Monday, December 12, 2011

How will I do winter with more than one?

Question of the hour.
How do you multiple moms do it. Multiples. More than one kid. 
More than one set of arms and legs to chug along. How?

To be specific...How do you do winter?

Elliana and I went out today to run errands and it was the first snowfall of the year. Nothing to write home about... but still snowflakes falling. Which means the weather was chilly. Which means that we put on our warmest gear.

Which means we were large and in charge.

Elliana looked cute though. I have to give her that.

Exhibit A:

   Cute no? {You better say cute}.

But again, large. Very large. The picture doesn't do my words justice. But believe me. She was puffy. I was too.

So here we are. Trying to run out the door. With a 22 pounder {add the clothes and she was probably like 50 pounds}. Grab my purse. Keys. List of places to go. Sippy cup. And diaper bag {I don't even know why I bring this thing anymore... I've only ever had to change Elli like twice before when we were out and that was when she was a baby... anyway, that's beside the point}. 

We get in the car. Fine. I only broke a sweat maybe 100 times. Whatever. We got in, that's all that matters.

Then we go to store number 1. Have to park miles away because all the crazies come out in December. We get out. Again, arms killing me now.

Whatever. Exercise never killed anyone... so it was fine, we made it in the store {Kohls}... only to find out that there were no carts in sight.

None. Zip. Zero.

Fine. Screw you Kohls. I will carry my child. It's fine. I totally needed the exercise today. Thanks for contributing.

We grab our one item, and then we check out. Oh hi old lady number 1, 2, 3, and 4 with your carts full of junk... did you say that you wanted to let this young mom with toddler in her arms {puffy coat toddler} ahead of you? Only one item? No? Not at all. Not one bit? Well aren't you just in the spirit of being kind. Ahem.

After what seemed like 5 hours, we finally checked out. Back to the car we go, this time with an additional bag in hand. To the next store we go. Repeat process {except this time we have a cart... thank you baby Jesus}.

And repeat again. And again.

By the 4th store, I had sweated off every calorie I had consumed in the past year and my biceps were, if I had to guess, the size of body builders. Either way, they were on fire.

Toddler? Happy. Giggly. Smiley!

Ohhhhh yaaaa must be nice. You get to be carried around town. I wish someone would carry myyyyy arss around town. For real.

We survive. We make it home. And toddler? Well mom makes sure that it's nap time. She's out. And me? Well I hit the bottle of wine. Right away. Turn on the music and jam.

And call husband to tell him that I need an assistant. To carry this 22 pound weight {plus puffy coat} in the winter time. That or beat up some old ladies in line.... {only joking}.

So. Again, I ask you mamas.... how in the world do you do with more than one?!


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  1. You had me laughing and laughing with this post. I wonder the same thing with woman who have two or more, I mean it's a hassle with the diaper bag in hand and a baby on the other. I remember being sore all the time from my daughter, I cant imagine another on the other hand.

  2. Ha ! This is hilarious !

    well not too hilarious because i've been there...MANY.TIMES.

    But lucky for me kid #2 was born when #1 was 2 1/2 so she was able to walk holding my hand while i carried number 2 in the car seat. Kid #2 was also born in January so i was on maternity leave during winter and we didnt leave the house much till march-ish.

    Now its getting a bit harder though because they are 4 and almost 2 and both want to walk and one wants to go one way and the other another way

  3. Bahahahaha! I loved this! My #1 secret is I always park by the cart return when we go to target or groceries that way I heave them in asap, if its a mall they go n the stroller stat! Haha that is unless Vincent wants to walk which is always a joy! I dotched the diaper bag long time ago, I have some in the car and I try to make sure Luke is changed but there have been times he poops instantly and my car supply is out...insert mad papa bear hahahaha! Back to winter scenarios, it just sucks, I just do the best I can, I usually time trips out to when Jordanis home so I just take one kiddo, but when all else fails I just somehow pul it together, probably looking a hot mess doing so! I am blessed with pretty good boys in public, how I will juggle 3 is still up in the air! Ahhhh

  4. Oh sweets!! You will be able to do it!! The hardest part is when the second one is a newborn in the winter and you're lugging infant seat and bundled toddler to get a cart! I've given in at places like Target and even if I have to park a mile away as long as I have a cart nearby I'm good :) xoxo

  5. This is SO funny! I don't know how anyone survives shopping excursions with more than one kid! I was sweating just reading this!

  6. I have 3 kids but we live in Tx so we NEVER have to bundle up like that, praise Jesus!!!! I would die!!!

  7. I luv u and ur posts! This made me laugh right out loud! U crack me up pretty girl!!

  8. I feel your pain on this one! I always try to park next to the cart return and believe me I have left Kohls more than once because they didn't have buggies. I refuse to do it. These days though my little guy wants to walk everywhere which is a torture of another kind. So slllllllooooowwww, like turtle speed and we stop and say "woah!" at everything and of course we much touch stuff. It's super cute...unless you are on a mission.

  9. I'm not going to lie, it's tough. Like someone said above my first was a good walker before my second was born. While that saved my arms and back, it was still VERY slow moving on trips.

