Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Choosing the Party Theme


When I first started planning Elliana's second birthday {last year}, I set out with the theme of Black and Gold. How? Why? Great Questions! Around this time last year I saw this gorgeous outfit on Totsy {a site I am on way too often}, a black and gold outfit {cheeta tutu skirt with a black shirt and matching ruffles to the tutu}, and I just knew it was exactly what my daughter had to wear when she turned two. Plus, I had credits so it was FREE. And well, who doesn't love free, right? Right. So it was decided, right there and then, that would be her birthday outfit. And as a result? Those would be the birthday colors.

Fast forward 10 months and I am sitting here realizing that my daugher turns two in a short few months and I needed to get my butt into gear and start planning. Which means I needed to somehow decide how I was going to correlate the black and gold. Otherwise people were going to think that it was a Purdue party. Or Saints party. Or better yet, a New Years party.

So then one day, as Elliana and I are browsing through the Deals store {a dollar store} looking for some flashcards for her, I happened to walk by these super-size party hats... that... can you guess what colors they had on them?... That's right... you smart person you, BLACK AND GOLD! And stars. And some green and blue. But the main colors? Black and gold. And not to mention the fact that they were HUGE. Which made me giggle.

So what do I do? I buy all of them. And also grab some birthday banners that were ever so nicely placed next to the party hats. Ones that I made me do a double take to make sure they didn't say "happy new year." Because you know, the similarities were and are definitely there.

And thus, the star theme was created. And because I am not miss creative by any means, I decided that "Our Shining Star" sounded brilliant.

About a month and a half prior to E's birhday, I realized that it would probably be a good time to start getting invites together. I had initially send out mass tweet/instagram picture asking if anyone could design the invites for me based on the picture of the party hats. The response was overwhelming. I, honestly, didn't even know here to begin. Who to contact. How to go about expressing my vision.

What vision?


Regardless, I didn't take that extra step to contacting anyone. So what did I do instead? Well. I went back to my old faithful paintbrush for mac and went to town.

It only took me about 20 minutes, and done. Done. And done. And? I'm so happy with the way it turned out! It matches our theme perfectly, it's simple, and it showcases our shining star.

Sure, this year isn't going to be quite as fancy and over-the-top like it was last year. But I can gaurantee you one thing.... She will love it so much more.

Why? Because she will be two. Because she will have all the people she loves most all in one room. Because it will be all about her. Lots of presents. Lots of "Happy Birthdays and I love yous." And a whole week of fun.

And that? Well that's what birthdays should be all about.


  1. That's such a cute theme. I'm sure she's gonna love it.

  2. This is a great theme and different from the usual things you see!! :) I am sure she is going to have a blast!!

  3. Very cute- I def thought of Purdue at first ;) Haha, but nothing wrong with that anyway! But your theme will be super cute!!!

  4. Love it! :) And? It will be her last birthday without a sibling. So that entitles her to a grand ol' birthday right?

  5. Agree with the last comment :) Very cute theme and card!

  6. You are so stinkin' creative. I love the theme!!!

  7. SO SO cute! Love the theme and your design!

  8. How cute is that?! She is beautiful, Becky!

  9. I love the theme you chose!! Is it bad that Olivua doesn't turn 2 until next may and I already started planning, actually am almost done planning? Haha I had so much fun planning her 1st birthday that when it was over I started planning for this one! We are doing a "twist" on "You are my sunshine" since we sing that to her all of the time!! :)

  10. super cute. Cant wait to see it all come together!

  11. Sounds like you have an awesome party in the works :D Love the black and gold theme!

  12. super cute! your shining star will love it!

  13. Those invites are great! I had no idea you could make cool stuff with paint.
    Where did you get the fonts from?

  14. great idea! love the invites! maybe (just a suggestions, no hard feelings) make the pic black and white so that the gold pops more

    the sweet life of a southern wife


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