trying to find Carson? It is just the funniest thing ever. "Cawwson... where are youuuu"
Your vocabulary is booming. You amaze is every day and it's amazing. We are at 200+ and I have officially stopped counting. Baby girl... it's so much fun to "Talk" to you.

You can officially count to 10 at the speed of light, and your favorite is to count while we walk down the stairs at the library {with mama of course}.
You can sing most of the ABC song {when you are up to it... which is rare}.
You know all your colors {green, blue, white, red, black, yellow, orange, brown, purple, pink}
You know most all of your shapes.

Mama put you on the waiting list {sheesh} for mommy and me little gym classes!! AH!

We finished your big girl room this past month and you still get amazed by it. "Oh wow. Cooool." Especially? The stinkin' cute stencil wall that I did for you! Although many people may say you could care less... I completely feel like you know how special that room is and how hard mama and papa worked at it just for you. Just for you baby girl.

Speaking of sleeping. Lets talk about this. Lets have a little therapy session, why don't we. Baby girl... we just can't find a happy place. Although you have this big beautiful big girl room, you will only sleep in it if mama and papa sleep with you {and then sneak out}. And then you wake up in the middle of the night, reach your arm over to touch mama, only to find that she isn't there. So? You march right into our room and come snuggle with us. And? We love it.

My {only} complaint is that sometimes... it takes you a while to fall asleep. We are talking like 45 minutes at times. Which means mama has to resort to lots of "Stories" and "singing" and cuddles {of course}. Which? I don't mind at all. However? A lot of times.... I end of falling asleep with you. AT 730! When I have work to do!

So? We can continue this mama and papa sleep with you gig if you promise to close your eyes and snooze away within 5 minutes. A mama can dream....

Lets talk food. I discovered that now you all of a sudden love kiwis. Which is funny. Before? You wouldn't even open your mouth to them because of the way they looked. Now? You eat by the spoonfuls.... and sometimes 2-3 at a time.

Dinner? Still the same. It's a hit or miss with you. This past month you have definitely been into your carrots though. Often times stealing from papa's plate. One night you ate I think 15? Ahem.

Still weird with meat. Specifically chicken. You really could care less for it and often times just work around it. Okay, all the time.

Some things that you are loving lately:

 Pumpkins. Anytime you see them, "pumpins" and you just want to touch them and smile from ear to ear. Needless to say you had a blast at the pumpkin patch.

The park. As always. This isn't anything new but you seriously LIGHT up, squirm in your seat, and squeal at the top of your lungs when you see the park. It actually brightens my heart and makes me so happy that we get to go to the park so often and to see how happy it makes you. I have to admit though, we go down the "big kid" slide now and it requires mama to have to climb up there with you. Being 7 months pregnant isn't always easy. I'm not as young as you sweet girl. But you sure make me feel like it.

You still love LOVE the swings. You could be on the swing all day and be content with that.
Love to watch the duckies at the lake.

Still love your blocks, puzzles, and COLORING. SOOOO into coloring.

Love your ipad APPS. I still need to write about some of your favorites so I can remember for your little brother.

Speaking of little brother, you love your baby brother and kissing mama's belly. You say "baby brudda" and it's the cutest thing ever. And you will hug the belly. And you will place your head on the belly. And I just KNOW that you will be the best big sister ever.

You still zoom around the house in your pink little car and it actually just made me giggle out loud just thinking {and typing} about it. Your papa and I always say it was the best toy we ever bought {actually it was free} for you. I wonder if you will share with your brother or if we should get him one? What do you think baby girl? Or maybe we will stick with pink for you :)

YOUR HAIR! IS SOOOO long. Way past your shoulders and I love to brush it. I can tell you love your hair too because you still play with it all day every day. Twirling it. Putting it in your face while you suck your thumb. Running your hands through it.

And yes, people still get so confused about the "blonde."

I could sit here and not stop writing to you. So many things pop in my head. So many important little details of your life. This past month. Everything about you.

Like always, I am so proud when I talk about you. You make our world complete. You fill our hearts with unconditional love. And I am so so so blessed to call you ours.

We love you baby girl! This time next month.... YOU WILL BE TWO!!! Oh baby do we have some fun things planned for you!


  1. She's so beautiful, smart and grown up! Such a credit to you

  2. Such a sweet post. I think you have the best dressed almost 2 year old I've ever seen!

  3. She's such a smart little girl. Loving her long hair, it's so pretty. My youngest is almost 2 as well & it's crazy how fast they grow

  4. Such a precious post and pure evidence of the special bond between mom and daughter. You have an adorable daughter (and clever too!) and she is going to be a great big sister! x

    Can't wait for her party recap!

  5. Such a lovely post. She is so stylish too! Happy (almost) 2nd birthday!

  6. she's a mini of you and your mother. she is still so gorgeous.

    And I can't wait to see the photos of Elliana with her new brother

    Sacha xoxo

  7. Such cute pictures and what an adorable letter! :)

  8. She is so adorable!!!!! What a great letter! :)

  9. She is so pretty and so smart! I can't wait for you to inform us on how she is with baby boy! Where did you get her scarf?

  10. Oh my goodness, she needs to be in a fashion magazine! I love all her shoes and boots!

  11. I love these monthly updates!! E is such a smarty pants!! ;) Liv would learn so much from her!! Olivia is also very hit or miss w dinner now! I can't wait for Olivia to talk more and long hair is so cute and fun!! You need to enter my headband giveaway on my blog from yesterday!! :)

  12. She is so adorable and stylish! The most frequent question we get is where my daughter Quinn gets her blonde hair from. I guess people can't understand that just because I don't have blonde hair now, that it's not even possible that I had it at her age. It gets on my nerves.

  13. She is such a little doll and sounds like so much fun, especially as she is talking more and more! I am sure she is going to have a fantastic birthday next month! :)

  14. She is the most beautiful little girl! Makes me so excited for what's to come :) It sounds like she really is going to make a wonderful big sister!!

  15. cant believe she is almost two! still so adorable!!! she looks like a mini version of you in those clothes (except for the blonde hair lol)

    the sweet life of a southern wife


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