Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday Randoms + DEAL alert!

1. I am a renowned Chef. More like chef in the making. Okay, maybe not chef, but seriously guys, it's unbelievable how far I have come in this "wife" role. This year alone. I solely attribute it to the birth of my daughter though. I cook everyday. Lunch. Dinner. Including the nights that I have to work. Weekends? Those are freebies. We usually have date nights "in" or "out" or Andrew cooks something. Do you guys remember when I said that Andrew did all the cooking? Yup. Not so much anymore. And surprisingly... I love it. My friends would die. Not believe it. Probably think an alien took over my body. But it's the truth.. and I have a feeling I am just going to grow in this role. Maybe even become... good at it? Sheesh. I wish. I hope.
"Beef stew." Don't ask.
2. The movies. Andrew and I went for the first time... since... I was pregnant! Woah. We used to go honestly like every other week. Not so much anymore. But we love the movies. We're big movie fans. So it was nice. Anyone care to guess what we went to go see? I'll give you a hint... it involves vampires and werewolves. Yes, yes. I convinced the dear old husband of mine to see this movie. And he cringed the.whole.time. I guess next time... it's his call.
Husband in line waiting to get popcorn/drink. Can you tell he doesn't like his picture taken?
3. Pokemon & Santa. Who in the world put these two characters together? I mean really. Pokemon. Pikachoo. Whatever it's called. The guy in the big yellow suit. Dancing with Santa. On more than one occasion. Which is fine and dandy and all... but hello, crying toddlers waiting to sit on big mans lap. Lets hurry this up. No worries though, I managed to snap a picture. Must make it in the memory book.

4. Thumbsucker. Also known as Elliana. But we will call her TS from now on. She's loving that thumb these days, and while she does it she twiddles her hair. My mom says I used to do the exact same thing. I think it's super cute. And then she'll lay her head on me. Oh, my heart does flips. I love this child with every fiber in my body.
My own personal TS.
5. Ponytail. First one. This is for the record books. Oh and I adore it. Love it. Who wants to send me {I mean Elliana} cute hair ties?! She needs them bad! The ideas that are running through my head are endless...
6. Sassy. That's my daughter's middle name. TS Sassy. I mean, really. Check out how she stands. And then how she walks. And the way she talks to me. Really, talks to me. The way she looks at me. Her hand on her hip. Her "attitude" stance. Girl has it down. And it's precious as ever.. for now {ask me again in 16 years, and see what I say then}.
7. Fridge planner. Well, you guys know that I have the Erin Condren life planner. But in addition to that, I also got the "fridge" planner. This I use for our weekly meal plans, little reminders, and chores around the house. I obviously use my life planner as well, but this is more "family" oriented and specific to stuff around the house/meals. And this is my first week, so far, so good!
8. 1K. I reached it. I can't believe that a month short of my 2 year blog anniversary, I reached 1,000 lovely readers. Why, I will not ever understand. But thankful I am. Blogging has been one of the greatest outlets for me and I have met some absolutely amazing women. So thank you for reading, for following, laughing along the way, and supporting this little space of mine.
TS has a message for you all.
9. Turquoise jeans. The daughter of mine picked them out. Need I say more? TS.

10. Crafts. Hello. Did you think that that part of me fell off the space of this earth? {That's because it did}. But no worries friends, Craft Becky is making a comeback. Full force. Working on a few wreaths, canvases, planning some projects and pinning away. Here's a sneak peek.
11. Floor lover. TS sure has a lot going on this month. Sass. Thumb sucking. Floor hugging. Yes, my daughter likes to hang out on the floor. Head down. Laying on it like she would a bed. I do too.. however it usually involves a cocktail or too.
12.  Hot Mama. You heard it. Right here. Look what came in the mail yesterday... some major heels. Major. Not sure how long I will last in them... but I have some nice plans for them. Wink.
13. Young couple. I walked through the hallway yesterday when I saw this hot little couple hanging on the wall to my right. Do they look familiar to you?
 15. Dog lover. TS is a floor lover, thumb sucker, and a dog lover. I'm serious. This girl chases this freakin dog around all day every day. The first thing she says when she wakes up "Car...Car.." calling for him. And when she sees him? Her world lights up. It makes me love him a little bit more because of this. Just a little.
16. Blog Layout. Did you notice anything different? Did ya, did ya?! Well. That's because I spent last night messing around with my blog layout. This is the new layout for the new year {2012}, but with the holidays keeping me so busy, I figured I would go ahead get it up and running. Obviously once the holidays are over, the snowflakes and the "Merry Christmas" will go away. But otherwise, this is it guys. Blog layout of 2012. No changes until 2013. Mark my words.

