Thursday, November 15, 2012

How We Rock it Out

This post is brought to you by The New Santa Fe from Hyundai. Think your family rocks? Show us by uploading a photo of your family rocking out. Enter now for a chance to win great prizes. 
To me, I believe music is powerful. I believe that it can have a tremendous affect on us. I believe that it can bring people together, raise your mood, and change your day.

To me? Music is a form of therapy. To me and my family? It's a way for us to have fun, express ourselves, and enjoy one another.  It's no wonder we are obsessed with music shows. One of the only things that we DVR. One of the only things that we will allow to be on TV when we are eating dinner at the dinner table as a family. Because besides talking to one another about our day, there is nothing else that can interrupt this bonding time besides music.Music is the exception.

In fact. We tend to rock out to it. Well, Elliana and I do. Husband tends to sit there and egg us on, all while chuckling his little head off. Once in a while though, Elliana is able to convince him to show off his dance moves. Ones that, unfortunately, he doesn't have.

Typically, we like to dock our iPhones on the Bose, turn on Pandora, select our "mood" of music {sometimes it's country, sometimes rock, and sometimes... well okay, often times, Christmas music}, and then Elliana and I have a dance off challenge. Half the time, I can't control myself. My arms go flinging in the air, the legs get to kicking, and words like "Boom boom" and "chickity jam bam bam" come out of my mouth. You know what Elliana does during this? Repeat. Arms swaying, legs go kicking, and "boom boom" "chick jam bam" come out of her little two year old mouth.
Sometimes? Costumes are also a must during dance parties.
I do have these sort of things on video, don't you worry. So that when my daughter tries to bring home said boyfriend at the time {when she's 18 only, ahem}, I can show him where it all began.

In our living room. Just the three of us. Music blasting. And having the best time rocking it out.

The wonderful people at Hyundai Santa Fe and Rolling Stone are in search for families who rock and whose values include kindness, sharing, hard work, loud singing, mud, practical jokes and mischief in general. Prizes include: a photo shoot in Rolling Stone featuring the winning family shot by an industry photographer, airfare, hotel and transportation to the 55th Grammy Awards, and a fully tricked-out Hyundai Santa Fe custom rock ‘n’ roller.

Want to share how your family rocks? Go here to upload a photo of you and your family "rocking it out," along with 500 words or less describing your family.

Contest will end December 14, 2012.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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