Friday, November 16, 2012

32 Weeks and a Guest Post

Dress: Non-Maternity H&M {that I dug out of the closet and didn't realize I HAD!}

Weight gain: Total 23 pounds
Stretch marks: None
Clothes: 95% regular. A couple of maternity tops.
Overall: Feeling good. Like I said from early on this pregnancy, I just "feel" more pregnant this time around. Although, I have to say, there are moments where I "forget" that I am pregnant.

This week we had a doctor's appointment. It was on Monday {Veteran's Day} so Andrew had the day off and was able to accompany me {with the Toddler}. Now. The past few appointments I have had to go without him and take the little munchkin with me. And those past few times have worked out just fine. In fact, they were the longer {one plus hour} appointments, and she behaved like a sweet child of mine. As you all may know, she happened to turn two this past Thursday.... and boy did it show. I can't decide on whether it was because she didn't sleep well the night before, the fact that my husband was with us, or if she just wanted to show the staff what TWO is really all about.... regardless... she was quite orney. And that is how the rest of our day seemed to continue. We have a lot more appointments left... so I hope this was just "one of those days." I hope.

Anyways, back to the appointment. Everything went great. Weight, urine, blood pressure, measurements, and heart beat. My doctor even said "Boy time is flying by it seems with your pregnancy." Yes, yes, it sure it. Don't remind me.

Highlights from this week... I've been peeing a lot more. Lovely, I know. Still not getting up in the middle of the night {which is surprising because I was this time around with Elliana}. But I just happened to notice a few days having to get up a lot more during the day to go use the restroom.

Killer heartburn. I will just leave it at that.

Also to note... I never did get the linea nigra {dark line on my belly} like I did with Elliana. I found that strange that I would get it the first time around and not the second. Goes to show you how different each pregnancy really is.

Many people have also mentioned about the size of my "behind." In other words, the fact that I don't have one and I don't look pregnant at all from the back. I'll take that as a compliment.

Baby boy is still hanging out VERY low. Another thing people take note of. I am honestly the textbook old wives tale "boys hang out low" definition. And he has been that way throughout the whole pregnancy. My question is... how will I possibly notice when he drops?

How Elliana is doing: I think overall she is doing well. She knows that "baby brutha" is in the belly. She kisses the belly and tries to hug the belly. When we ask her what baby brother's name is, she quickly responds "Gaaaam!"

Funny thing to mention here... at her birthday party on Saturday, when we asked her to kiss baby brother {to show our family}, she proceeded to try to lift up my dress in order to do so. That was quite hysterical.

My prediction: That he will be here after Christmas but before the New Year. Is that my prediction or is that what I am {secretly} hoping for? Who knows. Regardless, I don't think I will be going to be my due date.


I am also Guest Posting over at one of my favorite blogs to date. A mama that I have followed for years. A mama that I {and many other mamas out there} can very much relate to. Today I write about one of the biggest lessons I have learned from my own daughter....

Here is a glimpse....

.....Motherhood has also taught me a lot. In the two years that I have been blessed with this role, I have learned more about life than in my previous 24 years here on Earth. Motherhood has changed me. Molded me. Made me stronger, wiser, and more of a delicate individual. Motherhood has opened my eyes, my heart, and my soul. It's taught me patience and determination. It's tested my limits and questioned my actions. It's shown me beauty in the little moments in life........

Read the rest here


  1. You love great! My daughter was due Dec.30 but came Dec. 21.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. I carried my second baby the same as you - lower than the first. The week before her birth she dropped even lower into my pelvis thus began the waddle. And I could breathe better - my lungs were given space again! Good luck! It's right around the corner!!!

  3. You look so cute! I had a really dark linea nigra line with Gianna and never got it the second time around. It is weird how different each pregnancy is!

  4. You look so good, mama! I have been curious if you work out at all, either pre-pregnancy or during?! You look SO fabulous, and definitely all belly :)

  5. Becky seriously you are one of the most beautiful pregnant women I have ever seen! I love your outfits too. I am sorry for the heartburn...I'm not pregnant and get REALLY bad HB so I am nervous for when we do have babies :-/

  6. I carried low my whole first pregnancy and I never really did 'drop'. People (strangers) would always say 'ohhh, looks like you've dropped...must be getting close!' no, no, that's just how I carry! BUT on the bright side, I never had her up in my ribs either!!!

  7. you look so great at 32 weeks!!

  8. You look amazing! I can't believe you are 32 weeks already. Time sure has flown :D

  9. First you look great! Second that's how I was my whole pregnancy and let me tell you, you'll know! Suddenly I felt like I had a bowling ball between my legs!

  10. you're adorable! looking fabulous, as always, my friend! i have that same pattern shirt, but in a diff style ;)


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