Thursday, May 16, 2013

Elliana Lately

It is so hard for me not to keep up with what E is doing these days because she keeps surprising us and doing more, talking more, and just plain growing more, that I do not want to miss a single beat or milestone. I know that in the future these little things will make me smile. And hopefully, will have the same effect on our daughter.


This is what you have been up to:

You learned to ride her tricycle by herself. Mama had bought this for you after baby brother was born because you were just an exceptional big sister and we knew you deserved it. Because of the crummy weather, we had only been able to practice with it indoors and you really enjoyed it. However, you struggled with the concept at the beginning. And then, one day, you just got on it an went. Mama and papa of course recorded it and now we go out every day riding your little bike. You even love your helmet!

Learned to spell {besides your name} things like: cat, dog, mama, papa, at, bat, hat, fish, milk, box, boy, girl, no, go, so, apple, good, book, look, red, run, fun, and more. Since recognizing that you are picking up the spelling part so well, we are currently focused on this more and more during our little school sessions.

Other things we are learning: days of the week {which you have mastered}, months of the year, telling time.

You are definitely thinning out and losing the little amount of baby fat you had left. In fact, I don't think you have gained weight in over 6 months. This makes mama kind of sad... validation that you are in fact becoming a little girl versus a baby.

Potty Trained! I wrote a big post about this a while back. We are SO proud, still.

Eating well overall {knock on wood}. Still have your favorites, but enjoying veggies a little more. You hate textures though, just like your mama. In love with carrots, and bananas.

Speaking of bananas... you ask for one every time you wake up in the middle of the night. Sometimes it is 2 am, sometimes 4, we get lucky when it's at 6am. But every time you get one, you eat it and go right back to sleep. It's strange, I get it, but I cannot wait for you to grow up {well I can}, just so I can tell you this funny little thing that you did. Who asks for a banana at 2 am anyway? Ahem.

You always request "we eat cereal together, mama" in the morning. Every time. I have to say, I am pleased to hear that you love to share the table with me and enjoy some yummy o's.

Super Why live performance. This was your first ever live performance, and to say that we all had a blast would be an understatement. We had such a great time that your mama even wrote a whole post about it {fast forward a few pages}. We cannot wait to take you to more shows!

When you get into Graham's face {multiple times a day}, you love to squeeze his cheeks and say "Gooo goo gaahh gaahh, la la la la." I wonder where you saw that?

You love toddler time, and we go anywhere from 2-3 times a week. You are still super shy with the teachers and tell them thank you under your breath every time. You also have to have mama sit with you. I don't like to use the word shy, as I think that you are special and just quietly reserved. And that is okay and we embrace it.

You have a friend that you are in love with. We see her sometimes every day and you ask about her all the time! You two are so cute together, hugging, holding hands, and giggling at everything the other one does. She is 9 months younger than you, but as you guys get older, the age gap is basically non-existent. It's so fun to watch you two together, and I can see future slumber parties. One thing that I dream for you, my sweet girl, is a close strong group of friends. It is so important to surround yourself by good people. But for now, I guess you just want a fun sandbox friend.

Speaking of sandbox, we set one up for you and you are obsessed! I have a feeling that you will enjoy the beach that much more this year! Hoping.

Have I mentioned how much you love your baby brother? You do. A lot.

You started calling me "Mommy." No more mama. I try to correct you, but you giggle and then repeat mommy over and over again. I love it though. It's sweet coming out of your mouth.

Lets talk about sleep. Since mama went back to work from maternity leave, we take family naps. At bedtime though, we lay down to you while you go to sleep. A new thing that you are doing while you are falling asleep is kicking. And tossing. And turning. And more kicking. It's not intentional, but after hitting your papa in the head one too many times, he's not too pleased with it. But once that thumb goes in your mouth, the twirling of the hair starts, and the eyes quickly follow.

I know I am missing out on so much more, but again, these updates will just keep coming. I have no intention of stopping. It's my way of holding on to these precious memories and milestones.

We love you, to the moon and back, over and over again.
Mama & Papa

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  1. She is a beauty!! And the banana thing is too funny!!


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