Thursday, April 12, 2012

A little Secret.

I've mentioned this a couple of times on the blog before, but my little fam dam { Andrew, Elli belly, and yours truly} are currently on our way to Chicago or in Chicago {depending on when this is being read} for a little family trip.

The trip will consist of the Chicago Zoo. The aquarium. Adult beverages. Swimming madness. Seeing close friends and family. And.......

A blogger. A dear dear fellow blogger friend of mine, Jody.

And we aren't just meeting for the first time in the same city. We aren't just going to the Zoo and the Aquarium with our kiddos. We aren't just going out Friday night, adults only no kids allowed. But we are also staying at the same hotel.

Not only that... but our rooms are next to one another.

And the kicker... they are attached.

Now. Picture me breaking this sort of news to my husband. The person that may very well be the biggest skeptic of blogging and the internets. The I-think-it-is-weird-that-you-have-internet-friends skeptic. Him.

And trying to get him to go on this trip was hard enough, but sharing with him the further details was even more entertaining. Here is what our conversation looked like back in October when we planned this trip.
Becky: Andrew, we are going on a mini-vacation to Chicago.
Andrew: Awesome.
Becky: And we are going to meet up with my bloggy friend and her husband and daughter.
Andrew: Can we we say we did and not?
Becky: Noooo, we are going to and you will love it.
Andrew: Love is a pretty strong word.

Months later....

Becky: You excited about the trip honey
Andrew: About as excited as I am about changing diapers.

A month before the trip

Becky: The hotel is booked.
Andrew: Where are we staying?
Becky.... blah blah blah..... and Jody and them are staying at the same hotel
Andrew: Hold on. WHAT? Who does that? What if we don't like these people?
Becky: We will. Trust me.
Andrew: You don't know that
Becky: I know everything.
Andrew: I know.
Becky: Oh, and by the way, our rooms are next to one another
Andrew: What do you mean. Like 201 and 202?
Becky: Why yes, that is exactly what I mean
Andrew: Great. What have you gotten us into...

A week before the trip

Becky: By the way, just found out our rooms are adjoined rooms.
Andrew: Now this just gets better and better. What's next? You're going to tell me we are sharing one large family bed.
Becky: Why yes, I was just getting to that.

Little does he know how amazing these next 4 days are going to be. And I'm convinced Andrew and Andy {see meant to be already} will form a bromance and we won't be able to keep the two away from one another. I'll put money on it.

So off I go with my skeptic husband and crazy toddler to experience the amazing things that Chicago has to offer, form a friendship to last a lifetime, and take a ridiculous  amount of pictures.

I'll try to update throughout the weekend on twitter.

And if we go missing? You all know who did it. :)


  1. OMG thats hilarious! Sounds like my guy! he is the EXACT same way!

    He actually hates that I blog and that I put pics of our kids's not like im telling the world "hey this is my address"

    and when i talk about meeting up he's like "ya can't possibly make a friend through a blog"....but he forgets that he met me online!

  2. Outside of how funny A's response is to all of this -- I hope you have a great trip!!! That's awesome!

  3. Hope you all have a blast -- sounds so fun! My husband would've said the EXACT same words. He makes fun of me for my "internet friends" as he calls them. Whatevs!

  4. Have a great trip! I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. :)

  5. HI there! I am a follower of yours, and a mama currently residing in Chicago! Feel free to contact me if you want to know of some great places to visit! Of course there are the wonderful tourist attractions but there are also several gems away from downtown you have to see! Enjoy your time here!!

  6. Just was in Chicago, SO fun!! Travel safe! Can't wait toread the recap! (I'm sure my hubby would react the same way! Lol)

  7. My hubby would be the saaaaame way! Sounds like a blast though...have fun! Can't wait to her about it:)

  8. Such a funny way to start my day, thank you! haha

    Have fun!!

  9. Our husbands sound like twins. Homeboy over here has never even had a Facebook (who survives college without Facebook?!) Sigh... husbands!

    You are going to have a BLAST in Chicago. It is by far my favorite place to visit via road trip. I cannot wait until Jack is a little older and we can go to Shedd.. it is amazing! Cannot wait to see all of your pictures! SO fun!

  10. LOL- My hubby would be the same way. Especially since I'm pretty new to blogging, anytime I mention a "blog friend" he's all "Really?! She's your FRIEND??" Haha, I'm hoping to meet a fellow blogger next month at a local 5k race, so maybe that will ease him into the idea that blog friends are COOL!! :)

  11. OH too funny!!! I thnk it would be so much fun!!!!

    Hope everything goes well!! Have a safe and fun trip!!

  12. BAHAHAHAA!! Exactly what Jordan would say and do!!!

    I read it to him and he was just shaking his head! Andrew will totally have fun, our hubbs just don't get how cool our blog friends are!?!?

    We are having a zoo blog date next month and Jordan is a little skeptical but I know we will have fun and maybe he will even make a dad friend!:)

    Andrew needs to get excited because one day I plan on us meeting! I mean hello our kids are getting married so we have to meet!:) xoxoxo

  13. BAHAHAHA! I can just see his face! My husband has actually enjoyed hearing about my blogging connections, but we haven't hit the point of traveling/meeting anyone IRL. I imagine that his response might be similar to your husband's regarding the close proximity!

    Isn't it funny how we connect with other bloggers and JUST KNOW that it's going to be amazing? :-)

  14. It must be an "Andrew" thing Becky because mine is the exact same way!! Totes jealous of all the fun you and Jody will have this weekend!! Hoping one of these days a bunch of us can do a meet up like this so that our hubs can see what we mean! Xoxo

  15. Have a safe trip!!!! Meeting other bloggers is so fun! :)

  16. That's hilarious how skeptic your hubby is about the trip! I'm sure that he will have a blast and deny that he was ever doubting it. Hope you guys have an awesome and fun trip! Stay safe :)

  17. too funny!!
    my fiance is the same way. He refuses to go on a trip with a blogger friend.. ONE DAY!!!

    Have fun on your family Vacation!


  18. Sooo funny! Ha, share a family bed. I die.

    Have a blast!

  19. this is hilarious! what if he is right? ahhh! ha ha!

  20. Yay! Chicago my hometown! I am going back in May to visit the Lincoln park zoo and do other fun things. Have a great trip!

  21. Love Andrews response..hopefully you'll be proving his views on blogging friends all wrong this weekend! Have fun!

  22. Have a GREAT time Becky! Sounds like a blast!

  23. Haha, sounds like a lot of us have skeptical husbands! Have a fabulous mini vacation!

  24. This is too funny. Have a great trip!!

  25. Ha! My husband would be the saaaaaaame way :)

    And you should totally share a family bed. Hilarious.


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