Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Elliana 21 months

Dear Elliana,

Another month has come. Another month full of great memories and laughs with you pretty girl. We have had such an amazing month, especially due to the fact that we took our first real family vacation and went to Hilton Head Island. I have written all about that, but lets just say your girly side definitely shined through the week. This month has also been an amazing "Talking" month for you. Not only do you know over 100+ words, but you are putting them all together and you are communicating with us so much more. I love every time I hear you say something new. And most the time you just shock us with what comes out of your mouth. Your personality is just growing by the minute and we are soaking it all in. I cannot believe that you will be 2 in a few short months. Then again, I can't believe that you are walking, talking, and in the works of getting a big girl room. Time really does fly, but we are making sure to enjoy every second of it!

We love you to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond, forever and ever baby girl,
Mama and Papa. 8.08.12

Weight: 26.5 pounds
Length: Haven't measured
Size Shoe: 5... going to be 6 soon here
Size Diaper: 4
Size Clothes: 18-24 months

You love to play hide and seek. You will run away and hide while I'm
yelling for you, and you are seriously dead silent. And 99% of the time?
You are behind the curtain.

You are OBSESSED with Caillou. I think I mentioned this last month, but the obsession has only grown. You know how to access it on our phones, the ipad, and the TV. We recently purchased you the Caillou doll and some puzzles, and you are just over the moon. I am convinced that you will call your little brother Caillou when he comes out. If it was up to me... I would definitely name him that :)  ... only joking.

Went on your first vacation. Saw the beach. Stood on the sand {after four days}. Traveled in the car for the longest time ever {12.5 hours each way}.

Had your first boo boo. On vacation. I have written about this already, but will mark it here also for memory purposes. You were running in the kitchen of the condo, slipped on what looked like to me to be melted ice, and busted your lip. It was quite traumatizing for the both of us, and we spent countless hours just cuddling and loving on each other. You were a champ though and the next couple of days acted like nothing ever even happened! I never want you to get hurt, ever, again.

Talks an insane amount.

Really into saying "please and thank you." When you say please you tilt
your head to the side, fold your hands behind your back, give me the biggest grin and say "pppppeease." Usually it's "peeeease, mama, snack." But seriously, how in the world, at this young of an age, do you know how to "Work us."

It's SO hard to say no to such a pretty sweet face.

But you aren't the sweetest to everyone, all the time either. When you are in a mood, girlfriend, you are IN A MOOD. You throw out things like "Go away." And "Stop it." And when you say no? It's not just a "no." It's more like... "NooooOOOOOOO." No exaggeration there.

Thank you to *everything*. Pass you a spoon? *Thank you mama*. Give you a
toy? *Thank you mama*. Give you dinner? *Thank you mama.*

Still SO obsessed with bananas. It's like you were born a monkey. A cute one at that. But honestly, sweetheart, it's getting bad. The first words out of your mouth when you wake up is, "Mama," "Caillou," and "Ban {banana}." After eating your morning ban, you will start asking for another. "Peeeeasss mama, peeease." It is by far the cutest and most pathetic thing I ever did see. I have started to hide the bananas for this reason alone. Out of sight, out of mind right?

Speaking of food, you are still a little stinker when it comes to eating dinner. You eat great for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, and come dinner time? No thank you. A couple bites here and there. And vegetables? Oh a battle yet again. Looks like we will be making more veggie smoothies more often.

Refuses to sleep in the bed. In your bed. Let me back up here... before we left for vacation, you learned how to climb out of your crib. Not only that, but you learned how to open your door, come out, and say "hey mama." Needless to say, both your papa and I were shocked and in disbelief. Well? After vacation? You decided you no longer wanted to sleep in your crib PERIOD. Which meant every night, and for every nap, I was forced to lay on the ground with you with pillows below us until you fell asleep and I could put you back up on our bed.

That said, your daybed is on its way to our house baby girl. MUCH needed. Which also means that the big girl room is now in the making.

We found out that you are going to have a BABY BROTHER! And you said "brudda" for the first time ever. Cutest thing in the world. I think you will be an amazing big sister.

You still love to twirl your hair and suck your thumb. As far as the twirling hair goes, you twirl it so bad that you will get your finger stuck because the hair is wrapped up around it so hard. It gets to the point where you will start whimpering and mama has to help you. Your grandma says that I used to do the exact same thing.

Diaper changes are still the end of the world. You will still run to the corner and hide though when you have to go #2. We are still just testing out the potty chair. Nothing serious, yet.

Next month we are looking forward to taking you to the apple orchard, pick some raspberries, and plan picnics in the park! Oh and hopefully getting your big girl room alllll done!

We love you baby girl. We can't say it enough. We can't get enough of you!

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  1. precious little girl - you are one lucky momma to be having a boy & a girl :)

  2. What a sweetheart. I truly love reading your monthly updates and hearing all she has learned in just a short amount of time!! She's precious :)

  3. She is just beautiful!! :) :)
    Question, all your photos always look amazing! Do you shoot in manual? I always have a hard time setting up my camera when in bright sun. Any tips? Maybe do a post on your photography :) :) I have been practicing, but I just can see to get it exactly right. It gets quite frustrating.
    Thanks girlie :)

  4. She is just too adorable! It is amazing how they learn so many words in their 2nd year.

  5. Happy 21 months! Are you in shock that she's going to be 2 in a few short months? She's getting so big and is always so busy!

  6. hi, i'm your newest follower!
    your daughter is such a cutie!
    i don't know how i've never seen your monday link-up, but i'm so excited to participate next week!

  7. It took my daughter about 4 days to get use to the sand too.

  8. She is seriously one of the prettiest little girls I have ever seen! The mommy daughter relationship is so special. I can't wait for our own little girl to arrive!

  9. I honestly don't think she could be ANY cuter!! LOVE HER! This just makes me want to visit you more so I could squeeze her in person!

  10. Just is just the sweetest little thing ever!

  11. I have Maggie this weekend .... want to get together?! I have her Saturday night ... Let me know! She'd love to see Ellllli :)

  12. This post had me laughing so hard! My son is 16 months, and I can so related to so many things you said. Elliana is gorgeous, but she's also funny AND smart!

  13. she is so pretty!


  14. She is so sweet!! I have a 25 month old and isn't this the time they change so much! Seems like they do and learn something new every day!!!

  15. I could just eat her up! She is so stinkin adorable. And getting so growny:)


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