Sunday, November 25, 2012

You MUST say hello! :)

*Meet Lacey. She is so beautiful, kind, and a dear blogger friend of mine. I have "known" her for years and am so excited to be sharing her and her blog with you all! Lacey is a recent newlywed and she shares inspiring posts about marriage and relationships. I know she says she's excited for "Baby D" but can I just add in here how excited I am? Okay, enough of my blabbering, check her out!
Blog /// Twitter /// Instagram  @thenextchapter13
 *Meet Emily. Where do I begin with this lovely lady? Oh you know, the fact that she has not one, not two, but three gorgeous little special boys. I mean, I'm nervous for the one that is about to enter my life. Nervous about juggling two kiddos, and here she is doing it with such ease and she has THREE! Her and I have more in common besides the mama thing. That being? The money-saving deals that we both hunt after and our love for DIY projects. Read more below!
Blog // Facebook // You Tube
See what I mean? Two lovely ladies you must go say hello to!

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