  10. I swear she gets cuter and cuter with each photo you post! And what B's for not letting you go first. I HATE that. I am now terrified as to how I am going to manage my child in the winter because at 3 months he is already 18 lbs - read: GIANT CHILD! Have a great day :)

  11. Omg. I could have written this exact same post! I was just thinking the other time I went out "The winter was much easier last year with Brayden. Oh yah he was a newborn and I never left the house!" :) For real though, I feel your pain. Quite literally also in my biceps. :)

  12. I don't!!! I'd go crazy if I had to do it alone. Seriously. I bring back up if I go out. BTW, exhibit A is darling! :)

  13. Which is why Im gonna try not to have a baby in Winter again

  14. It seems to me that moms who have kids of different ages have it harder. Since my Bambinos are the same age they're the same developmentally, there's no carrying one and the other one walking. I plop them both in the stroller & go. Plus, since I had twins first I don't know any different.

  15. i know how you feel!!! but i have 3 to get ready!! with the older 2 they are capable of getting themselves ready (6 and 4). i put all the stuff in the car first. We try to park as close as possible. i would also have an umbrella stroller for my2 yr much easier!!! after much experience we have it down!!

  16. Elliana does look super cute. And can I just say I am jealous that you only had to change your daughter twice in public. My diaper bag gets carried everywhere cause my child is the queen of explosive poops the minute we get anywhere!

  17. I only have 1 kiddo so I won't be much help, but I so can relate! But instead of a happy toddler, my child gets cranky and we never end up at the 3rd store. Usually I am constantly working with him just to get down the aisle. So be thankful for a happy shopper.

    And ppl that see a mom and babe in line like that and don't let you go ahead make me sick! I swear I have had ppl almost run me and Noah over in Wal-Mart before. Come on ppl tis the season. HA!

  18. Our Kohls NEVER has carts either!! So annoying. And S has gotten so heavy, the other day I made the mistake of trying to carry her and a basket at the grocery store. I may or may not have caused a cleanup in Aisle 2. Oops.

    E looks so adorable in her snowgear. I'm so impressed that hats/bows/headbands don't bother her. I can barely keep a hat or gloves on S!

  19. the obvious solution is to move to Hawaii and be my neighbor. Elli and Lyla will have play dates on the beach. Okay, see you next year?

  20. Now that I think about it, I don't believe our Kohl's even HAS carts.. just those useless nets on wheels to dump your clothes in.. I'd rather carry them than have them get all wrinkled and fall off the hangers in those things.

    Elli looks super cute, glad you made it through!

  21. She is DEFINITELY adorable!!!
    I think the hardest thing about winter and having more then one kid is having to bundle them up once you get to the stores. Its annoying that you shouldnt leave their coats on in their car seats, but hey im all for my kids being the safest they can be rather then it be more convenient for me.
    Definitely make sure you keep a stroller in the car (even if its a tiny one) for those stores that dont have carts. It just makes it 100 times faster in my opinion. Invest in a double stroller once you have another one too. Even my 3 year old goes in the stroller if we need to go in the mall or a store with no carts. It makes my shopping trip faster and easier.
    Maybe leave the diaper bag in the car if you really never have to use it, but at least its there if you DO need it.

  22. OMG. I can totally relate to your experience at Kohls, even when its not the holidays. They always never have enough carts and when I do find one it's the one that doesn't have a toddler seat. I walk around and see all these people with no kids using the ones with seats and some with kids who should be walking (like 5 years old and up).

    Anytime I attempt to go out by myself with my twins I always break a sweat (in any weather). A stroller is my best friend. I will lug my twin stroller out when I shop (especially for small items). I use my stoller as a cart because one of them usually wants to walk. For regular stuff and groceries I usually do that without them or if I have to take them my husband is with me so we can take turns with the one who won't sit still.

    Its definitely hard but just have lots of patience. Mall or stores are crazy this December.

    And if its any consolation, if you were behind me with one item I would have totally let you go ahead. =)

  23. I also must add that any time i go to kohls i go in with a stroller because they NEVER have a cart with a baby seat ...EVER

  24. If you're smart, you don't do it. You wait until your hubby gets home and then run your errands. It's not fun for you or the kids when they have to get in and out of everything when they are either freezing or way too hot with a bunch of stuff on. You do a one stop shop ONLY!

  25. My sister has 4. When I lived close she would sometimes ask me to go with her. I always felt I was dying a slow death. HOW SHE MANAGES ALONE!?! I don't know. She sometimes holds out for that double fire truck cart.. and even then she doesn't have room for everyone.

  26. Those scary thoughts cross my mind all the time...I think I've gotten one down...but 2?!?! And the old ladies in the stores...always rude, I don't get it - I expect it from the 18 year-old kid...but, the 85 year old mother of 4 and grandmother of 20...seriously?!

    Enjoy the snow!!