17. I am a terrible friend, and totally missed my best friend's birthday. Called her last night at 1040 at night... the day after her birthday. No answer. What do I do now!?

18. Target Gift Card. Get a 25 dollar gift card for 17.50! Plus a 50 dollar gift card. All for 17.50. Accept 5 dollars free here. Choose the deal, enter code fabulous at checkout, and you got yourself one heck of a deal! Follow the redemption instructions, and states it will take 3 weeks to deliver! Then share this deal with 3 friends using your referral link and yours will be FREE! {Must be new member or use new email address to get the 5 dollars}

***my pictures aren't all showing up, something is wrong with blogger. ***


  1. Wow that is crazy that you guys hadn't made it to the movies since you were having Elli. We don't going to the movies much but the same vampire movie you would be referring to is the same one that I forced my fiance to go with me a few weeks ago.


  2. Love the new layout! suites you and love the colors! can't get over Ellianas attitude stance....Aubrielle just gives some scowls that chill you to the bone haha

  3. The first thing my daughter does in the morning is says "woof woof".

  4. I will send you some!!!!!! I have tons of bows and headbands from my ETSY store......If you are interested in hosting a giveaway/review LMK :)

  5. That ponytail...LOVE IT! She is so freaking cute I can't stand it. Thanks for the heads up on the deal...going to check it out now!

    CONGRATS on 1K followers that is amazing :)

  6. I can't believe y'all haven't been to the movies since you were pregnant! But then again I guess we've only been once. HA! Oh and the new layout looks lovely :)

  7. Loved this post. Those shoes are hot lady and TS's pny is adorable!!

  8. love the new design and love all the sweet pics!

  9. I found a deal!!!

    Use H2SMERRY at checkout to receive $35 off your order. Many items are less than $35, so you get it free!(but you do have to pay shipping & handling...$9)

    I got my son the cutest growth chart last night from here for $9!

    I think this code expires today. But if you use ENJOYHOLIDAY you can get 60% off all products through Dec 18th.

  10. First- congrats mama!!! 1000 followers just goes to show that you are incredible! And I seriously think that Elliana and Kelsey would be BFF because they do the exact same things!! I hope you and Andrew still had a fabulous date night!! Xoxo

  11. haha i love that you made your husband go see breaking dawn with you!

    and seriously, your daughter is one of the cutest babies ever. your poor husband when she starts to date during her teenage years.

    and i love the new layout! :)


  12. I just came across your blog and am loving learning more about your world. Little "TS" is too cute!

  13. I love her ponytail!
    Lily is my thumbsucker. My mom gets so mad and tells me to make her stop, but I think it's cute!
    Oh, and the sass? Adorable now, but just wait until she's 4! ;)

  14. I also forced my husband to sit through that same vampire movie.. on OPENING night! hes a trooper for sure! ;) Little TS Sassy is just as adorable as ever of course, love those leggings. & Dang girl, those shoes are HOT! :)

  15. we never go to the movies anymore either, but we saw breaking dawn too! my hubby actually likes it! :P

    i like the new layout! and ellie is so adorable!

  16. I tried to convince the hubby to go see it with me and the only way he said he would do it was if I snuck beer in my purse for him! We ended up just downloading it and I watched it yesterday while the girls napped. Cant wait to see Part II.

    Loving Elli's sassy stance, so adorable. She just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

  17. Haha! Our little one started lying on the floor lately too- usually it's when she is getting sleepy though, so we take it as a sign :)

  18. Ok lady... i LOVE your new layout. What program do you use to make your header? Im having the hardest time doing mine!

  19. If you ever visit my blog, PLEASE excuse the nasty color, style, theme. I hate it. I just don't know how to make it cool. How much can I pay you to give me a makeover, haha :)

  20. I love your new blog design! :) So cute! Your daughter is the cutest thing EVER! Her outfits are always so adorable! My husband and I go to the movies all the time! It's our thing! My husband HATES pictures too!

  21. i like the layout! not sure why you are not showing up in my feed. boo! please share where those heels are from too! xo Lia

  22. That ponytail is seriously the cutest thing ever!

  23. Totally random question but do you and your husband have a joint banking account or separate accounts? What is your reasoning?!

  24. I love this post! First of all she is so cute! It's so much fun having a little girl and watching the sassyness grow, and believe me... It will grow!
    Second of all I was looking at the life planners for like an hour last night! I want one so badly. I'm hoping that after I have a few more clients at TKC Designs I can get one of those and the family planner made for me!
    I love following your blog and almost always laugh with the content!

  25. that pink outfit of hers is so freakin cute!!!! :)

  26. I just LOVE that fridge planner!! Is it dry erase so you can erase and redo what's on there each week? If so, I def need to order one, stat!! Thanks for sharing :o) New follower!


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