Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Family, and watching our children grow

My littlest nephew turned one last month and we were able to celebrate this beautiful day with the whole family. I am always reminded about how precious family is and how important it is to make time for them. My brother and I always dreamed, talked, about days like today. How one day our children would grow up together. How we would get to watch them. The holidays. The two of us with our own families. Becoming parents. Being parents.

It's all so amazing that we are here, today, and we are watching our children grow.

He has two. I have two. There will mostly likely be more. On my end, for sure. On his, we shall see. Regardless though, it's amazing to see where we are today. The two of us, as parents. And to watch this little family grow into something bigger.

The dream of large family holidays and becoming these parents that we talked about being as young children ourselves is finally coming true.

And it's pretty neat to watch.

This was supposed to be a post with just pictures and silence, but somehow I caught myself remembering 4.5 years ago, standing with my nervous brother in the waiting room for a minute, talking about this new life he was getting ready to be embraced with.

Look where we are now.


  1. So jealous! Military life has kept us from family too long. I haven't even been able to meet my only niece yet. :(

  2. I know just what you mean. My sister & I used to have those same talks. And now, it's great seeing our kids play with each other and develop relationships as cousins and friends. Although, we just moved across the country.. so things will be a bit different now. Happy Birthday to your nephew!


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