Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Organized Chaos at its finest. In the form of an APP.

Here we go. This will be a first for me on the blog. I'm actually writing about an APP. The girl that doesn't use APPS {except a select few}. The one that fails to utilize her i-phone to it's fullest potential. So much so, that I might as well have a little flip nokia and call it a day.
But that all changed my friends when I discovered the wonderful world of Cozi.

This isn't a paid sponsor post. I wasn't ask to write this. However, if Cozi would like to reimburse me for pimpin out their product here on my little old site, then surely I will not object. So please, feel free to contact me. And give me your money. 

So let's talk Cozi. What is it you might ask? C-O-Z-I. Learn it. Spell it. Love it. 

A fellow co-worker of mine introduced me to this beautiful invention of an App. One minute we are chatting about family, organization, and planners. And the next thing I know she is explaining to me, what I think, sounds like a personal secretary. In the form of a robot. On your i-phone.

The basic concept: It's a calendar. A to-do list. A grocery list. Journal {little notes and pictures can be posted}, and meal planning IN ONE. Yes. One app.

Sounds like a headache? No? I thought so. And then I looked at it... and it was like I was seeing rainbows and flying donkeys {don't ask} right in front of my eyes.

DUH. Of course this works. It's genius!

Its geared toward families. 
One of my favorite parts about it is that you don't have to plug it in the computer to sync. You don't have to bump phones like some sort of bumper cars to get the information to transmit. It just does. So what I put in the calendar, the husband sees. What he puts in, I see. If I need something at the grocery store and the husband happens to already be there, he can see it and pick it up. And vice versa.

And no more husband texting me to "send me your schedule." He will have it right there on the app.

I can even leave him little love notes and a picture. And he can see it at work. Although this is like text messaging... but in a way different. It's a journal... so it's stored there with dates and such.

And best of all... you can even access this on the website! So if you absolutely hate typing everything from your iphone... type it online, on your computer, and it will automatically be there on your phone.

Your calendars are color coded. So are your to-do lists and such. So that you can see who has what. Elliana also has a color so I can have her doctor appointments. And diva classes to remember to attend.

Here is the kicker guys.... my husband loves it. And that? Well, that's purely amazing.

So if you have a family. A husband. Boyfriend. A dog. An imaginary friend. A donkey {seriously, long story}. Get this app. Have your significant other get the app. And make your lives that much easier.

And if you have a boyfriend on the side?
Well then, don't get this app.
Because then he would see your booty calls
And that would be bad news for you.

So. Any other apps my life has been missing out on? do share.


  1. I have this app and it is amazing! I get sick of using the phone all the time so I love that it's coordinated with the sit too.

  2. i have a nook and started using it on there and i LOVE it as well! i even can send my hubby reminders like "send wife flowers" he never does but is confused why he got that message :)

  3. Ok I'm convinced. Installing it now.

  4. On my way to check it out. I'm a scatterbrain on randomness. Always. And I actually make my hubby put on spots on HIS phone to remind me! Because I cannot keep up w my life.

  5. Major smart phone phone autocorrect errors in the above post. Ugh!!!

  6. Thanks so much for posting this. Our life just got a whole lot more organized!

  7. You quite possible just saved my entire life :)

  8. I love Cozi, it is probably the app I use the most too! Sometimes I wish I had an ipad just so that the calendar wasn't so small and I could organize even better!

  9. Diva classes. Pretty sure Taylor attends those with her! I downloaded the app, and will be utilizing after I get done with training. Thanks for the recommendation!

  10. I have this app too and I love it!!!!! I like how organized I can be and Hubbs downloaded it too, so that he can keep up on the schedule

  11. Yup I've been using that app for awhile now! It's awesome!

  12. Sounds awesome I can't wait to try!!

  13. I have this app but barely use it. Party 'cause B refuses, he says we should just talk and communicate. The nerve! :)

  14. What a great app. I will have to check it out...thanks!

  15. I'm going to have to see if it's on Android phones or just iPhones. Sounds like I would love this.

    Good thing I don't have booty calls on my calendar-- lol, you crack me up!!

  16. Blonde moment.. I spent about 30 seconds before reading the post going, "What's an A. P. P.?"


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