Saturday, December 10, 2011

That Time We Met Santa....

With Christmas right around the corner, I knew that if Andrew and I didn't take Elliana to go see Santa this weekend, then surely we would be doomed. And as a result, Santa would not come to our house. And doomed we did not want to be.  Plus, what in the world would the blog world think if I didn't have a picture of E with the big man himself. That Mrs Mama girl...Bad mom. Right? Right.

So we woke up from our nap around noon, had lunch, and began the process of getting ready {always a process}. Me, in my plaid little get-up with skinny jeans and killer boots. Andrew, in his typical north face pull-over, sexy jeans, and sperry shoes {emphasis on typical}, and Elliana in her little "Holiday" dress and pants. Velor. We looked like a pretty good looking little family.

We took the typical before-we-leave-the-house-pictures {please take notes of my child with her white socks}. That's always a blast when you have a very irritated husband who wants to get out the door. "Oh honey just one more."  And "honey but the lighting is totally off." And... "Andrew, did you have to crop the side of my head off." Joys.

Once we did arrive to the mall, I was reminded, yet again, how happy I was that I was done with my Christmas shopping. That, and how happy I was that I do not shop at the malls. If I haven't preached enough about it already... let me say it again... online shopping is the key to success.

And then we arrive to the line. The infamous santa line. The kids upon kids. All sorts of ages, from little itty tiny {I just popped out 4 hours ago} babies {don't even get me started on that}, to toddlers upon toddlers hootin and hollerin.

Okay, fine. There's a line. We knew there would be a line. But what we did not prepare for is the couple {if that's what you would call it} that were behind us. Let's talk about this couple why don't we.

First, they both had a kid in tow. And based off of their conversation... doesn't sound like the kids are related. If you catch my drift. 

About those conversations. "Eff this." "Eff that.", Oh and "One time I was basically gang-banged... they jumped on top of me while on the trampoline."  Lovely.

All while her 2 month old is coughing up his lung. Like woah. Abnormal cough. Like he-should-be-in-the-hospital-cough. Great one mom.

Which reminds me... remember those itty-bitty-I-just-popped-out- babies? Ya. About those. That cough probably isn't good for them. Just saying.

So while we wait for 45 minutes to see Santa we have to listen to their life story. Their arguments over who is cooler {I'm being serious here...they were trying to one-up each other}. Their talk of the cool party they recently went to. Their disagreement over what they would rather be doing. Yup. Awesome. 

And then finally, it was our turn. At this point, I was just ready to get away from this couple. Ready to get that kodak picture... and ready to get the heck out of there.

Oh but then my heart just got so warm and fuzzy as soon as we placed Elliana on the big man's lap.
Warm. And fuzzy.

And I have to admit... he was a pretty good looking santa. If you know what I mean. He really fit the part well. Real beard, real belly, and real old. LOVE.

So, no worries, all in all the Santa was totally worth it. All 22 dollars of it. While Elliana sat on his lap with the most serious look on her face, mama snapped away with her camera. Might I mention the white socks? All because we lost a shoe. That was pretty awesome.

All that, for 2 minutes with Santa.

Was it worth the 5 hours spent total from getting ready to getting home? The trashy kids behind us? The crazy crowds and beautiful scenery? The time and the money we forked out? All for those precious 2 minutes.

Why yes, it was. And we will do it all over again next year. {Minus an itty-bitty-baby-in-tow}....
Andrew did however offer up the idea of buying an outfit and dressing up as Santa himself every year. I may just pay to see that.

Have YOU all seen Santa yet this year? How was your experience?


  1. Santa pictures are a MUST! I made my daughter pinkie promise that we will be in that dreaded line every freaking year until she turns eighteen! Ha ha ha! She'll thank me one day. ; )

  2. We went this year and our picture is awful. It could be because our Santa looks like he's on crystal meth. I'm not lying. There was no line and the kids had just eaten and napped so they were on their best behavior. I feel so sorry for the kids behind you. How awful to have parents like that.

  3. Yep we did it early in the season and early in the morning to avoid those awful lines. We had pretty good success. All 3 kiddies looking and smiling (although they were scared looking smiles). It's worth it.

  4. Wow, what an experience! Love her picture with Santa. Also buy your husband a Santa outfit. That is something you can make him do forever...he did say he would after all. haha.

  5. Awe loving her pic with santa, were taking the girls this week to see Santa.

    Oh you should definetly get your hubby a Santa suit!!! LOL

  6. Awh!! The picture turned out perfect!! The family is just so perfect. My niece FREAKED out the first time she met him!!

  7. Haha, this made me laugh. Because every mall experience I've ever had has exactly the same type of people. I went to take Kyla to see Santa, but I just drove the stroller next to him so she could check him out. I realized how expensive it was and decided I'd think about it and bring her back. She didn't mind him from her stroller, but I'm pretty sure she'll freak out if I make her sit on his lap. I just can't decide if it's worth it :)

  8. Hilarious! Love the pic even though it took all that just to get it! lol!

  9. love the story!!! what a fun little experience, cant wait to do this when we have kiddos.
    E looks adorable!!!!

  10. hahaha the conversation behind you cracks me up. "basically gang banged" hahaha.

    We took L and she sat on him like a Lazy Boy recliner- loved it.

  11. Adorable pics, and Im so glad getting your baby out the door is a "process". You'd think I wasn't going to be back for hours when it comes to what I pack for Troy before we're out the door. Not to mention, make sure we have enough snacks, formula, change of clothes just in case, etc.

  12. SSSOOO cute....Elli looks adorable and Santa is a mighty good looking Santa (in a Santa way)!! Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend:)

  13. Awe, I love it Becky!! Elli looked so cute!
    We just went to see Santa today! (Post to come soon on my blog!). Let's just say, I am soooo glad there was no screaming and crying like last year! What a difference a year makes! Ellie totally sat on Santa's lap just fine this year! $29.99 later, I have an awesome CD of 2 pictures..hmm, I'm pretty sure I could have taken better shots had I bothered to bring my camera...BUT, that's not what matters right? ha ha!
    ♥ Kyna

  14. I hate more than anything when parents bring their newborns out in crowds, half the time with out propper clothing on! Her picture with Santa is so cute! She's so prec! :)

  15. How fun!! I can't wait to take our little man to meet Santa!! That Santa was legit! He was a good Santa! What a cute little family you have!

  16. Love the photos. Yes, it was totally worth it. I think Andrew should be Santa next year! So fun!!

  17. We still havent gone to see Santa yet this year but hopefully soon. That santa looks awesome. Most of the Santas are so fake and dont look anywhere near that good.

  18. The Santa picture is cute!
    We are going to see Santa tonight. We have never gone to see the mall Santa. In my hometown, they have a little Santa house that Santa sits in. It's donations only, and you can take as many pictures as you want. We have never waited more than 10 minutes!


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