Thursday, May 30, 2013

This & That

Excited for This:

Elliana has her first dance recital on Friday! Even though I know it will be just a bunch of little girls running around and having a great time, just thinking of my precious baby up there in a her sweet dresses makes me tear up. I feel as though I just brought her home. Just now. And yet, here we are, attending a dance recital.

We are going to be going to Cleveland soon to see Andrew's family and I am so excited for this. Have I mentioned how much I love to just be with family? I do.

My sister graduates high school on Sunday. Well technically, she is already graduated as she is officially done. However, her ceremony is on Sunday. I cannot believe it. I don't think I want to believe it. How could she already be here at this point? I remember when she was born. Diapering her. Raising her.
Instagrammed That:

I've really stepped away from instagram {and all social media}. Aside from the time when I was in Vegas, I just feel as though being away from my phone as much as possible is of most importance to me. I have felt this way for quite some time, as social media is no longer the positive outlook it once was. Or at least how I thought it once was. I'm enjoying my family more than ever. Really soaking it all in. And with all the warm weather, we have so much fun stuff planned the next few months!

Scheduled This:

Graham's 5 month post. I cannot believe my little baby is now almost half a year old. We have so many great milestones to look forward to... sitting up, crawling, walking, and I just cannot contain the excitement. As much as I love them being little, what I love even more is the growing and learning part even more.

Videotaped That:

A short and sweet post. I feel like I have a lot to say and just not enough time to say it. I am quickly running out of scheduled posts and what I need to do is take a few hours to step away to starbucks and get some writing down. I am sure I will get there, at some point. For now, I am content and happy. I have some great ideas brewing in my head, but I just need to get them down on paper.

Plus, one amazing.. really spectacular giveaway planning. In the works. Coming... soon.

Happy almost weekend day!


  1. Seriously, your home videos are just precious. They always put a smile on my face. :)

  2. So cute!!

  3. So sweet! And scheduled posts? What's that like? Haha happy almost weekend to you too ;)

  4. That video is just TOO sweet!!! I've been so busy I'm finally getting to catch up on your blog!! :)

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