Wednesday, December 28, 2011

When Husbands become kids. I mean kids become Husbands.

Here's the thing about boys. Men. Husbands. Whatever you want to call them. They're all alike. In the sense that... they never truly do grow up.

You can have a 12 year old, immature, hairless, high-pitched pre-teen, and then you can have my 25 year old (as of like 5 days ago) husband, and I guarantee you wouldn't notice the difference.

Okay, maybe some difference. But those don't really matter. What's important is that they are the same species.

For instance, let's rewind here to a couple of days ago.

T'was the night before his birthday....I receive a text...

A: "Becky... for my birthday.. I request to play video games."
B: "Okay... your birthday is not until tomorrow."
A: "Yes. But it's my birthday week. So I request to play video games tonight."
B: "I request a Louis Vuitton bag. Since we are requesting things around here"
A: "Goodbye."

That was how our conversation went.

And then he came home from work. We did our usual routine. We ate. We played with Elliana. We giggled. Did bath time. Read books. And put her to bed.

I snuck into the office to check my email, when what do you know, the "pre-birthday" boy himself walks in to.... what do you know, "play video games."

Okay. Fine. Whatever. His birthday was in fact just hours away.

So he played. While I answered some emails and enjoyed my bud light lime. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that bud light lime came into the picture an hour prior. How else would I survive a night of video gaming.

That and twitter. Although, 99% of the time I feel like I am talking to myself... it does still serve the purpose of its entertainment. And then you get those select few friends who turn around and egg me on. I fall to peer pressure.

Oh yes, back to the husband. So. I'm sitting there next to him while he games like a dweeb {hott dweeb, might I add}. Talking to his little "friends" on his headset.  In all fairness, they are really his "real" friends. But still.

And then, 2 {or 6} bud light lime's in, a few tweets later, and I decide that I wanted to make some "animal" noises really loud into the "microphone" of the headset.

Well. My friends. I highly do not recommend this.

I  got kicked out. Andrew was embarrassed. I was giggling like a school girl. And here I am dragging my butt downstairs thinking... "what to do now."

Cookies? Why yes, that sounds like a marvelous idea.
I set the temperature to 350 and wait. And wait. And stare. It's 350. It probably "ding-donged" a long time ago. But I'm still staring. 10 minutes later, and then, I finally realize that oh it's ready for me.

Cookies go in. 10 more minutes pass, and I realize that it's supposed to be at 325. Fail.

Then, I pull the delicious chocolate-chip cookies out. No worries. They survived my little mistake. I put them on a pretty little white plate, salivating at the sight of their sweetness, when I quickly realize... Houston, we have a problem.

Cookies and milk? Or cookies and beer. Oh the decisions to be made.I was between a rock and hard place.

Unfortunately, the decision was made for me when I realized that the only milk that was left in the fridge was my daughter's organice whole mils... which so happens that there was only enough for her in the morning.

Being the good mom that I am, I made the responsible decision to forgo the milk and stick with the beer.

During this dilemma of mine, I receive this text from my husband {who is upstairs}...
Question of the hour. Did I go... or did I stay.

Well. It was his birthday after all.

And the good wife in me?

Grabbed my bud light lime. My plate of cookies... and...
"Honey. I'm home." - {with the animal noises left at the door}

Happy Birthday again, My love. Only for you would I endure this sort of torture in life.
Man, I love you.


  1. glad my hubs isn't the only one who requests video game playing. When I asked what he wanted for Christmas his response a wole day of you taking care of kids and me sitting on couch playing video thats what he got!

  2. You guys are too cute!!

    New follower:)


  3. Dying over you making animal noises...I would totally do that!! You guys are way too cute Becky!!! I am totally regretting telling Jordan ALL YEAR that the last week of his work year he could spend with video games since he is ALWAYS so busy during the year....well mother EFFER...they started Monday and I am really looking forward to it being Friday so video game binge is over...but I guess I am happy if he is happy and makes his budget at work and buys me and the boys stuff!:)!! bahahaha....

