Friday, October 5, 2012

26 Week Bump Attack

I know I have been slackin' on the bump pictures... but guys, life is flying by. Where is the time going?!

Week: 26
Weight gain: 13 pounds? I think I gained 3 over the weekend alone
Stretch marks: None
Belly button: I think it's pretty much an "outy" now.
Linea Nigra: NO! Which is crazy to me, because I definitely had a prominent one this time around.
Clothes: Regular, although I did buy my first maternity shirt ever! I have to say that I am impressed/happy with the fact that my jeans/pants still fit! Now... a few of them don't button anymore, but still fit. I have hope this pregnancy that I won't be gaining the 45 pounds like I did last time.
Heartburn: Yes! Much more than the first time around {I think}

And as always, just feeling very pregnant. He is still hanging out VERY low in my pelvis, and I feel that pressure all the time that I did when I was full term with my first. And? I'm not even close to full term. So. What does that tell you.

Does baby boy have a name? Absolutely not. And it's ABSOLUTELY ridiculous. I feel bad for him already. The weeks are flying by and we need to just sit down and make oursevlves do it. I tell you what. We do, however, have the middle name picked out. That was an easy one. Now... to figure out the first name. I basically have 2 names and Andrew is just going to have to suck it up and choose one. It's in his hands now.

This past week: We have been busy at work finishing Elliana's big girl room, and I am happy to report that it is {finally} all done! Which means the master, guest/office, and big girl room are finally finished. Which means all we have left is the master bath and then the nursery. And guess what? The rug I had originally purchased for the nursery? I am totally not feeling anymore. Which means? We are going to have to paint the room and make more changes than anticipated. And time is definitely not on our side.

So, nursery progress?: Eh. It's our "junk room" right now. All the furniture is in there, but now we just need to paint, get the new rug, and add the finishes touches. In reality, it's a weekend type project and something we could get done fast... it's the whole... starting the process that is the hard part.

Overall, I just can't believe that next week I will be in my third trimester. I mean honestly it is just so baffling to me how much quicker this pregnancy has been. You know what they say is completely true. Having a toddler to chase around and love on makes the time just fly by. Which I'm not complaining, because I so cannot wait to meet our little man!!

Coming up: Appointment is October 15th, which I will have my glucose test. We have the apple orchard to go to. Elliana and I are planning on making a couple trips to the zoo. And of course there is Halloween!! Lots of exciting things coming up, that I'm sure, will make the time just go by even faster.

The holidays are right around the corner! I am so ready to put my santa hat on. And the UPS man is already making daily trips to our house. Ah, yes, the season of giving.


  1. You're such a cute preggy gal! Good luck with the name choosing and the nursery decorating but most of all, enjoy this time with Elliana which it sounds like you are!

  2. Looking good Becky!! So happy things are going quickly for you and soooo looking forward to seeing E's big girl room AND the nursery!

  3. You look amazing! Hope I'm that cute whenever its my turn ;)

  4. You're still tiny! Don't feel bad about the name, I'll be 36 wks tomorrow and we still don't have a name.

  5. You look amazing!! Michael and I didn't pick out a name until a day after Beckett was born lol try not to stress :) Can't wait to see little mans nursery! Xo

  6. why are you the most beautiful mommy ever?

  7. You look great! I have to say you have some of the best maternity style.

  8. You look so cute!!! And love the necklace ;) I can't wait to hear a was so hard for us, too. If we had a girl, the name would have been easy, but a boy name is so much harder!

  9. Boy names are tough. Planning on using a family name(s)? Sometimes that helps. Can't wait to see the finished rooms!

  10. cutest bump!

  11. season for giving? or season for shopping? lol you look great by the way! and I totally agree, boys names are much more difficult, we didnt make a final decision until I was like 33 weeks pregnant.

    the sweet life of a southern wife

  12. So...what are going to do with the old rug? Because i have to admit that I have been swooning over it since you posted a pic on Instagram (it's the chevron one, right?) I might have to buy it from you if you're selling!!

    Love your blog Becky, and I only wish that I still lived around where you do so we could meet! (deductive conclusion--I know Aly and went to your rival high school-which I realized from your show and tell post)


  13. Aww I haven't seen the term, "linea negra" since I was pregnant! I had it really faint, however, my belly button was hit hard. As in, the entire inside of the belly button looked like I was a different race. SO BIZARRE. Sorry, was that an overshare?

    Boys names are SO hard! We completely avoided it until the very very last minute, probably a month before my due date, and didn't have a name chosen when my water broke. I'm wicked excited to hear what name you choose!

    Just found your blog and I'm beyond loving it so far!

  14. But I remember loving that rug! I've thought this for awhile now but has anyone ever told you that you remind them of Melissa Rycroft?

  15. I love how your nails are coordinated with your shirt!!

    I can't believe you are already at 26w!! Can you believe I had Olivia at 26w?! Crazy huh!!

    I can't wait to see E's big girl room!! All of your instagram pics make me excited! I might need to stencil an accent wall in my master now! haha

    GL with the nursery!! Hopefully you and your hubby get that finished up soon!! :)

  16. You are looking fabulous Mama! I love reading your bumpdates bc it all sounds JUST like my pregnancy with my son. The similarities are too ironic! The rest of this pregnancy will just FLY enjoy every second of it!

  17. Gorgeous as always mama! Good luck with the names! I am sure your nursery will be gorgeous, just like the rest of your house.

  18. OK if all girlies looked as good as you preggers we would all stay preggers lol! Preggers and you equal perfection for real girl you look great! I can't believe you are almost in your third trimester what!?!? I can't wait to hear little man's name, see his nursery and see pics of him!



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