Monday, December 19, 2011

When Children Play....

What goes through their head
What are they thinking
What are they feeling
The colors
The shapes
The textures, and smells
How do they absorb it all
How do they distinguish
The good
From the bad
The happy
From the sad
The thing is...
They don't
In their eyes, all people, all things
Are beautiful and good.
And seeing this through her eyes...
Warms up my heart and soul
Because her playing...
is one of the most wonderful gifts of life.


  1. Absolutely perfect post!! I was just telling myself this while watching my girls play together yesterday "wouldn't the world bea better place if we looked at it through the eyes of our kids"! The pictures are gorgeous!! E is a beautiful little princess!!

  2. i AGREE. I was just watching Presley playing this weekend thinking about what she was thinking....Its awesome to watch them

  3. So sweet! Elena is just starting to play on her own... and it is the cutest thing to watch!

  4. I am just speechless after reading this post. Amazing and so powerful. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. I love that kids see the world and people so beautifully! It kinda makes you wish they could just see it that way forever! She's adorable as always! :)

  6. you said it perfectly! It is so amazing the good they see in everyone and everything. bless their little hearts. And the pictures of Elli are absolutely beautiful! You're such a fab photographer bff.

  7. your words are so thought provoking. seriously love reading your blog!

    you've received a versatile blogger award :)

  8. I think about this all the time!

  9. love this post! I love watching my girls play and my 2 year is getting just the imagination and it is so cute to watch.

  10. Watching children play is seriously the most interesting thing to me! Watching how their brain works is amazing.

  11. I love this post, such a great thing to think about. Adorable pictures too, of course.

  12. Just wait until you have 2. Watching them play together is the sweetest thing.

  13. beautiful post!!! :)
    love all the photos too :)

  14. You are so right. It really is a beautiful thing to watch them play. J has just gotten into his mobile stage and is just so excited about every little thing!

  15. Such a lovely post!
    I'm not a mama yet, but reading your entires + the beautiful photos of your gorgeous baby girl definitely makes me look forward to having my own someday C:

  16. What a beautiful post! :) and So true! I wish everyday I knew what Kie was thinking...Elliana is beautiful as always. I love her sweet, sweet cheeks. And I know I say this a lot to you but I wish we could be in the same area and get our sweet babes together. They'd be so precious playing....<3 sooo sweet. Merry Early Christmas sweet momma. xoxo

  17. OMG I loved this post, I nearly cried and I don't even know your beautiful girl.

    She is gorgeous.

    In over year, you won't need to wonder what she's thinking; My 3 year old tells me all day long! Nonstop.. Usually that she likes/loves EverythingSheSees. Oh to be a toddler again. :)


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