Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday Randoms+ Guest Post

1. Birthday. Tomorrow my husband will be the big 2-5. I have a little fun surprise planned for him... actually a few fun surprises, including his friends driving into town, a hotel, dinner, and lots of drinking. Maybe a birthday suit will be involved? On my side? Ha. Good wife? No. Awesome wife.

2. Christmas. Is this weekend! Say what?! Who can believe that it is finally here? I know I can't. Honestly, I feel like it's already going to be summer before you know it. Which is totally fine by me.

3. New i-phone case. Hello look what arrived in the mail. Yes. That would be my new i-phone case. Is it fabulous or is it fabulous. Yes, it's fabulous. Check out those sweet initials too. I could have easily just put Becky, but I thought B.S. was much more suiting for this mama.
 4. Early Christmas. Yes, we had Santa come a little early to our house this week. He sure had a beard, however forgot his outfit at home. That's okay though, because he came with gift. That's all that matters. Thanks Dad!
5. Husband cooks. I know last week I talked about how I do all the cooking {during the week} and I mentioned that sometimes husband cooks on weekends. Well, that sometimes happened to occur this past Sunday and it was aaa-mazing. Licking fingers until they bleed amazing. Steak. Baked potatoes, warm bread, and spinach. I need him to do that more often.

6. I need this. Can someone please convince my husband that the kitchen set we purchased last year is no longer needed, and that we have to replace it with these chairs below. Hello, are they beautiful or what? Drooling. A friend on twitter suggested I break the legs off our current ones... now, that, my friends, sounds like a proposition worth taking up.
7. Keurig. It has arrived. And has since been wrapped. Who do you think is going to jump up with joy come present opening time? My husband. He better. For how hard he made me work for it. {Not really, but we won't tell him that}. Again, best wife. Right? Right.
8. Dude. This mama over here sent me a package full of goodies, chocolate, a moose for Elliana, and more chocolate and goodies. We promised not to get each other anything. She broke that promise. Which means she's an asshole. A nice asshole. I'll give her that. Wink. Love you. Also, because of this nice little package, Elliana had her first lollipop, and it was organic. What do you know. Munchkin was Happpppyyy. No worries, my asshole friend is getting something right back at her.
9. Indiana, sucks. Also, Jody informed me that Indiana does not allow shipment of alcohol to this state. Did I mention that they do not sell liquor on Sundays either? Now common, that's just wrong in so many ways.

10. Labels. If you notice, I am still tweaking my blog for 2012. I am adding a few new features. One is the "labels" feature, where I categorize my posts into specific topics. Therefore it makes it easier for my readers to find what they are looking for. It can be found on the right column, and looks like this below. I am still adding a couple more labels, and that should be up and running in the next couple of weeks!

11. Santa Packages. Many of you asked on my traditions post where I got the Santa package from that was delivered to Elliana. The website is here. Highly recommend it for next year!
11. Like mother like daughter. That would be Elliana and I. We are the same person, just 24 years apart. Seriously. Elliana loves the camera. And making faces. And we could seriously do this all day long...

And she totally works the camera.

She can go from this.
then I say...

Elliana, "smile"

And she goes to this.

12. I'm guest posting over here on my love's blog {sometime today, not sure what time}. She's so awesome and too gorgeous for words. Read about how "I do it." The mom thing. Follow her, and love her!!!


  1. Ooooh, what washer/dryer did you get? We're on the market for new front loaders, but don't know too much about them because we've had a stackable.

  2. Cutttteee new i-phone case!!

    And I am in total denial about Christmas coming THIS weekend! Ahh! It really be summer before we know it :)


  3. Omg how cute is your daughter taking pics! My 4 yr old does nothing but crazy gogly eyes when i whip out the camera :(

    and that food looks amazing too! i love how there is a sippy cup in the mix of all that gorgeous food ...hahah

  4. I can't believe your husband is only 25! You guys are so young!

  5. Woot Woot to the bigg 25!!! Yippie...dude you are the best wife ever...he will be so happy!:) I am coming over for dinner soon...k!?:) Cant wait to read your post on Hannah's blog xo

  6. Agree on the Indiana comment. I ordered wine for my sister in law and had to ship it to her in DC to bring back to Indiana with her for me to give it. LAAAME.

  7. We just got a new washer and I really want the dryer! It makes doing laundry fun... kinda! Have a Merry Christmas!

  8. I love, love, love my Samsung washer! I had wondered about your labels. I wanted to know what kind of camera you had because I'm looking to get either the cannon T3 or T2i (leaning more towards T2i). The pictures you take turn out so good so I was curious to see what you use.

  9. Love that last pics of E - such a little diva. Love love love it! :)And thanks for the info about the Santa package!! :)

  10. Totally jealous of the pretty washer and dryer! Aaand that made me sound reeeeally LAME! Lol

  11. Hope I guys have a fun time celebrating the hubs' birthday! Love the last picture of Elliana. You've taught her well!

  12. How adorable! We are in serious need of a new washer and dryer, I am praying I wake up Christmas morning with a new set from "Santa".

    New Follower :)

  13. Hi! I've been following your blog for a while now and just wanted to stop by and say that I love your new topic labels. You've inspired me to kick my creative juices into gear and do something similar on my blog. Haven't started yet but hopefully soon! Anyway - your daughter is adorable and you look a little familiar. Did I read at one point that you have a Louisville connection? My husband and I lived there (went to school at Bellarmine) although now we live in Texas. Have a great day!

  14. Where did you order that iPhone case? I have been looking for something similar and haven't been lucky! It's super cute by the way!


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