Friday, August 31, 2012

21 week bump attack

Oh you know... just me... rockin' a necklace backwards. Oops. Didn't notice until AFTER ;)

Got your first batch of clothes in the mail. I am of course in love with the thought of having a BOY version of Elliana running around in this house with cute little striped rompers on. Who said boys can't be well dressed? I will make sure of it.

Now, no bows for you my dear, but definitely cute leather jackets, jeans, and hats. We will accessorize where we can.
Don't hate me for it.

Still no boy name picked out. Although we have a couple on our mind.
Weight gain total: 9lbs.
Maternity clothes: none.
Stretch Marks: None. Lets keep it that way
Belly button: Barely in

Feeling lots of movement. Feel a lot of pressure down yonder. Feel a lot, period. I just feel more pregnant. I know I sound like a broken record. But really, it's pretty prominent these days. And? I'm only halfway through. Not complaining, just saying.

Elliana's big girl room is in the making. Which means that the office will also be in the making to transform it into an office/ guest bedroom. And then the current guest bedroom will then be made into your sweet nursery. I cannot wait to add your personal touches to it. Especially once we have a name picked out.

The weeks are flying by right now. Fall is right around the corner. Which means the holidays will be here before you know it. I can already hear Santa's sleigh bells ringing.... ho ho ho :)


  1. You look great mama! I've seen so may cute little boys with hats and bow ties!

  2. You look amazing and then when I found out you were pregnant I damn near spit out my coffee. Seriously gf, when I begin to have children, I'm coming to you for tips! Keep doing whatever you're doing because you look FAB!

  3. You look great! Can't wait to hear the name you've picked out when y'all decide. I love that necklace! Miss E is SO precious

  4. You look awesome! Way cuter than I did at that point. I just looked fat. And picking out boy names was SO hard for us. We finally just decided a few weeks ago. Good luck!

  5. So exciting! I know it must be flying by for you! I feel like you just announced the big news yesterday!
    And E is as cute as ever!

  6. i just love all the pictures!

  7. You look so great!! My next appointment is Sept 11 too :)

  8. Whenever I see boy clothes, especially the outfits that are a mini version of what Jer wears, I instantly want a boy! You are going to have so much fun making a boy nursery and big girl room for E!! I can't wait for the reveals and hear your little boys name!! :)

  9. Boy clothes are cute & fun! You just have to search a little harder and be more on the lookout for them. They aren't in-your-face-everywhere like girls clothes (I still have yet to find the toddler boy section of clothes at Target...)

  10. you are gorgeous and i LOVE that necklace!

  11. You look great! :) Once you choose a name are you keeping it a secret?? :)

  12. Yes im so excited for fall and already thinking about the jolly man in the red suit!! SSQQUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!~

    and you look beautiful as always lady ....E as well! She looks just like her mama!


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