Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Big Announcement. Women Connect.

I've had this project brewing in my head for months now. Talking to some amazing ladies. Throwing out ideas. Envisioning my hopes for this project.

And now that it has finally coming together... I'm super excited and nervous at the same time. 

Excited? Because I know the potential that this project has. The amount of women that can be connected through this. And the stories that can be shared.
Nervous? Because it means a lot to me. And I hope people will appreciate it the way that I do.
I call it a project because I plan on making this a yearly thing. Because I want as many women connected as possible. Because I have plans for this to be spectacular. 
With life getting busier and busier by the moment, it is hard for me to connect with other bloggers and women out there. I used to have the time to sit for hours and browse through different blogs only to finally find one that I could get lost in. I used to have the desire to search for pregnant women, or mamas around the same age as me just so I had something in common with them. I used to, and I still do.
I get a lot of emails from time to time asking how I found certain blogs. How I connected with certain women, moms out there.  A lot of times its harder than you think. Takes time. Effort. Patience. Things that a lot of us {me included} struggle with. Emails asking to connect women with other women.
So? Share the details? Why, yes, of course...... but, They are SIMPLE!
You write a post that tells us who you are {without you telling us literally who you are}. Tell us more than just the basics. Share with us a story. Open up. Tell us what is meaningful to you. Reel us in. Make us want to stay. Be real. Be raw.  Be you.

Are you a mom? Write about what's on your heart. Something you have learned. Someone who you look up to. Struggles or challenges.
A newlywed? How is married life after all? Do you want to connect with other women going through similar scenario as you?
Loss. Have you lost someone close to you and looking to connect with women who get it. Write about it. Share with us your heart.

The goal of all of us linking up is so that we connect with women similar to us. When you do link up to the post next week you will put in the title how you would like to be distinguished, who you are searching to connect with, what life is throwing at you. 

When is it: Next WEEK! Next Tuesday November 27th! The link up will open up at midnight.
So in the meantime? What do you do? Start your posts! Open up your hearts. Share a couple of pictures. Have it scheduled. Share this with friends. Share this link with all your friends so they come back and link up. The more that join, the more that will be connected. Get excited. And remember to have fun with it!
I cannot wait for next week! Until then? Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday!


  1. WOW. I hate to be such a "girl" but.. your post seriously brought tears to my eyes. I've been struggling lately and have been finding a good time and reason to pour my heart out. So thank you! Can't wait to link up next week :D

  2. I'm excited about this, Becky! This will be an amazing link up! You're too smart.

  3. I seriously can't wait for this. I've been wanting to write about all that's going on in our lives and this will be the perfect opportunity!

  4. This will be the perfect opportunity to continue with the honesty I've put out on my blog lately! I cannot wait :)

  5. I'll be joining :) You go, Becky! You're an inspiration for "putting yourself out there"

  6. Awesome idea! I'll def be joining

  7. This is such a great idea! I just did a quick post about it on my blog! :-)

  8. Becky i LOVE this!!!! :) I think this is such a great way for women across the country to pull together. to realize so many of us have so much in common. cant wait to link up :)

  9. SO excited for this! It's awesome. I am new to blogging as far as being a writer and this is the perfect opportunity for me to meet more ladies in the same stage of life as myself.

  10. What a great idea! I hope you get an awesome turnout. It will be great to find even more bloggers to read.

  11. great idea! cant wait to link up next week and meet some new mommy bloggers!!!
    the sweet life of a southern wife

  12. Great idea! Looking forward to joining in and doing some reading!

  13. What an amazing idea! Looking forward to it!

  14. This is a great idea! Can't wait to link up!

  15. OMG I so so want to do this!!!! I am just now seeing it but I can't wait to get home to start my post ;)

  16. Ohhh so glad I found this. I'll be getting ready for tomorrow. So great to be able to be linking up with women who want to know more about eachother on a deeper level. Rad :)

  17. This is truly such a wonderful idea and I am genuinely looking forward to participating and finding new blogs/women to connect with. Thank you for this opportunity...I think it's gonna be far reaching and fabulous! Leave it to you :) xoxo


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