Friday, December 16, 2011

Winter Blues

I hate the winter.
The only great thing about it, is the holidays.
Which is beyond great.

But that's it.
That's where it ends.
Everything else about winter? I hate.

I become such a Grinch around this time of year. {Not the Christmas aspect grinch}.
I hate leaving the house.
I hate the cold.
My clothes are blah in the winter.
The house gets cold.
I can't just run out of the house and go... I have to bundle up.
The baby has to bundle up.

Which by the way... have you ever wondered how annoying it is to put a baby in the car seat with a big puffy coat?
Very. Let me tell you... very.

And the ice? And snow?
I fear about driving in it. I am fearful of other drivers out there.
Everything about it just scares the living crap out of me.

I have no energy.
I feel worthless some days.
Things don't get done in the speedy fashion that I'm used to.
My to-do lists grow to the point where I don't even want to look at them.
And I cringe while all this runs through my head.
Absolutely Cringe.

And I begin to dream.
Of the spring.
Of shorts and flip flops.
Tank tops.
Oh. For the love of dresses.

The freeness of it all.
To just run out of the house.
To enjoy the outdoors.
Breathe in the fresh air and hear kids laughter.

The colors.
Oh the colors.
I miss the colors.

And the darkness?
Go away.
I gets dark at 530 around here.
That makes me that much more unhappy with the season.

So while I am looking forward to Christmas...
Counting down the days.
Singing carols around the house and wrapping presents...

I have to say.. As soon as December 26th hits.
I'm ready.

Ready for warm weather.

And I'll be saying this...

"Winter winter go away. Spring spring, hurry here to stay"

p.s. before you run off, will you go check out my friend's blog! She's an awesome bloggy/twitter friend and I know you guys would adore her as much as I do! Go here!


  1. Couldn't have said it better myself....i ONLY like Christmas.....the rest of winter season can go right back to HELL where it came from!

  2. I HATE (which I know is a very strong word but about as accurate as I can get it) how it gets dark early. The days are so short! By the time my husband gets home from work it is already dark and cold(er).

    I am totally with you. After Christmas, I don't love snow. Here in MN though, we don't have a flake on the ground.

  3. Im with ya girl!! I get seasonal depression really bad and this year have vowed to start looking for jobs in Florida 2nd semester Senior year. There are a few things that really help me ... maybe they'll help you ... Endorphins (from working out) and tanning. Tanning is huge. Not all the time, but a little. The doctor even told me its good for me!

  4. I am right there with ya. I live in Florida and still hate when it gets in the 60's. That is too cold for this mama.

  5. I could have written this exact same post word for word! Being cold sucks. Bring on the sunshine and bikini weather! ps...come to Mexico with us in March:)

  6. Ohhhh trust me, I know the feeling far too well. Winter blues usually doesn't hit me until mid January when all the holiday fun-ness wears off and we are just left with cold, gloomy winter. Sigh...

  7. Well you need to move your little butt to SC, because it's 72 and sunny today. Notgonnalie, I fear for my life travelling to Michigan in February - this girl doesn't even own a winter coat!

  8. I used to love the winter, but now, I'm getting to be just like you, tired of it already. About the child/winter coat/carseat predicament I have a tip. I read through my carseat manual for my 2 year old and it says that it is unsafe to have big bulky coats on children in carseats. I've also read up on it other places online and it seems you're supposed to just put a blanket on them after the straps. The straps need to be tight to their shoulders. Since we park in the garage most of the time, we just put a hoodie on Cooper then have his winter coat in the car for when we get out. It works pretty well. Hope this helps a bit, AND I hope we can go without much snow this year in Indy! :)

  9. say whaaaa??? you hate the winter? THE SNOW? the boots? the SNOW?!?!?!?

    I am going to have to think long and hard if we can still be besties.

    ok thought about it. I still love you just as much as ever.

  10. I feel yaaaaaa!1 I get so sick pf winter by about January 30th. I love to ski so I like snow, but I HATE cold weather. It really makes no sense. I am definitely a summer girl though, ughhh, how long do we have to wait??

  11. FIRST of all, you are THE sweetest...really. I want to hug you. And maybe even kiss you. On the mouth. Thank you so much, I've made so many new bloggy/twitter friends! XOXOXO

    And the's mild around here so it's not that bad but I can empathize. I hate the cold and everything about it. Hey, I know! Move to Texas!!!

  12. Oh my gosh, I know EXACTLY what you mean. I absolutely hate this time of year. And this is coming from a Colorado girl where the winter starts in October and doesn't end until April. Hate, hate hate. And don't even get me started on the driving. I have a phobia of driving in the snow. I wish I was kidding but I'm not. Come on May!!!!

  13. I hate to rub it in, but here in South Georgia, it is a beautiful 74! There is not one thing...okay, 1 GNATS...I can complain about. I'm sorry it's so cold. Just seems uncomprehendable. My child is running around in oxfords SWEATING. I'm ready to bust out jons jons and call it "Spring."
    Merry Christmas!

  14. Soo...I just spent almost an hour reading your blog!

    I'm also a nurse..and work nights. (We don't have kids I'm wondering when you sleep!?)
    I agree with SO MUCH of this post about the winter. We don't get ice more than 2-3 weeks, but the "cold" is too much!!
    Your daughter is ADORABLE.

    Love your blog. New follower. The end. :)

  15. AUGH I could have written this myself! As a SoCal girl, I'm used to an endless summer all year round. Was in for a bit of a shock when we moved to Maine.


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