Monday, April 9, 2012

Family Pictures at the Zoo. #11 Cross off.

You know when you have a really really great family day and you relive it in your head over and over again even after it's over? You know that feeling where you know that you just made your child so so so happy. And then on top if it all, you have these beautiful pictures to look back on that completely put the biggest smile on your face?

Yes. That. That was us on March 24th, 2012. The family day at the Zoo.
And you know what I also love about it? It was another thing to cross off my list. Although this one {and many others} will be repeated over and over again, I am happy that I have this list as a reminder to myself to make sure that I actually write about these family experiences, and most importantly, have pictures to re-live these moments.

Because after-all, they will be going in a little book. A book I cannot wait to put together.
And although I do not plan on having my camera out at every zoo experience, I am so happy I had it out during this "first" one for Elliana. The first real experience.
She had been to the zoo before, back in the fall, but she was less than a year old at the time and didn't remember much of it.

She definitely wasn't as into it as she was yesterday. And into it? Doesn't even begin to explain it.
As soon as we got to the zoo, we made sure to purchase the year long membership. The family membership plus 2 guests every time we come. Therefore the grandparents never have to pay, or my nephew and brother, and so forth. It was definitely worth the money.
I can already tell Elliana and I will have "sporadic" days of... "Lets drive over and see the animals!" Just because we can.
Things that I want to remember from this day....

The first animals we went to go see were the water animals. The fishes. The baby sharks {that you can touch}, the penguins, walrus, etc.
When we were in the aquarium and I would try to set E down on the ledge so she was in touching distance from the glass.... she would freak. She would wrap her arms around me and hold me tight while making a little whiney noise.
So we kept our distance, a couple of feet, but it was just enough space between her and the animals for her to be completely mesmerized by what was going on.
When were were looking at the sharks, I think that was the first time that Elliana realized she was surrounded by so many other little children.

She was completely engulfed in all the noise and just kept looking around at what was going on.
I think she enjoyed the outdoors the most, because she really got to see the animals. And the way her eyes would get so big was just too cute for words.

She wouldn't say anything though. Not a peep. She would just stare.
And at one point, one of these hippie looking guys... started speaking in some sort of different language... animal language... and literally called the giraffes over to us. Their heads were right there.
Although she hung out in the stroller whenever we breezed around from one place to the other... for the most part, she hung out in our arms. Basically once we hit the "plains" area the stroller was just used for lugging around our diaper bag.
The Rhino was an interesting creature. I'm not sure how E felt about him. Him {and his buddies} stayed a bit away and they were just big creatures with big horns on their face.

Not the most pleasant to look at, I don't think.
We let Elli get pretty up close with the Elephants {even though they were very far away}, but I think she enjoyed being able to look through the little fence over the water where the Elephants were.

She actually got a little kick out of. Felt like a big girl.
Elliana got lots of kisses these days. She even stole some from her grandma.
She made sure to also take some breaks and call her girlfriends. She had to tell them how much fun she was having at the zoo.
And going off of this face? I would say she was having butt loads of fun.
Half-way through the zoo day, I made a personal mommy decision that I would let her actually "walk" with us. But under one condition.

She had to hold our hand.
And although it took a couple of minutes... she finally mastered it!
This was honestly a miracle and such a blessing to me. Because Elliana? Prior to the zoo? Would never hold our hand. Ever!
And she got the biggest kick out of the two of us swinging her. This child made the cutest little giggles and you would have thought that it was Christmas. Right there and then.
And of course we had to get some family pictures while we had an extra pair of hands to control the camera.
It was a lot of work, I have to say. Trying to get a little rambunctious toddler to look at the camera.... and on top of that, get the picture-hating-husband to look as well.
This mama had her work cut out for her.
Ah yes. Of course my favorite would be the mama and papa smooch baby pic.
And of course, what is a trip to the zoo without having a dippin' dots experience. A first for E.
And although there are over 200+ pictures... I think these basically sum up my favorite parts of the experience.

And this experience? We'll be doing allll over again. And again. And again.


  1. Looks like an amazing day! I love when there are extra hands to take pictures of the whole family ;)

  2. Looks like a great trip! Awesome that you got family shots of all 3 of you as well :)

  3. looks like it was an amazing trip to the zoo for you guys!! The pictures are so precious.. I love the ones of her holding yours and Andrew's hands.

  4. Some of my favorite childhood memories are at the zoo!!!

  5. So cute! Looks like she had a great time!

  6. You have such a beautiful little family, Becky! I love going to the zoo as an adult, so I can only imagine how fun it is to see all of the animals through the eyes of a child. That picture of the three of you walking is my favorite!!

  7. Love it! And for the hundreth time, E is so stinkin' pretty!!! Glad she had an awesome time. :))

  8. Awe, I am in awe of how cute these all are. Im glad you embrace family time so much!

  9. super cute pictures. E looks like she had a good time. I want to take the girls back to the zoo, Keira was under a year old when we last went so I think she would love it now. Love the family pictures.

  10. Oh how FUN!!!

    I love zoos, and it looks like E did too!!

  11. i love ALl the pictures!!

    E looks adorable and she had a blast!!!

    Happy Monday


  12. Your family is just SO beautiful! :) Looks like a great time- I'm glad you guys got the membership! I'm sure you'll use it all the time and like you said, it'll be easy to 'pop over' and see the animals on a random day!

    I LOVE E's stroller- orange is my fave color :)

  13. great pics! what a good looking family :)

  14. Looks like a great day!
    Beautiful pictures. Beautiful family. love.

  15. Looks gorgeous! I love her eyes!!

  16. I could have looked at all 200+ pictures from this trip :) Such great photos and memories!!!

  17. What a wonderful day! Jackson is at the zoo with his grandma as I type this. I think that's their favorite outing! No matter if it's people watching or animal gazing there is always something new and fun at the zoo! Yay for crossing another item off the list!

  18. What a fun day!! LOVE your family pictures!! Love the kiss picture and your hubby and E holding hands! TOO cute!! :)

  19. so many sweet pictures! what awesome memories! i love the zoo!

  20. such great pictures! :) LOVE the family pictures. and the ones of the giraffes are amazing! I would frame those :)
    Thanks for sharing!!! loved it.

  21. LOVE the Indy Zoo! I just find it to be SO much fun to see their ADORABLE reactions with each new experience! :) She is precious!

  22. sweet!!! I LOVE all of the pics - Elli looks like she had an absolute blast...and your zoo looks awesome!!! Hope you guys had a wonderful Easter!!

  23. She looks like she had SO much fun!!!! :) I love every single picture! SO CUTE!



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