Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday Randoms

1. Rolling on the ground. My daughter's new thing is that she loves to just roll around on the ground. All the time. And she kicks her legs up in the air. Makes lots of noises. Then does it all over again. This is how she hangs out most of the day.
2. DIY Canvases. So I did this project a couple of months ago, and then never got around to going back to it again, however a couple of days before Christmas I realized that I had these pictures blown up, these canvases purchased, and all this modge podge {sp} stuff hanging around and it just needed to be done. So I did 3 more. And I have to say, I was so impressed and so happy with the end result {and so were the recipients}. I think my brother kissed the canvas that I gave to him a million times.
3. Hott dress. I'm not sure if I mentioned this last week, but I had ordered a dress from Macy's for Andrew's birthday and it arrived like I had purchased a back up dress just in case. But no worries, it came in time and it was f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s. I love everything about it. It made me feel like a hott mama {just for a moment}.
4. Baby's sleeping. Why is it that the babies are just the sweetest when they sleep? And suck their thumb? I melt into a huge blob when I see her sleep. And on our way down to Louisville for Christmas, I got to stare at this all day.
5. Puzzle Picture. Um. Awesome. Let me tell you. The only reason I had gotten this is because it was free with my "save more bucks" but seriously, I would definitely pay money for this. And I will again next year. This is a puzzle magnet, and I can't wait to put it together with Elliana one day. In the meantime, it will hang out on our fridge {once I rearrange a few things}.
6. Christmas Matching. Elliana kind of set the tone for our Christmas outfit. I was originally going to wear jeans, heals, and nice shirt. However, once I put on her sweet little dress, I just knew I had to match her in some way. So remember that "back-up" dress I talked about above? YES. That came to good use here.
7. Back seat drivers. Does everyone else sit with their babies in the back seat when the husband is driving? I do every time. And we do weird stuff. Make weird noises. And annoy the husband. Ha. She brings out the child in me, what can I say.
8. Puppy love. No, not that Carson kind. This is one of those "dancing dogs." Holy moly what an invention. It took us forever to figure this thing out {don't laugh}. But in all seriousness, we could not figure out why it would stop mid-song. And then we realized we weren't pressing it down hard enough. Well. Ladies and gents. Now that we have that figured out, lets just say Elliana ADORES this thing. She hugs it. Kisses it. Claps her hands to it. I mean, b-f-f.
 9. Christmas AINT ova.  The calendar may say so, but I still have my little freebies arriving at my doorstep, and believe me, I'm not complaining one bit. In fact, these are my latest obsession.
10. Russian baby. She totally plays the part well. And the sass? Shut the front door, this girl has it down to a T. I don't even have to train her. It's an art she has mastered. Plus, I just adore this hat and coat so much. We get so many comments at the store when we go out. Elliana loves the attention.
11. MY BOOTS! My boots my boots my boots. These are the ones I have wanted so so bad. The Steve Madden Intyce. And I got them. And I love them. And I LOVE my MIL for getting these for me. They arrived in the mail yesterday and I was tempted to wear them to work. What? It would totally go with scrubs. These boots can go with anything... or nothing. Wink.


  1. AWESOME BOOTS and what a hot mama dress!!!!!!!!! Now I want to SHOP!

    BTW your daughter is your twin! Gorgeous!

    Oh and you should post a DIY tutorial for that canvas! I would love to try that!

  2. LOVE the flats! Who makes them???
    New Follower:)Your daugther is a doll.

  3. You ARE a hot mama!!! :)

    Elli is the sweetest little baby! I'm laughing that you and Andrew couldn't figure out that dog toy! Haha!

  4. those boots are so amazing!! Love them!! Savannah also got that little dancing puppy, and she too loves it!!!

  5. LOVE the dress! AND boots! AND Flats!!
    I couldn't agree more that a sleeping baby just melts you into mush. Seriously the cutest thing ever.

  6. I'm just going to do this list form =)

    1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the leopard shoes and I must have them. Where are they from?

    2. I totally sit in the back seat with Gracie. We sing songs and make faces and I'm sure I look like half psychopath if anyone ever saw me.

    3. I really thought about getting that talking dog thing for G's b-day, but I wasn't sure if she would like that or the little people set better. I'm sure I'll get both. Does E have the little people set?

  7. HOT DRESS, HOT MAMMA! Love the boots and leopard shoes, who makes them!!!

  8. please tell us how you get so many free things!
    I would love to join!!
    Love the boots, the flat AND the dress!!
    You have cutest little girl ever!

  9. Could you have better style??? I don't think so! Love all the leopard!!

  10. I'm so obsessed with those leopard print flats. Love love love them!

  11. Becky I dont think your little one can get any cuter!! Seriously...she melts my heart and that photo of her sleeping is so precious.
    Now on to matieral things....those flats. How in the world did you get them free?!?!?! I love them!!!
    And those boots, I have neem looking for brown boots, but none seem to fit properly on my calf...they usually end up being ginormous. Do yours fit fairly snug around your calf?
    Oh and btw, I got an erin condren for christmas...LOVE!!!! :) :)

  12. LOOVE the flats, and the boots, and the hott mama dress (you can rock it) and of course love all the cute outfits on Elli!


  13. We got Olivia a similar fisher-Price puppy! She LOVES that thing!!! Greatest entertainment for her (& us! haha)

    HOW DID YOU GET THOSE FLATS FOR FREE?? They are ADORABLE!! Also the puzzle? You are great at getting all these freebies!! I have a LOT to learn!

    I LOVE E's Outfits! You dress her SO cute!! :)

  14. Love everything in this post!! However, I don't think you mentioned where you got the puzzle from... Please share! ;)

  15. I also love everything mentioned in this post! Especially the dress and shoes, and your baby girls hat and coat Hehe :) she is so cute!

  16. I LOVE those shoes! Super cute.

  17. i love your taste in clothes! i just wish i had a body as slim as yours. :)

  18. I totally sit in the back with my little guy! I'm glad to know someone else does it. I was starting to think that other people think it's weird.....but, I don't care. I have the rest of my life to ride up front with my hubby. I'm going to make the most of every moment with my sweet baby.

  19. Fun filled week!!! Your daughter is so adorable! I love her little outfit she wore to the store its no wonder she got the attention!!! so presh!

  20. looking over your christmas goodies in your previous posts (we were away for the holiday), very nice!!

  21. That was a hot dress.... but i already said that on Instagram! ;)

  22. Love the leopard flats!!! Who makes them...I love them...gotta have them....Your baby is absolutely beautiful!!

  23. Love the dress! Who is the designer?

  24. Love all these pics! And you are definitely a hot mama in that dress! Just found your blog--love it!

  25. love the blog & your daughter is so adorable!
    Breanna xx

  26. Love the dress and flats! Elli is so precious!!;)


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