Friday, December 2, 2011

Lessons of a First Year Mom.

I wrote a short little list (7 lessons) on my friend's blog a few months back and I saved it in my blogger so that I could finish it and call it my First Year of Motherhood Lessons Learned. Because after all, this needs to make it into Elliana's baby book (or now I should say Toddler book), and something I hope to continue to add on throughout the years.

And I hope that through these experiences I can continue to offer my daughter {and future children} a life full of happiness.

{A short list written to myself}

1. Kiss them often. You can't ever kiss them too much. Kiss them when they're young. And kiss them when they're old.

2. Teach them. Remember they look up to you. They pick up on everything. Show them the world. Show them the beauty of life. Let their little brains explore.

3. Make Memories. Think of fun family activities to do. Go to the zoo. Go to the pumpkin patch. It's never too early to start traditions. As a family. Do crafts together. Bake cookies. Make finger paint. Make a snowman. And repeat it every year. You will enjoy this time. And they will enjoy it even more.

4. Take pictures. Lots of them. Thousands! Who cares if they are sitting in the same pose... those facial expressions are honestly priceless. And? Save them all. Each and every one of them. Blow them up.Fill your house with pictures and be proud!  And I guarantee you will appreciate having these in the future.

5. Plan ahead. Think about the future. Plan for the future. Buy clothes ahead of time. Review your finances a year in advance. And remember, your child should always come first. 

6. Share. Share your child. Others want to love on him or her, or them. Let them. It's okay. Your child/children won't forget that you are the most important. And listen, you are. 

7. Read them Books. Every day. They are absorbing and absorbing. And in the midst of the reading they are cuddling on you. Loving you. Savor those moments.

8. Remember, there are two. Include your husband. Get his opinion. Allow him to make decisions as well. Remember, this is a first time for him too. 

9. Set rules. And set them early. Try to be consistent. Say No. Figure out when you need to draw the line. And these rules? Set them with family members as well. Don't be afraid.

10. Stand your ground. This goes with number 9, but remember, you are effecting this child's future. You are the parent. Set your ground with those around you.

11. Loosen up. Contrary to number 10, remember that sometimes it's okay to just relax and let them be kids. Let them have some sweets. Let them watch TV just a little longer. They will be OK.

12. Never say never. Just when you think that you have this motherhood thing down, you do something, or say something, or something happens that completely contradicts what you may have said prior to having a baby. And you know what, that too is OK.

13. Watch them. Every second. Accidents happen within seconds. A blink of an eye. And those tears... oh those tears. 

14. Write it down. You will forget. Those moments you can't get back. Those memories. Those milestones. I can't stress enough how important it is to write it down! Get a notebook. Write it in the blog. Somewhere where you can return to it. And? Make something of it. Make a book. Scrapbook. You will appreciate it later.

15. First birthdays are important. And don't feel guilty going all out. Don't feel guilty not going all out. As long as you enjoy that day, relive the year, and spoil that child with love, then that is all that matters. But remember, it is important. And this day you can't get back. You did it. You made it to a year of motherhood. That is important.

16. Step away from the computer. And play with your child. Or just watch them. A child playing is one of the most beautiful things in life. They really are the most innocent individuals just discovering this little world around them. Do it. The social media can wait.

17. Whip out that video camera. Take it off the shelf. Wipe off the dust. And put it to good use. Pictures can only capture so much... a video can complete the memory.

18. You can always do better. Never settle. Yes, you are a great mom... but you can always be better. Strive to your potential. Keep working at it. It doesn't happen overnight, but the love you have for the child makes it all worth it.

19. It only gets better. Just when you think you had a great month. Just when you think you love this age. It gets better. And I am convinced that this will continue for years to come.

20. Never regret. Don't "wish" you did this. Or that. Or why did I do this or that. Trust your decisions. Learn from them. And grow. Because at the end of the day....

You are that child's mother and no one can ever take that away from you.

21. Be patient. Yes it can be hard at times. Life can get busy. There isn't enough time in the day. But always remember to be patient. With your children. With your husband. And most importantly, with yourself.

22. You can love another. You may not believe it. You may not fathom how you could possibly love another child as much as her... but you can. And you will. And trust that. Your heart will only grow... and your life? Will only get sweeter. Better. More baby giggles, snuggles, and hugs. More bliss.

23. If you take anything from all this, take this: You are a great mom. You are an amazing mom. You would do anything for your child. And your child is SO lucky to have you.


  1. Awe this almost made me tear up, But this post is the gods honest truth!

  2. I love seeing what an amazing momma you are!!

  3. This is wonderful. You are a fantastic mom! :)

  4. What a super great list... Love it! I so agree with the pictures - take so many. Who cares how many you have? And I'm already thinking about my girl's first birthday and it is six months away!

  5. great list! could not agree more with you.

  6. This is such a beautiful list, Becky! As much as I hate to see J turn one in a couple months, I'm excited to celebrate that milestone in our lives!

  7. This is great! Makes me so so excited for my little man's arrival :)

  8. I LOVE this post. I may have to save it to return to from time to time! Thanks for sharing, momma ;)

  9. Love this! E is a lucky girl to have you as her mama!

  10. Love this, and as you know I'm not a mama yet, but I will definitely remember all of your points. E is lucky to have you! :)

  11. So I've only been a Mom for 6 months and I'm definitely still learning but I have to say that I love every single thing on your list. It's funny because I've never been a really emotional person but when it comes to my baby I am a complete sap! I don't think words can ever fully portray our love for our babies but yours always come pretty darn close!

  12. I totally needed this post today! You're always my daily read because you know how to make everything you write so relatable! Thank you!!! Xo

  13. This is so great! You're a great momma!

  14. I am a new mom (only 10 days) and loved reading this list. Of course, it made me cry. These are great words to live by as a mom and I'm sure this will not be the last time I come back to this post to remind me what being a mom is all about. Thank you for your wisdom!

  15. This post is so sweet. I'm excited to go from a Mrs. to Mommy someday- soon ;) and I think that I will always remember these words.

  16. All of these are GREAT. I think I'll print this out and post it on my mirror so every morning I start the day off right...sometimes we momma's need a little reminding, right?

  17. I love this! Especially the last one! I felt panicked a few times during my 2nd pregnancy thers no way I will love this baby as much as my first ....and i felt so guilty ....but its so true your heart and love grow instantly for that 2nd one and you love them just as much!


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