Friday, November 2, 2012

30 week Bump Attack

Week: 30
Weight gain: 20lbs {no change from last appointment}
Stretch marks: No
Belly button: Out like a big fat turkey
Clothes: Non-maternity, although I have a couple maternity shirts that I love to wear. And leggings. And jeans still fit me {some}.
Baby boy's weight at ultrasound: 3 pounds 5 ounces
Measuring: 1 week ahead
Heartbeat: 148

We are here folks. Week 30. The big countdown begins. I'm not going to say "I can't believe it," but seriously... I can't believe it. Overall, I feel great. I don't have many complaints. Life is keeping me busy. ELLIANA is keeping me busy. And we are doing last minute prepartions for this baby boy. Probably not even quick enough.

I am happy to report that the nursery is finally painted. The furniture is arranged. The rug is in. The bedding and mobile are on the bed. All is left is hanging the curtains up {which matches the bedding}, and decorations. And then of course the big reveal.

Chocolate is giving me heartburn these days. You would think that that would cause me to stay away from it.... but no, very much the complete opposite. It's because of halloween. The holidays. The cold weather. Oh, and the fact that I'm pregnant. About that.

We also had our appointment on Monday. I was thinking about devoting a whole post to this, but I am going to go ahead and just write it here because I already have 3 weeks of posts lined up, and many of them being pushed back, and seeing as how these weekly updates are all about baby boy... this is definitely fitting. I think.

So.Appointment monday. Andrew couldn't come because of work. Which, although he was pretty bummed about this,I knew it would be okay. Thankfully I had my little partner in crime with me as my little support system. And by little, I mean huge support system. My best friend. Who would I rather have accompany me in place of her? No one.

When we arrived to my appointment we were sent to the area "upstairs," I say this in quotes because the area "upstairs" if very unknown to me. I didn't even know anything about it. That it existed. Nor what it was for. In fact, it really didn't dawn on me that it was the "high risk" area until 5 minutes into sitting at the waiting room and I see a woman walk out crying hysterically with her husband by her side trying to console her.

"Okay. Maybe husband being here would have been nice afterall," I thought to myself.
But I put on a happy face, trusted my heart, and knew that everything was going to be alright.
I was right. Everything was in fact okay . I had yet another amazing radiologist that came in after the tech did my ultrasound, sat me down, did the ultrasound yet again {which not going to lie.. scared me a little bit}, and walked me through the whole process putting every worry I had walking into that room aside.

Yes, the white spot is still there. And yes, it still "means nothing," He checked, double and triple checked, to make sure there were no other markers there or that nothing was missed from the last appointment, and again, he found nothing. He proceeded to tell me that my baby boy is perfect in every way and that his heart is extra special.
I love him for that.

Big sister was also wonderful through the whole process. I was really worried that being up this early and having to sit still for so long, that surely we were in for some sort of tantrum. But no. She sat in the chair next to me coloring, calling out "baby brother" on the screen and "ooohing and ahhing" over the jelly and the "wand" going over my belly.

After my ultrasound, we headed back downstairs to see our main doctor, who was great as he always is..."So twins, huh" he says to me as he walks into the room. That funny guy, never missing an opportunity for a joke.

He said everything looked beautiful. All my numbers looked great. Urine great. Blood pressure normal. Measuring right on track. Not to mention... NO WEIGHT gain since last time.
I have to mention this at the end of this weekly wrap up... when we first arrived to the appointment and the nurse called my name to let me know they were ready for me... I scooped E up in my arms, grabbed the large diaper bag and our jackets, and headed in afterwards. She then said to me... words that put a big smile on my face....

"You really have things together you know. You are so ready for number two."
Thank you. Yes, I am ready. And although I don't "feel" like I have things together all the time.. I know that I am doing my best for my family. And hearing those words? Was exactly what I needed that morning.
And she didn't even know it.


  1. so glad everything is ok. love that the dr triple checked just to ease your mind. those are the dr that truly care and take time to comfort patients.
    yay for no weight gain! you look amazing!! seriously girl, you look fabulous!!
    side note: 3 weeks of posts lined up?!?!? holy moly!! how do you think of that much to write. i wish i was that creative/interesting, i would love for my blog to grow like yours has. maybe once we have little ones...idk....suggestions, thought ideas?

  2. I love that you love to have your little girl with you as your best friend and by your side. I feel the same way about mine! I would have lost it seeing a woman come out of the room upset. Glad to hear everything is ok!

  3. You are looking fabulous as always!! So glad to hear that everything is well with baby boy. How sweet of the nurse to say that... sounds to me like she is right, you do seem to have your things together and ready for this little guy to arrive! :)

  4. You are beautiful lady! Your sweet baby will be okay, but I can imagine how scary that is.

  5. You really do make a cute little pregnant lady. Glad baby boy is still looking good. Hope I have my stuff together as much as you if/when I have baby #2

  6. So happy for you Becky, and lil sweet Graham. Glad everything is still looking perfect and just know we are ALL praying for you that the rest of your pregnancy and delivery goes smoothly :)

    You and E are two peas in a pod. Such sweeties- I love her outfit SO MUCH, Target?

  7. you three ;) are so cute in that last pictures! And you look great! i think I looked like a whale by the time i hit 30 weeks! lol. Glad to hear the appointment went well!

    the sweet life of a southern wife

  8. So glad things are still going well. You look amazing.

  9. ADORABLE! :) You make me want to be pregnant like yesterday haha!



  10. love your baby bump pics this week! :)

  11. Cute cute cute bump. Wish I looked that hot when I was frumpy and preggo. :) Love your blog!

  12. I'm so glad everything is okay. We had the same exact thing happen with my second pregnancy. There was a soft marker on my son's heart. We had to go see a specialist to rule out DS but everything looked great. I was worried at first but then I heard it was so common. But a mama's heart always worries.

  13. You look wonderful and E's outfit is TOO cute! So glad to hear your appointment went well. I am getting excited for you! Can't wait to see baby boy!! :)

  14. You look FABULOUS!

    So glad to hear Graham is still OK with his white spot.. you're right, just makes him extra special :)

  15. Stop it. You are too cute mama!

  16. I am so glad everything is ok I just knew it was like you did! Baby Graham is perfect! OK so speaking of perfection I don't think I have even seen cuter black cats in my life, a momma cat and her kitten love it! SO so so so so so cute, do you know when I was skinny and not sick, Kelcee and I dressed like Minnie Mouse for Halloween it's on my blog it was her first one such cuteness love you me!

  17. You look fabulous!!! I'm so happy to hear everything is okay!!

  18. So glad everything went well! You two are seriously the cutest.


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