  27. I was ;aughing reading this at work in my office!!

    I had to do the same thing this past weekend! NO ONE had carts! SO annoying! I only have a 13.5lb baby BUT STILL!! MY arms KILL today! NO JOKE! No Jillian Michaels needed for MY ARMS! haha

  28. you are hilarious!!!
    of course she looks absolutely adorable...she ALWAYS does :)

    no idea how you all do it. here in southern california, we dont have the issues of snow...thank God!! although snow is gorgeous!!! :)

  29. Been there, done that...many times, unfortunately! It's funny to read about, but not so funny when you are actually doing it! Hope you enjoyed your wine though! Well deserved!!!
    ♥ Kyna

  30. New follower and I can so relate! Thankfully we're not having big puffy jacket weather but today was my second outing with my toddler and 5 week old by myself and, man, was it stressful! Crying newborn, rambunctious toddler, FUN FUN FUN! I have no idea how people do it because I am seriously contemplating becoming a shut in... I don't really think my girls need to leave the house like ever again, right?!?

  31. I also try to always park by the cart return :-) My kids are 14 months apart, and unfortunately my daughter wasn't walking yet when my son was born (she started at 17 months). It was quite the challenge, but somehow we managed.

    Now my kiddos are 4 and 3, and getting in and out of the store isn't a problem anymore since they can walk....but I still put them in the cart once we are in the store because it just makes our shopping trip so much more fun (and less stressful for momma!). Sometimes I get brave if we only need a couple things and have no time constraints, and let them walk in the store. My daughter does great because she is ok with my response of "not today" when she wants to "buy" son is a bit more fussy and doesn't quite get that response yet :-) And I'm glad that it doesn't bother me if he decides to have a full blown tantrum in the middle of the store...I just pick him up and carry him and continue on. I figure any moms/dads that witness it may understand, and anyone else that doesn't...well-I just don't care ;-)

    I'm a new follower to your blog and enjoy reading along. Your daughter is adorable! Keep a small umbrella stroller on hand when you are out and about (our Kohls never has had carts either) it'll make a world of difference! I also have my "mom" purse that is just big enough to hold an extra outfit/undies for my daughter (just in case!) and a couple diapers/wipes for my son-who knows how to use the potty, but has very little interest :-( When I get the chance to leave the house on my own-I just throw my wallet in my small non-mom purse.

    Take Care!

    Amy @

  32. I pack the car before we leave, everything but the kids goes in there, drinks, sunglasses, diapers, trucks, etc. My oldest has a mini backpack which I put stuff in and make him carry lol. He loves to help though and feels like he has this important job.

    I prefer parking 50 miles away from the store so we can take our time getting in and out (translation:My 4 year old likes to hit other cars with his door) I put the baby in his stroller and use a clip a hand basket to my mommy clip.

    Hope this helps and glad you survived!

  33. I love this! I was literally giggling when I read this!

  34. This post is hilarious. I am a mother of a two year old and a one year old. They are 16 months apart. I regularly break out in a sweat trying to get them ready. Particularly in the winter because there is so much more clothing involved. I use my big ass double stroller to shop because the kids can sit in the stroller and I can fill the basket underneath with my groceries. When my daughter was really little I wore her in a carrier while my son sat in the cart. When I shop with my husband, we each get a cart and a kid. Haha!

  35. This post cracked me up!! And Elliana looks adorable...AS ALWAYS!!!

  36. Oh my word. She DOES look adorable with all the winter gear on (even if it is a pain) =)

  37. First of all, Elli looks super cute, as always. Such a fashionista that child. She makes Auntie Jody so proud. And I totally agree with your dilemna! We went to Kohls the other day (I made Andy go with me) because 9 times out of 10 there is never a damn cart in sight. And we have been in winter up here for about 2 weeks now & let me tell you it doesn't get any easier... my arms still burn and my biceps are short of buff. haha. This is why I will (hopefully) planning out around the time I get pregnant with #2 so that Kennedy can help out! child labor what? :) just kiddinggggg. But still planning it out, god willing. OR a better idea would be, you guys just move here & then we can go out together shopping... and help eachother.

  38. i have learned after 3 kids- yes it took me that long- to do most of everything online, and to try and do it a month in advance if possible, which isn't always;-) i power shop, and i usually have atleast one or two w me bc my oldest is in elementary school, so i have a list in hand, baby sling for the baby strapped on, snacks for the toddler and i speed through whatever store i need to go to and only focus on the list- on the list or i get frusterated. it's not easy, especially when you have multiple layers of clothes on too!! but hang in there- it's still fun once the presents are unwrapped and the shopping is over;-)

  39. Ha - love this post! I have a (just turned) 4 year old, 2 year old, and 1 year old and dread taking them out in the cold/snow. Actually, I also hate doing it in the rain. To the point where my (then) 3 year old would wake up and say, "Uh oh, it's raining. Guess we can't go ba-byes!"

  40. No worries! You learn to manage, because you HAVE to! I tend to wear the baby in the bjorn or moby wrap when I shop, put the 4 year old in the cart, and make the 7 year old walk beside me.

  41. I park near the carts, put Nolan and Archer immediately in and away we go. We also invested in a good double stroller! My next purchase will be a "mommy hook" Lol.


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