Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The BIRTH-Day recap. Part I {the actual day}

The Birth-DAY

I have to mention from the beginning that I had accidentally deleted ALL the pictures off of my DSLR from this special day. I don't have words to express how upset I am about this situation. It's almost like a bad dream come true. Wait, it is JUST like a bad dream come true. Thankfully, I have a ridiculous amounts of iphone pictures... but.... not quite the same at all. And if I keep talking about it, like I am now, I will be on the verge of tears.

So. About this day. November 8th, 2012. I stayed up late the night before blowing up balloons and putting up streamers on her door, and having a little sob session to myself. Husband was already in her bed with her and I joined them a little after midnight. I tossed and turned for a while and realized that I had too much on my mind. Thinking about the past two years. Thinking about what was ahead. I NEEDED to get my rest. So what do I decide to do?

Get off the bed and lay on the ground. Yes. FACT. But the good thing about this? I was able to fall asleep right away. 30 weeks pregnant and sleeping on the floor. Who would have thought.

And then we wake up to a toddler saying "Mama?!" "MAMA!" because her two year old little eyes just saw her mama on ground. And she literally jumped on me and gave me THE biggest hug ever. Right there and then Andrew and I broke out into the "Happppy Birthday to youuuu" song and she absolutely loved it. What did didn't really care for was the fact that her door had this pink thing hanging outside of it. Oh no. She was whining about it and wanted it off right away. But as soon as she saw the balloons? She was on cloud 9.

We quickly headed downstairs where papa met us, mama whipped out a waffle overload, put her candle on top, turned off all lights, and we proceeded to sing her the happiest of all birthdays. She was a little unsure of this, and a tad bit scared I think. But she loved the blowing out the candle part and us clapping. Then she really knew this was something special.

And then I let her have at it. Of course she only ate maybe one waffle {if that}, but mama made sure to help you out. No worries. Papa hurried to go to work, and it was just you and I baby girl.

I forgot to mention that when you had woken up to the balloons and such, papa and I had you open a couple presents that were sitting by your door. A special birtday book that was personalized to you about your special day {which we read to you}, and a big toy that I have no idea what it's called. I do know that it is large, has a lot of learning tools, and you see them often at the doctor's/dentist's office. Yes, that thing.

So mama made sure to bring that downstairs which you were obsessed with and played with most of the morning.

We proceeded to get ourselves ready. Elliana in her sweet black tights, cheetah print skirt, and her black blazer. As her mama, I do have to say she looked very spectacular, and very grown up. The grown up part gets me all choked up. Who is this toddler that I brought home from the hospital just 2 years ago weighing in at 6 pounds 15 ounces. Now she's 28 pounds, walking, talking, with one enormous personality.

Surprisingly, we were out the door fairly early at 10:30am and headed downtown where we were due to meat the hubby, papa man, for lunch at 1. Which means when we got there around 11:15, we had quite some time to spare.

Good thing for our stroller and some beautiful weather. We walked around downtown, went down to the circle, took tons of pictures {again, the ones that I proceeded to delete by accident just days later}, went into some boutiques/shops, including a chocolate shop which we treated ourselves to the most delicious of all treats out there.

I knew one of the things that I wanted to do on this day was stop by the little photo booth. You know, those photo booths that they used to have at the movie theatres. The ones you would make funny faces with your friends. The ones that used to cost 1 dollar. Now it's like 5. Hello.

Oh but it was so worth it. That picture still hangs on our fridge.

And on the way hubby's work I stopped in TJMaxx {how could I not}, and we picked out a book and a couple things for Elliana. Including two adorable hats. I just can't resist when it comes to accessorizing this pretty lady.

We went into Hubby's office [first time ever] and met all his wonderful co-workers, showed off Elliana, and did a little socializing. Then the three of us headed across the street to eat lunch where we treated ourselves to delicious soups, salads, sandwiches and more.

Afterwards, Andrew had to go back to work so Elliana and I drove over to the Children's museum where we spent the next two hours running around {literally}, exploring, and soaking in all these amazing attractions, obstacles, and learning experiences. Needless to say, we walked out of that museum with a one year membership and a rubber duck.

Rubber duck you say? Oh yes. How could we not stop by the gift shop and how could mama say no when Elliana's eyes land onto this LIFE-SIZE yellow duck. The only one left might I add. And since? This duck has been a huge hit at our house.

Once Elliana was clearly pooped out from all the activities, we headed back home where we were surprised to find my sister {Elliana's aunt} there with presents and lots of hugs and kisses. Elliana was on cloud 9 and so so happy to see one of her favorite aunts.

The rest of the evening? The last couple of hours? Were meant to be spent at the build-a-bear store {which I was so looking forward to going}. We drove 30 minutes out there, husband met us there at work, only to find that they were "Remodeling and opening fall 2012." I had to look at my watch. Fall 2012, eh? Okay.

So we moved along. Picked up Elliana's cake, picked up pizza {per E's request}, went home, sang a ridiculous amount of "happy birthday" songs, blew out candles, made wishes, devoured pizza, and then scrubbed in the tub with Mr. Duck.

And then our night ended. Bed night stories, snuggles, and kisses. Our baby girl was now two. TWO. And I am so happy that we were able to make this day so special for her.

Coming up? The big PARTY DAY which took place just two days later!


  1. omg i would be in tears if i accidentally deleted all my pics. thank god for your iphone. cant wait to see the big party post!
    the sweet life of a southern wife

  2. Sounds like such a wonderful birthday! And you're right, she is pretty stinking adorable and so grown up looking.

  3. Have you tried a data recovery program on your card to see if you can recover any of the pictures?

  4. she's so cute! hope it was great!

  5. You and Elli look beautiful, as always. ;)
    I'm sorry about the pictures. I would also be really upset if that happened to me. Sounds like Elli had a wonderful 2nd birthday. Can't wait to read about the party!

  6. She is one very blessed little gal :)

  7. This sounds like such a great day!!! So many fun things that you got to do with her!!! She's too cute!

    I'm having a Christmas Giveaway at my new spinoff blog if you want to enter to win a little some for E.


    Happy Turkey Day!

  8. This post is so precious... I know that she will LOVE to read it one day. <3

  9. What a fun and special day!!!! I am so sorry your pictures got deleted, this has happened to me too, worst feeling ever BUT it sounds like an amazing day and you will always have the memories!! :)

  10. She is absolutely beautiful!! What a precious little "grown up" baby girl!

  11. If you go to google and search for "data recovery program" there are a ton of free ones and you can get ALL of your pictures back!! We went to Disney World a few weeks ago and my 21 month old deleted all of the pics off of my mother in law's camera and she downloaded the software and got every single picture back!! Sounds like your sweet girl had an amazing b'day!

  12. I love that you really made it her day! I mean balloons, children's museum, a humogo duck! Sounds like it was the best bday! I love those children's museums too...makes me feel like a kid again.

  13. So glad you guys had such a wonderful day!! She is such a beautiful little girl!! :)


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