Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday Randoms

I hope you guys are okay with me not doing "seriously" Thursday anymore. I realized that I had stopped doing "seriously" posts a long time ago.. and really they just became a "random" post on Thursday. So that is what Thursday will serve as. A random post of what our weekend/week looked like.

That way, if you just want an update on our life. This is the day. Fair enough? I think so.


Thursday, eh? Boy. The weeks sure do fly by.

1. We had boys over this weekend. Hubby did that is. And he was on cloud nine. We ate like crap {wings, taco bell, pizza, doughnuts... and seconds}, and drank lots of booze. It was actually very fun, and we all enjoyed it. At least hubby and I did. Made us feel young again.
2 of the 3 boys. Not including the snuggle dog Carson.

2. I was reminded that it had been a while since I posted a BLL picture. Shame on me. And you peeps thought it was because I was prego? No No dear friends of mine. No no. Wine and BLL was alllll mine this weekend.
3. Elliana loves her puppy dog. Like LOOOVES. As soon as she wakes up... " Car.. Car... Car..." And when she sees his face? It lights up. And biggest grin, ever. It's pretty cute, I have to admit. As annoying as that dog is, my daughter sure does love him. In this picture below? Elliana trying to figure out how to free the pup. She tried so hard.
4. My daughter is a diva. And it shows. This is how she was sitting on me as we were eating breakfast one morning. All her, I have no part in this.
5. I have a wine-induced post scheduled. Part two. From Friday night. Instead of posting it this time, I actually saved it as draft. Just so I can make sure that I didn't write anything overly embarrassing. After the last one, this was a must. Plus, if husband saw this picture.. he would kill me. Wine+computer...NO bueno.
6. My 300 dollar giveway is scheduled and ready to hit the public. It's pretty sweet. Lots of goodies. Lots of FREE. All will go to one winner. Excited? I hope so.
  7. My daughter looks sweet in leg warmers. I have so many of them now, but these are definitely my top favorite. She looks like a diva. Saassy.
8. I take pictures of self in bathroom at work. Tis is true. And reason? Because I have to show off my work gear. Official with my name and all. I feel kind of like a badass. And? I get to to stay WARM! So important since I am cold 20 hours a day.

9. I was amazed by you all that linked up on Tuesday for our Show Us your Christmas link-up. Thank you SO much. It was SO fun to read all your wish lists!! Don't forget to work on your "decorations" post and link up this tuesday the 13th!!

10. Free shoes. And they are super hott. And now I need to wear a super hott dress with them. And have a super hott night with the hubs.

11. Christmas is like... right around the corner. Are all you guys ready? I mean seriously. It's almost 2012! Where is the time going? But how excited are we for this amazing holiday....I just can't contain myself!

12. It's getting cold... freezing... on this side of the hood. And I don't like it. At all. I am so NOT a winter person. Not one bit!

12.  Happy 13 months to my baby doll!!! Post to follow!


  1. Not only can Ethan free the pup, he can also lock himself in the crate. Fun times, not. Be glad she hasn't figured it out just yet haha! Glad you all had a good weekend and Elliana is soooo super cute in those leggings!

  2. OMG how cute is your daughter try to free her pup! Adorable! and I could really go for a BLL right now.....wait its only 8 something in the morning ....maybe i shouldnt have said that...hahah

  3. Totally jealous of your BLL and the wine too for that matter.

    $300 worth of giveaways, Wow sounds like a good one!

  4. BLL is my favorite beer. :)

    and those shoes are hot! i could never wear them because i'd fall over.

  5. I can't believe you got those shoes for free! I love Polka Dots so I obviously love those heels!

  6. Those shoes are beyond cute! I can't believe they were free!

  7. aww how thats so cute she's trying to free him. Cant wait for the $300 dollar giveaway how exciting!!!

    Loving E's leopard leg warmers, I'm a sucker for leg warmers. The girls have so many.

    Those shoes are amazing!

  8. Those leg warmers are AH-dorable!

    My daughter does the same thing with our dog, I seriously hope she doesn't figure out how to free him any time soon. Then I am in big trouble.

    Love the shoes!

  9. I LOVE random posts! They are my FAVORITE! First of all, you guys are still young!! ha ha! But glad you had a weekend of junk food and wine/beer! We have those ALL THE TIME!

    I am obsessed with leggings too, especially since Ellie refuses to wear ANYTHING but skirts! However, I am sad to say, that at 2 years old, those leggings DO NOT stay up on her chubby thighs anymore! Time to look for a new solution!

    ♥ Kyna

  10. Happy 13 months, Elliana!
    I love baby leg warmers. I discovered a ton of them with ruffles, and may just be slightly obsessed now.

  11. I love everything about this post!! Free shoes, $300 giveaway, baby girl trying to free her pup and DYING over those super cute leg warmers!! :)

  12. Those shoes are HOTT!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! And that giveaway looks ah-mazing...gah, and those leggings. Too many good things to even comment on them all :)

  13. Love the leg warmers & the shoes! Makes me want to go buy new shoes!

  14. Those shoes are HOT! I love them. & your daughters leg warmers are super cute!

  15. I need to get Emily some leg warmers too!! I'm excited fore your giveaway!

  16. I'm a new reader and I'm loving this randomness! Great blog, too!
    And free shoes?! 'Splain yourself please.

  17. UMMM... FREE shoes? Free shoes are NEVER that gorgeous. LOVE!


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