Thursday, November 29, 2012

Family Pictures {the truth... yet again}

This post has been sitting in draft for a couple of months due to the fact that *one* of these pictures made it on the Christmas card this year... so I didn't want to spoil the fun. But since they have all been mailed and received by our family and friends, I can finally hit the post button.

So, that being said.... lets talk about said family pictures.


First, these were on the whim pictures taken because I was working with to create my Christmas Cards {and share them with my readers}, and I also wanted to do a little name reveal with it.

And maternity pictures.

And mama and daughter shoot.

And papa and daughter shoot.

And Christmas photos.

And capture some fabulous, adorable, sweet, family moments.

Ahem { be prepared to see this a lot}.

I was very much mistaken. Silly of me. To think that for once in my life, family pictures would go as planned. To even think that I could get a variety of pictures. Smiling pictures.

Forget the maternity, mama daughter, papa daughter shoot. We were lucky to even get one picture where all 3 of us were looking at the camera. Smiling at the camera {that didn't happen}, and looked put together. In fact, the only decent picture wasn't even one that we were all looking at the camera... it was one where Andrew and I were kissing and E was looking up at the sky at the airplane.

Yup. That is my life.

I've even included the sass pictures of E. The ones of her running away. The ones with the pout. You name it, she threw it at us that day.

The SASS. The pictures don't lie. It's all over her face :O)

Elliana pouting because we told her she couldn't have any ice cream.

Our Christmas Card Photo This Year

And although these family pictures {taken by my sister, thank you sis} are far from perfect, they are us. The three of us {plus one}. Pictures like this don't get captured often... unfortunately... so when they do? Smiles or not? I'm glad they're taken.

I'll appreciate them down the road.
I'll laugh at the memory of today.
I'll shake my head thinking about how ridiculous staging pictures is.
I'll soak in Elliana's sweet pouty baby face.
The young face.
The toddler that she is.

This is us.
My family and I.
And next time we try this little rodeo?
We'll have another little sweet blessing in the picture.

So again. Smiles or not? I'm thankful for these little moments.


  1. Super cute! I love the one where she's looking up at the plane. I can't wait to have family pictures one day :)

  2. Love them all! How awesome and chic is little E's jacket!! And your baby bump is perfect!! Great job mama!

  3. I love the one you picked for your card.

  4. They are so cute! Elliana is adorable xx

  5. I see this all the time, of course.. yours doesnt sound as bad as some of the sessions I have shot.. but it even goes the other way, toggers' kids are just the same for their Emmaline is always getting her pic taken ofcourse... so now she has started sayin " I no cheese for you mama"

  6. Love your Christmas card pic.. E looks so adorable in all her pictures, sass, pout and all. Beautiful girl you have there!

  7. This cracks me up! So TRUE! WE attempted 2 "photo shoots" to try to snag the perfect Christmas picture... no luck. I ended up just using a random snapshot of our little guy that I took in the back yard on a very uneventful day. Posed pictures are so challenging with littles. Although, I think yours turned out beautifully!

  8. Oh, I love them! She is such a gorgeous little girl!

  9. We had the same experience this year! I am also about 33 weeks pregnant and have a 2 year old and she was a mess! We actually had the schedule a reshoot because our pictures came with 10 digital files and we didn't get 10 that were good enough to order.. ha! But some of the sass ones are the best :) Love your photos- would've never known :)

  10. So precious! I think the "natural" pictures are the best! No family poses perfectly and I love the reality of pouting, running around. Adorable!

    -Sarah {}

  11. Family pictures are always tough for us too. I just have trouble wrangling my two boys. But your pictures turned out darling!

  12. I love's funny how we all try to get pictures of our families in their "perfect" state...we had a friend take our wedding pictures a few years ago and loved it because she captured the four of "US" as we were that day...interacting, having fun, connecting. The recipients of your cards are going to LOVE them :)

  13. Becky!! They are all precious!! Your sister did a fab job. And personally, I kinda feel the best ones are the "candid" "in the moment" ones! xo

  14. Gorgeous as always.... I don't think your family could be more perfect. :)

  15. I am a new follower and I LOVE your blog. I couldn't relate more on all subjects. I am a picture taking freak and you are correct, they never go as planned. Being a mom/wife/employee while trying to find yourself and stay true to who you are becomes challenging at times. It is good to know someone else is on the same level.
    Can't wait to read more! XO

  16. Those pictures are so cute!!! Perfection is overrated!


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