Friday, May 31, 2013

Arguments Within Our Home

Often times this blog is so consumed by our children, that I forget to talk about our marriage and things that I don't ever want to forget. Especially when I'm old and frail.

Such as, arguments within our home. Why would anyone want to write about that? I do. Because it's us. Because we laugh about it. Because 20 years from now? I'm going to say..."Honey remember when..."

And, it's real.

Putting the water away. So, I do the grocery shopping around here. We also only drink water in our house {aside from the once a month pop that we buy as a cheat}. Therefore, we go through a lot of it. So. When I buy it? It usually either makes it into the house, or it sits in my car. Regardless, it is Andrew's "job" to put it away. Due to the heaviness of it. I know, I'm weak. But anyways, I get so flustered when it sits there for a week at a time. I'm like..."Andrew, water, please!" And then he says, "Oh oops I forgot." And then I reply, "Really... it's sitting on top of the countertop stabbing you in the eyes every time in the kitchen." And then he giggles like a school girl.

The thermometer. He's hott. I'm cold. All the time. We can never agree on temperatures and he is always cranking that thing down. This also includes the car. It's a must that we keep blankets in the car. Not just for the kids. But for me as well. And the more stressed Andrew gets? The colder it becomes.

Me sleeping on the couch. Andrew is not  a fan of this. I don't blame him I guess, but really... the couch is super cozy. Once I fall asleep on it? There is about a 15% chance that you will get me off of it and up the stairs. Which means, there is about a 75% chance that we will have an argument {me not remembering any of it} where Andrew tries to convince me "Babe...babe....come on..." and me... " Shoo fly shoo, go away!" All while swinging my arms. Again, I don't remember any of it.

The way I park the car into the garage. I laugh. I personally think it is just fine. I can get out of the garage just fine. But I guess when Andrew gets into the car after me, he swears that I park it crooked and that he would hit his car in the driveway if he didn't align it correctly. Okkkay.

What side of the sink dirty dishes go into. Does anyone else have a "side?" I mean... I assume everyone probably does, but does your significant other get flustered if the "clean" side has like one dish in it? Raise of hand? Mine does. It is so funny, and I no longer do this {but sometimes I do to be funny}, but he hates it when I have any dirty dishes on the left side. He calls that the empty side. I? I call it the sink. So who cares right? But, everyone has their little quirks... so I'll follow the rules on that one.

Who is more tired. This isn't an argument that we don't even realize is an argument. "Well, I've worked last night and been up with the kids all day." And the other... "Well I've been at the office all day, then come home and bathe the kids and get them to bed, then go to sleep and do it all over again." And then me..."Well at least you know what sleep is." And him back..."Yeah, if you call waking up every few hours sleep." But then we both agree that we both do a lot and we both give each other credit for that. I couldn't do what he does, and he couldn't do what I do. The balance is great.

All of these made me giggle.

Although all of these aren't exactly arguments, as they are just us being us, they are still fun to look back on. They are fun because you get to really see what it's like to be a married couple. To live together. To pick on the little things that when all is said and done, are the least bit important in life. Like water being put away in the fridge. Or parking the car correctly. Or what side of the sink the dishes go on.

It's real life.
Marriage at its finest.


  1. Bah ha ha I love this. I actually just started a post exactly like this. Well, to be honest, I didn't JUST start it, it's been in my drafts for 2 weeks now. lol. But I also think it's funny to think about the little things that my husband and I argue about, and yes, we'll totally laugh about it later!

  2. Haha love these!! My husband always complains about my parking too. He says I do a terrible job but I seriously see nothing wrong with it! Haha


  3. Those are all perfect except at our house I am the one who is always hot! The best is us arguing over who's more tired. Him because he goes to work all day and me because I deal with the baby all day!

  4. I love this! Jordan just brought up to me that he *hates* when I leave my peanut butter knife (after I've used it) on the counter without putting it into the dishwasher. Really? Of ALL things that I do... this is the one that drives him most crazy- and he's not even a neat freak! :)
    I love that all couples/people have their little quirks. Needless to say.. I'm much better about getting that knife into the dishwasher... unless I'm trying to bug him :)

  5. Haha SO TRUE! Every single one of these is my husband and I. Especially the one about who's more tired! Love your blog :)

    Jessie @ Jessie Jo At Home

  6. hahaha! Our biggest arguments are me not turning out lights when I leave a room (usually I'm going right back in so in my mind, it's wasteful to turn it off and right back on... but then I frequently get distracted with something else so he does have a point!), and for him, not replacing the TP or paper towel on the holder when he uses the last. I think he's pretty much cured of that one now!

  7. This is hysterical and I love the part about the couch!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  8. These was so cute to read! The thermometer is without a doubt me & my man.. I am hot but not any where close in comparison to him! He freezes me needless to say..

  9. I also want the left side of the sink to be the empty side and keep all the dirty dishes on the right. glad that I'm not the only (crazy) one :)

  10. We constantly fight over the thermostat! Biggest battle in our house! My husband complains about the crooked car thing, too. Never been an issue for me!

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