Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Juggling Life; Part III; Blogging


Being a mom is a 24/7 job. How our child is raised, what they learn, what they do, and how they act becomes our main priority. And in the meantime, often times, the other aspects of our lives are slacking. Cooking, cleaning, blogging, and hobbies. How do we make time? What works? This week I will talk about these 4 subjects, and talk about how each one is incorporated into my day to day life.

When I first started blogging {before becoming pregnant}, it had consumed my life. Mainly because I had just gotten into it and it was such a new and exciting adventure.

Once I had Elliana, I tried to find that much needed balance.

It took some time, but eventually, I used the "scheduling posts" to my utmost advantage. When an idea came up in my head? I would just save it to my phone. Email it to myself. Or open up blogger and just name the title of the post.

And then I made a promise to myself that blogging would only take place during times of sleeping {baby E sleeping}. Which includes nap time and night time. And with the exception of posting a "deal" that I may have found in the moment in need of sharing, I stuck to my rule.

When I first purchased my Erin Condren planner, I would write blog ideas on the days of the week. Or on the blank pages. And that was a great resource at the time to get me going on the "Scheduled posts."

I even started something new where I would wake up at 4am to blog. To have me time. Cup of coffee and all. And that is something that I have loved as well. It's time to myself. And it really allows me the opportunity to really think and put some thought into my posts.

Not just fluff it up. But really write.

Because as I recently ordered my first book of my blog {part one}, I got excited at the thought of actually reading it. Before I ordered it though, I had to delete many many many fluff and pointless points from when I first started blogging. Because at the end of the day?

Who wants to read what cute watch and stylish outfit they found on the internet that day? 

And who, especially, wants to read that when they are 80 years old. And not to say that that sort of blogging is bad or pointless... but for me? It wasn't why I blogged.

To me, blogging has transformed into my story. Our lives. Our memories. I've always loved scrapbooking... but rarely have the time for it. I've always loved photographs, taking them, and printing them. But seeing as how I take 100 in one hour... I would go broke printing the 10,000+ photographs that I take... a year.

So blogging is the solution. It's what I love to do, and it's what I'm truly passionate about. And it's honestly something I feel like my children will thank me for one day. Something that I think will make them smile.

But in the meantime, I never want it to consume me or my life. Or my time. Finding when to blog is important. And sometimes, it takes time to find what works for you.

{This series was written back in May and was saved for the week long family vacation}

....And tomorrow will be the last day of the series of juggling life where I talk about hobbies and work.


  1. Wise words. I often have a tough time juggling work, blogging, volunteering, cooking, cleaning, etc. etc. and I don't even have a kid yet! Balance is one of the trickiest things in life.

  2. I finally found the balance of blogging along with being a wife and mother. Nap times and bedtime is when I do it too.

  3. I agree, nap time and bed time is my blogging and alone time! It's the only time I can chill out and focus.

    Great post!

    Ashley @ You Are My Sonshine

  4. So great. Your honesty and heart is so transparent here. Lately I've been dealing with pleasing everyone on my personal blog but I'm not fulfilled. I'm needing blogging as an outlet and a way to capture life and the moments in it.

    Thanks for this!

  5. You truly are a role model to me.... I hope that's not too weird :) The way you blog, parent and just live life is inspiring, honest to goodness. Wish we were closer and could meet IRL one day, maybe if you ever bring your fam to Cincy for some football ;)

    Hope you're enjoying your vacation SOOO so much!

  6. great post! its true, you have to set boundaries or blogging will literally take over. Your daughter is a very lucky girl to have such an amazing mom! xo Kelly

  7. Great post, Becky! Finding that balance between life and blogging can be a difficult one too find. But if it matters, then making the time is worth it. Love how passionate you are about this outlet!

    Hope you're having blast on vacation!

  8. When I read the part about deleting the 'fluff' before you got your blog book made, I thought: "I should always blog with that in mind." :) Anything that I wouldn't want in my book shouldn't make it to the blog.

  9. I love this post & I love how real it truly is! Very well said!

  10. Great post.
    I think it's hard to keep things completely balanced but scheduling and prioritizing goes a long way :)

  11. I have a hard time finding time/things to write about and I don't have children yet. How did you get a book of your blog?


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