Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Things I have learned while being in Vegas

Being in Vegas was an eye opening experience. To say the least. It wasn't my first trip, so I feel like I already "knew" Vegas, but it was a second time around for me, and it was definitely a different kind of second time around.

I learned a lot this trip. Just from basic observation and experience. For instance:

I think the contest here is who can find the shortest skirt and the highest heels. I have seen some of the most beautiful people in Vegas. I have also seen some of the most outrageous outfits as well. If you want to call them that. One girl got stopped by security and was told she had to wrap a towel around her. Makes sense when your wrap doesn't go past your waist and your bottoms do not cover anything. Another girl basically work a bra and underwear out walking around. Others that just completely blew me away. But hey, it's Vegas right. The one place where that is acceptable. Or is it?

Vegas really doesn't have to be that expensive. But it sure can be. Why? Because everything is overpriced. I've been to Vegas before. With Andrew. I know what it is like to get a cheap flight, cheap hotel {yet nicer than any 5 star back home}, and eat reasonable. Gamble on the cheap. And drink on the hotel's dime, while gambling. So overall, Vegas can be very very cheap. However, I know this time around, it was far from it. But? Out of my hands.

As much as they try to convince me that it can be family oriented, believe me, it's not. I can see the appeal to a certain extent with all the different pools and activities for the kids, but I still cannot wrap my head around the idea of ever having my children in Vegas. From all the alcohol, to all the inappropriate behavior and things that people say, it is just not an environment that I would want my children to be in. Ever. Not to mention the outfits and the lack of clothing all around.  If I am going to spend my money to go to Vegas, it won't be with my children. And if I am going to spend the money for a family vacation, it sure won't be going to Vegas.

Everyone wants you to attend their club, bar, and show. Everyone. And everyone will tell you that you get in free and it's so "exclusive." You will get stopped more than you care for, and inappropriate things will be said. Also, do not be surprised if you see naked girls on the ground. And by that... I mean, cards of topless women scattered all over. Again, how is this family oriented again?

The people who attend topless pools should probably not be topless. I never quite understood the desire to not have a top of. I have to be honest here, the girls that did were not the ones that should. Not that I think anyone should. But the classy beautiful ones? Kept their clothes on. Those other ones just give women a bad name. Some of them? I imagine have children.

If a place offers bottomless mimosas for $10.99, take it. I certainly had no idea that a BLL would be $10. So after drinking 3 and then getting the bill? I realized that I messed up big time. All the other girls went with the mimosas, and I was the dummy one who actually thought that a beer would be, you know, $4 or so. Silly me.

Once a mom, always a mom. Yelling at the young guys. Regulating the girls and their drama. Giving lectures about how to treat others. Such a mom I was. And you know what? I realized that that was okay. That I just cannot step out of my role for 2 days just like that. That it is who I am, and it defines me.

A great two days, a memorable trip, with lots of learning experiences, but I am definitely, more than happy to be home.

Where people keep their clothes on,
The beer is reasonably priced,
And the only mom I have to be is to my two children.


  1. I am not a fan of Vegas. People that go yearly confuse me. The only fun part are the shows and there are far better cities to see them in.

  2. I've always wanted to go to Vegas because it seemed like the happening place.. but I don't think that I would enjoy it as much as I would if I wasn't a mom. Vegas definitely does not seem family oriented whatsoever, and if we were to go on an amazing vacation I would want to be able to bring the whole family ha ha! Hope you had a fun time nonetheless :D

  3. I've only been to Vegas once for a family event when I was a teenager but I definitely agree, not family oriented really. I mean the buffets are good and the pools are nice but other than they it's definitely focused on adults


  4. We went to Vegas for our honeymoon. It was a fun experience but not something I need to do again. Cross it off the bucket list and move on. I think you could have the same amount of fun (or more!) for a lot less money.

  5. I definitely agree that Vegas is NOT the place for a family vacation. I havent been in years and would like to go back but definitely not with my kiddos.

  6. I've never visited Vegas, but my husband has. I'm planning a trip for our 6 year wedding anniversary. Although being a 'bonus-mom' I'm sure I'll end up doing a few of the things you've listed, but even more taking the advice.

    HELLO Bottomless Mimosas!!

  7. I have to disagree with some of this. We currently live in Las Vegas because my husband is in the Air Force and this is where they sent us. Maybe the strip isn't for families (although if you know what to avoid, it actually is pretty family friendly) but that is such a small part of Vegas. This city has the nicest parks I have ever seen, so much great hiking, like the beautiful Red Rocks and the amount of cool museums for kids here is really neat.

    Living in Las Vegas has been awesome for my family. We have an almost 2 year old and there is always something fun for us to do. So yes Vegas is extremely family friendly, you just have to realize that there is a lot more than just the strip.

  8. I wonder if the topless women you saw were from Europe? When I've traveled to the D.R and Mexico all the topless women I encountered were from Europe or French Canada. They don't think twice about it there. No big deal for them.

  9. Ah yes, once a mom always a mom. I'm sure it was nice to get away though, and major props to you for doing that. I can barely get myself to leave for 20 minutes and I know I NEED it.

  10. I just went on a bachelorette trip to the Bahamas and it was a blast! And while I don't have kids yet, I am a different person after being married for two years; life is different. I still have fun and know how to cut loose {maybe not, who says cut loose?!} but it is different than it once was and I more than OKAY with that. I totally can relate to this.

  11. Our family loved Vegas! We lived about 3 hours away, and would go there to see civilization. Like Megan said if you know where to go, and what to avoid its great for kids. They have one of the best Children's Museums I have seen, and there are tons of fun family friendly things to do. Now, the strip after dark isn't the place for them to be, obviously. There is so much more to Vegas than the strip though, and I don't like when people think its not family friendly, because it definitely is! Glad you had a fun trip!

  12. **For any confusion, I am ONLY referring to the STRIP part in Las Vegas, as I have never been outside of the strip. So do I think it is family appropriate for children ON THE STRIP? NO. Elsewhere in Vegas? I'm sure it is wonderful!

    Again, sorry that I did not differentiate between Las Vegas and the actual strip

  13. I'm so bad at Vegas. Except when it comes to bottomless mimosas :)

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