  4. you are so funny. well, men never will growing up...they always will be a boys!..hahaha

    your cookies look so yummy.. hope you will share the recipe. would love to make those cookies...

    happy new year!

    Oh by the way, i won your giveaway, it had arrived here this morning, the ilikebooks :D I am looking forward to give this to my friend who is expecting... thank you very much

  5. Haha that's a great story! Such a good wifey you are. I am not a video game fan either:-/

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a nerdy gamer for a man. I happen to like to yell "WHAT'S UP [insert certain explicit word here]!" to Josh's "gamer friend" (that thankfully he does know IRL). I haven't gotten kicked out yet, but I'll remember to make sure I skip the animal noises. :-)

  7. You guys are too cute!! I would have to crack up laughing if my hubs was talking into a headset while playing video games. At least once a week he will ask "why don't you think I'm funny" and I always have to reply with "because I'm not a 12 year old boy" ha you are so right that they never grow up

  8. Why is it so easy to picture you making animal noises into the microphone (oh, also... the word verification I just had to type in is "man dog r u" lol

  9. You two are the cutest :)!
    Happy Birthday hubs!

  10. Hahaha. I love it. I bought my husband an xbox (and call of duty MW3, and battlefield, plus xbox live) for Christmas.. I think that was a terrible idea.. haha. What a good wife you are though.

  11. Haha! Love this! & what a good mom you are to for go the milk and stick with the beer. Can't say beer and cookies sound to appetizing together...

  12. Haha, men truly never grow up. It's funny how different they can be, but when it comes to video games? They're all little boys! I wonder if they think the same thing about women!

  13. AHAHAHA You are hilarious!! Seriously, I would love to be friends with you in real life :)
    My husband is the same way with games. I cannot distract him at all, but he wants me to hang out next to him the entire time...seriously?!?! And he talks to people on the headset and I you know those people, he says some of them, but that doesnt matter.
    Oh boys and their video games.

  14. He should play with my husband haha!!!

  15. LOL seriously thats hilarious! I love the animal noises on the headset. I will def be trying that next time Nick is online playing COD

  16. So funny!! This made me chuckle, because it reminds me of my relationship with my husband. Happy (belated) birthday to your hubby!

  17. LOL living this post & the fact that you made animal noises!!!!

  18. hahahahaha. Hilarious!!!

    My husband only likes sports games and is only "allowed" to play when our daughter is sleeping.

  19. This whole post made me laugh, so cute! The 'darn buns' text sounded exactly like something my boyfriend would say. I am lucky he's not a video game guru, however!

  20. Hahaha! This is so funny! It sounds like something that would go down in our house! Oh those video games cause me so much frustration! And Tim texts me to tell me he wants to play video games sometimes too. It proceeds in a similar fashion!

  21. I'm glad that John only plays NBA2K12 and none of the combat games. His playing does not require a headset. I was dying when you said you started making animal noises into it. Dying. So funny.

  22. This post is SO my husband... I swear he wants to play video games all the time! They never offically "GROW UP!!" lol! He has the head set too!

    Your cookies turned out good! :)

  23. Hallelujah I'm not alone! My husband does the same thing with the headset and all. In fact, I'm looking forward to Baby #2 entering our lives because his "office" (aka video game central) is becoming the new Baby's Room. He will have to set up a new configuration in the dingy unfinished basement. I'll bring him cookies down there....if he's lucky. What IS IT with those stupide games?????

  24. I just bought the xbox and MW3 for my hubby for Christmas. I thought it was justified since I found a really good deal at target but wow what did I create!?! Lol.

  25. Ugh my husband requests video games ALL THE TIME. I've been waiting for him to grow but I've recently realized it's never gonna happen.

  26. This was hysterical! I feel like this is almost any guy! Glad I'm not the only one who would go bake instead even for a few moments ;)

  27. Your posts are so entertaining! So glad I found your blog!!

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