Tuesday, May 7, 2013

$50 Giveaway Milo Paper Gifts

There are many things that I enjoy about the company that I am sharing with you today, Milo Paper. From the snazzy stationer, to the personalized notepads, growth charts, wall calendars, and more. It is an organized wanna-be mama's dream come true.

Better yet, this company was designed by two women who share a passion for beautiful paper. The CEO of the company, Maria, practiced law for 14 years and is a mother as well. Because she is so passionate about the quality of her products, she strives to continue to enhance the products and make sure that they pass the "everyday life" home test.

And today you have the possibility of winning a $50 Shop Credit to the fabulous Milo Paper Gfit Shop! Just make sure to like their facebook page and you are automatically entered!

You can read more about the company below:

About Milo Paper 
In a world of mass produced stationery and paper goods, Milo Paper truly stands out. Whether it’s original patterns on personalized note pads, heartwarming holiday cards with family photos, bright and snazzy stationery or unique invitations for a special event, Milo Paper’s personalized paper products and gifts are designed to delight customers who appreciate fine quality.

A passion for paper
Milo Paper was created in 2007 by two women who share a passion for beautiful paper.  It all began when CEO Maria Kalorides, after practicing law for nearly 14 years, was drawn into the world of design by creating her eldest son’s first birthday party invitation.  Always an artist at heart, Maria wasconvinced by this experience to start her own paper company.  And before long she persuaded her close friend, Evelyn, to come along for the ride.

Sticklers for quality
Milo Paper is continually updating their line to bring you a steady stream of fresh products.  All Milo Paper products are inspired by Maria and Evelyn’s travels and their children.  “I think I first fell in love with paper when I lived in France during college.  I would spend hours in bookstores  looking at notebooks, agendas, fountain pens and portfolios.  And ever since my children started school, I am continuously inspired to create products that all make school fun for them and motivate them to learn,” says Maria.  Evelyn is always calling Maria from one place or another with an idea for something new and cool that they can create.  “If something inspires me,” says Evelyn, “I get on the phone with Maria or email her, and she  always works her creative magic.”  Milo Paper cards and stationery are made from heavyweight environmentally friendly paper, and their notebooks have durable, scratchproof covers.  Wall charts and calendars are repositionable decals that adhere without nails.  And everything is produced right here in the U.S.

Fun for kids, practical for moms
All new Milo Paper designs and products must pass the “Maria test” – they must be  something Maria, her husband or her children would want to use all the time.  “Most of my inspiration comes from everyday life and especially my kids –  I’m always trying to come up with new and creative ways to make traditional paper products and learning tools for kids more exciting.”

Today Milo Paper’s personalized paper goods and gifts for children and adults can be found in the finest boutiques in the U.S. and abroad, as well as online.
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