Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mama Style {an old guest post}

Guest Post written this past summer, sharing on the blog today!

The point of this post is to capture mama style. Style for every day moms like myself. Style that makes us feel young, beautiful, and happy. Because I believe that clothes really do impact our mood, our outlook on life, and our confidence as mothers and women out there. I believe that as we get older, we become more beautiful. We care more about what we look like, how others perceive us, and the image that we are portraying based on our unique style. And with todays style? Unique is at its finest.

So today I put together a little "style" board that really represents clothes, accessories, and pieces that I love and show off a little of who I am and what I wear.

Although it may seem as though the style board is all over the place, it has some "theme" to it.

Maxi Dresses. Form Fitting Short Dresses. Patterns.  Simple Jewelry. And COLOR.

These, I believe, are the essentials for the perfect mama style. Now, lets dig a little deepers.

Maxi dresses. I've been wearing them since before they became popular. And for the purpose of this post, I went ahead and looked into my closet to count my maxi dresses, and I counted 16 {that I can find}, and the collection is growing every year. Here is why I love maxi dresses. Comfort. They are absolutely, hands down, the most comfortable dresses to wear {with the exception of the fancy ones}. They conform to your body type, and they fit in all the right places. They flow. They breathe {you know what I mean ladies}. Dress them up or down. You can throw on a maxi dress to run to the store, or dress them up for the evening with some cute jewelry and wedges.  Maternity. And I mean NOT. Through my pregnancy with my daughter, I wore my maxi dresses {that are not maternity} during the hot summers.. and let me tell you... they are truly made for pregnant bellies. Like I said before, they conform to your body, and they BREATH. Two essentials for a mama with a belly and the hot summer heat. Flattering.  Hiding something underneath there? Bloated a little? Legs not where you want them to be? Maxi dresses hide that! And makes you feel a little bit more confident that no one will be looking at what you believe are flaws.
Have I convinced you yet to buy a maxi dress? 

Form Fitting Short Dresses. Look, I'm 5'3". I have short legs. And I have bigger than life calves. No not really... but through my eyes, that's what I believe. So when it comes to dresses? Very picky. The ones that work for me? Are the short form fitting ones. The ones that you can't eat too much in. If you know what I mean. But here's what I love the most about them. Sexy. These are perfect for date nights with the husband. I'm not longer just mom but also wife. And you know what, I'm 25! I want to be a hot wife. And these dresses? Do that for me. Comfortable. Kind of like Maxi dresses, they are great because a lot of times its the cotton/spandex kind so you just throw it over your head and wa-la. And I do feel comfortable in them most of the time. Give you legs. That I don't have. Like I said, women with short legs... trust me when I say this... shorter is better as it gives you more leg. The dresses that go to your knees? Not flattering. Makes me look like a short, unattractive 15 year old. Dress them down. Like the maxi dresses, I can {as long as its not the glittery or cocktail kind}, dress them up or down. 

Patterns. This is key. I've learned that patterns are tricky, but they sure can dress up and spice up an outfit. Take for instance the top 3 pictures of me in dresses. The first picture of the maxi dress is a pattern. So obviously the dress is already pretty out there and doesn't need much else besides some simple jewelry. Now, take the dresses right above {the two side to side}. One dress is grey and the other one is blue. The first dress is more of a cotton material and with that dress I can wear either when I am running out shopping, or even out to dinner. If I go shopping? Or go out for lunch? I throw on a patterned scarf of some sort. Now, for the second dress, although its just a solid color, the material is actually much nicer. And if I wear it to go out to dinner with the husband? I just wear simple jewelry with it. Patterns are important as long as you know when to use them right. Also? Shirts. Tops. STRIPES. LOVE stripes. 

Here is an example of a simple shirt that I dressed up with a patterned scarf {a favorite of mine}.

Simple Jewelry. I know that a lot of people are into big necklaces {I am too... I buy them, but then rarely wear them}, and I think that big colorful necklaces can definitely make a statement. But if I had to choose? And most of the time I do.... I go with the simple timeless jewelry that I own. Purchase good quality pieces that will go with any outfit. I own a really nice silver watch, one gold watch, a couple nice thin bracelets, pearl earrings, simple hoop earrings in gold and silver, a couple of simple necklaces in both gold and silver. These are my staple items. I wear them all the time and can dress them up or down. I know a lot of people fear gold, but trust me on this... gold REALLY spices up an outfit and is definitely in. I love my gold pieces.
I love my silver too.
COLOR. To end things off... COLOR. One of the most essential pieces in style. And thankfully? Color is so in right now. In fact it's everywhere. Stores and companies are really trying to push color and advertise it as soon as you walk through any department store. So? Get yourself some color! I love color in shoes, belts, scarves, bags. You name it! The options are endless.

Best of all? Get some color skinnies! AH! They make you feel awesome!
So. If thats not enough of me blabbering about style {that I'm still not sure that I have}, and ridiculous amounts of pictures of myself, then I don't know what is!

Like I said before, us moms... we can have style. Young or old{er}, stylish or not, we can totally make any outfit be a representation of who we are, make us feel good, and show off every beautiful aspect of ourselves!

Because having our children next to us? 
Well that's the most beautiful accessory out there {cheesy, I know}
But being stylish and looking good at the same time?

Mama Perfection.


  1. Love this post! I'm due at the beginning of May and I've been collecting a small ton of maxi dresses to wear(exaggeration... maybe...not exactly! I think they will def be perfect for that pregnancy & post pregnancy body!

  2. I lived in maxis while i was preg! so comfy, and you can dress them up with belts, scarfs, or even layer them if it's cold and wear with short boots! cute post :) makes me kiiiinda miss being pregnant.

  3. Love all these tips! I am a bit style challenged. I am also a shortie (5'2 1/4") Where does one get a short dress like the ones you have pictured. My husband would def. love this as he is always trying to get me to wear sexy dresses and those are classy and sexy!

  4. Love your mommy style that doesn't look mommyish at all! Where do you get the short dresses at usually? Love them!

  5. Wanna hear something funny? I started buying those short, tight on the leg, dresses because you always looked so darn cute in them! I have all the boobs in the world but none of the butt, so those definitely help, ahem, define the area. I'm wearing one to Josh's 10 year reunion next weekend. :-)


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